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Posted on Wed Jul 6th, 2022 by Elizabeth de Planca [Stevenson] & Danielle MacIntyre & Ashley de Planca [S'Toriin] & Bianca Bancroft [Gelo]

Mission: Episode 18 - Half A Life
Location: de Planca House, Javelin City
Timeline: Day 2 at 0933
1173 words - 2.3 OF Standard Post Measure

Bianca Bancroft had felt strange ever since her medical examination yesterday after school. She wasn't quite sure how to best describe the experience as she laid across Ashley's bed on her stomach and looked at both Danielle and Ashley in thought. So far her parents hadn't told her what the examination had been all about either. "It could have been for anything." She said suddenly and broke the silence from after Elizabeth had gone off to answer the door.

Ashley was sitting on the floor with her back pressed against the wall, "And Doctor O'Malley didn't say why he was doing the tests?" She asked.

"Not a word," Bianca added. She looked at Danielle, "What do you think it could have possibly been about?"

Danielle didn't have an answer, "I'm not sure," She said. "Maybe your Mom and Dad noticed something that was different or something?" The question was rhetorical, "I honestly don't have an answer for you." She frowned.

Ashley shrugged, "It could have been a regular examination too. My Mom hasn't told me about every doctor's visit until the day of and didn't really say anything about it after the fact." She knew that such things were rare and most likely because her mother may have forgotten all about it. Things like that did happen though.

Danielle nodded, "My Dad forgets about Riley and I having medical examinations all the time. Its been like that for as long as I can remember with him," She pointed out. "He's even forgotten his own medical examinations and the ship doctor had to track him down."

Bianca didn't like those answers, "That's still pretty unusual," She said. "I guess I'll find out soon enough what this is all about." She shrugged. "I just don't like my parents not telling me things," She said. "And Todd has been acting really bizarre since yesterday too."

"Has he?" Danielle asked.

Bianca nodded, "Well he canceled a date on Adriana this morning so I'm sure she's not all that thrilled about it. He told her he had to catch up on his homework or some nonsense which for him makes little sense. He never does homework on a Saturday night." She pointed out.

Elizabeth came around the corner and sat down against the edge of the bed, but she was too busy thinking about something else to speak right away. She heard the girls talking, specifically Bianca, and allowed the girl to continue whatever it was that she had been focused on.

Bianca was about midway through processing her thoughts when she saw Elizabeth walk in. "So between my parents and my brother I'm fully convinced that everyone is officially off the deep end and needs to go to the psych ward or something."

Ashley snorted from attempting to keep from laughing at the comment her best friend had just made. She looked at her sister, "Who was that?"

Elizabeth looked at her sister, "Someone from Morgan's business where I've been doing internship work. Apparently, Howard Morgan has arranged for dinner and invited me to come. They didn't say if anyone else was going to be attending or if I could bring anyone."

The comment had left Danielle scratching the back of her head, "Riley mentioned something about his behavior with you." She pointed out, "Something about how he's got you already doing your summer internship early and nobody else is attending."

Elizabeth nodded, "Yeah Riley and I have talked about it. The whole thing makes her feel uncomfortable and Rose was telling me she had some reservations about it. But I never see the man because I'm always back in the research center there. And everyone I've been working with is really polite and acting as if this is perfectly normal behavior."

Ashley didn't like the sound of this dinner thing, "They didn't say anything about anyone else attending?" She asked rhetorically, "Maybe your the only one he invited?"

"That can't be," Bianca said, "Wouldn't that violate some sort of agreement with workplace and all of that?" She asked, "Technically Howard Morgan is her boss," Bianca said. "And he's ancient," She added with a slightly nervous sounding laugh.

Danielle nodded slowly, "He's in his fifties," She pointed out. "I'm not quite sure how old he really is, but that's a bit odd that he'd be inviting you for dinner and nobody else would attend. Then he had one of his people do it rather than himself showing up to do it. That's also a bit strange too," She added.

Elizabeth didn't have any answers, "If I still had the implant I could tell you whether or not he had any bad intentions." She said, "Maybe I'll talk Rose into going?" She asked.

"I would," Ashley said, "Or I can go with you. Do you want me to say something to Mom about it? Or, perhaps you should say something to Mom about it."

Elizabeth shook her head, "Nah," She said. "If he makes it awkward then yes I'll say something to Mom and Dad. But for now I'm going to treat this like its some innocent little thing. I told them that I would attend, but said nothing about bringing anyone or not bringing anyone. If Rose isn't busy then I'll see if she wants to go maybe."

Danielle looked at her friend with a brow raised, "I would have said no thank you," She pointed out. "Then again I probably would have told him no on working for him before the official internship is set to start. I might ask around and see if others have experienced this sort of thing."

"I would," Bianca said.

Elizabeth shook her head, "I wouldn't bother with it. I'm not sure if this is normal or not," She said. "So far he's not really bothered me and he's been professional about it. Nah," She said finally after some thought. "I'll go alone and if he makes me feel uncomfortable then I'll go ahead and make some excuse to leave early or something. And besides Ash you have a babysitting thing tonight."

"Right," Ashley said suddenly. "I'd cancel it though to make sure my big sister is safe."

Elizabeth laughed a little, "That's not how it works kid," She told her. "Now then, Bianca did you figure out what that doctor's appointment was all about?"

Bianca didn't like that the subject was forced right back onto her like that. She shook her head, "Not a clue." She said, "Doctor O'Malley and my parents never said a word about it. They simply said we were going up to the station for some tests and that was the end of it."

"So strange," Ashley added.

Elizabeth was in thought about the dinner invitation for later and wondered what it was that Howard Morgan could have possibly wanted. She wanted to gauge what her friends and sister would say from what little detail she provided. However, the person that had talked to her mentioned that so far Howard hadn't invited anyone else to it...


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