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Another Dimension

Posted on Mon Jun 27th, 2022 by Leah Reade [Mackenzie] & Jami Bostru & Sohna Vem [Hayashi] & T'Vral [Moneaux]

Mission: Episode 18 - Half A Life
Location: Girls Dormitory, Drezenia
Timeline: Day 1 at 0833
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When Leah Reade stirred slightly before looking straight up she realized just how strangely she was feeling. A wave of nausea washed over the young eight-year-old girl. She rolled over and nearly vomited on the floor before realizing that there wasn't carpeting there. It was a strange milky white flooring that she simply didn't recognize. Leah rolled again and looked across the room to see three other beds similar to her own. Leah could see the rising and falling of chests beneath strange silky blankets.

Leah could recognize only one of the girls from the beds, but the Trill and Vulcan girls weren't anyone that she had ever met previously. Leah did recognize Jami Bostru laying asleep in one of the beds. She cautiously swung her legs around and placed both her bare feet on the floor before realizing she wasn't wearing the same night gown she'd went to bed in. Leah scratched the back of her head in utter confusion while looking at the strange symbols and decorations.

For the most part Leah saw that the outfit she was wearing was a forest green color. Several of the shapes that decorated it matched some of the shapes on the walls surrounding the room where she was laying. Leah traced some of them with her tiny fingertips before rising from the edge of the bed and walking to where Jami was laying. She gently pressed her fingers into Jami's arm in order to wake her up.

Jami was having a really bizarre dream when she felt something pressing against her arm. At first she hadn't recognized the sensation and then it pressed harder and she jumped. Jami woke up to find Leah standing over top of her. She then realized that she wasn't on the space station in her bedroom and certainly didn't remember having Leah over the night before. "Wha..." She muttered in a low whisper as she sat up slowly.

Jami rubbed her eyes before looking straight into Leah's eyes, "Where are we?" She asked before realizing they weren't alone. When she noticed two others in the room, she looked in their direction. Laying on the bed were a Vulcan and Trill girl that she thought looked familiar, but otherwise she didn't know who they were. Jami assumed they had to both be from the space station or the planet though.

Leah shrugged, "I don't know," She said.

The commotion had woken T'Vral and she rolled over to see two girls she didn't recognize at all. "What is this?" She demanded quietly. T'Vral sat up and swung her legs around before standing up. Then she saw her friend Sohna Vem laying in the bed nearby. "All right," She said and tilted her head slightly, "How did we end up here?" She asked rhetorically while ignoring the fact that the floor felt strange beneath her feet. She also ignored the fact that she wasn't wearing the same pajamas as she'd gone to bed in. Her outfit was simply a larger version of what the young girl in the room was wearing.

T'Vral said nothing further for a moment before wandering over to the other bed and shaking Sohna's shoulder, "Sohna you need to wake up," She said without being overly quiet about it.

Sohna stirred then stared straight up at T'Vral before blinking rapidly in the other girl's direction. "I'm not on Vidal Fleet Yards space station anymore am I?" The sixteen-year-old Trill asked.

"None of us are," Jami said to the two of them. "And I would say that we aren't wearing what we went to bed in," She said after getting a good look at the top she was wearing. It matched what both the other girl and Leah were wearing. "I'm Jami Bostru by the way," She said to the two of them. "And this is Leah
Reade. I'd say we're all from the same place."

Sohna sat up slowly and stretched, "I'm Sohna Vem." She said while pointing at her chest. "I wonder where we are, or if anyone has even realized that we're no longer in our beds on the space station."

"Probably," T'Vral said, "Our parents may already be attempting to figure out what happened and where we disappeared to." She said over her shoulder, "T'Vral." She said her name to the other two girls. "It's nice meeting the two of you even if it is in a pretty weird circumstance." T'Vral concluded.

Jami swung her legs around and placed her feet against the floor, "Weird doesn't quite fit." She said. "Leah are you all right?"

Leah was pretty nervous and it was obvious that she was the youngest of the four of them. The other two looked to be much older than her, "I don't know," She admitted before sitting down on the bed next to Jami. "I remember Mom kissing my forehead before I fell asleep then not long after that I began having a really strange dream. It was like one of those dreams where you're falling uncontrollably."

Jami nodded slowly, "I was having a similar dream when you woke me."

T'Vral was searching her memory as she sat down on the bed at Sohna's feet, "I remember going to bed." She said. "I don't remember anything nor do I recall any dreams." She said softly. "It would seem that our captors have put us all in the same room. That's an advantage for us as we can probably more easily resist them."

"We don't even know what they want with us," Sohna pointed out. "We don't even know who they are." She added afterwards, "I suppose we'll find out soon enough. They could be friendly or they could be dangerous, but it doesn't matter. How old are you Leah? Jami?"

"Eight," Leah answered. "I just turned eight last month."

Jami answered next, "Fourteen," She said.

T'Vral breathed a sigh of relief, "We're the same age," She told Jami calmly. "It would seem that you're the oldest," She said to Sohna while looking at the other girl. "Which makes you our impromptu leader."

Sohna sighed, "I say we vote on it." She pointed out.

Leah shook her head, "I'm okay with that," She said and looked at Jami, "What about you?"

Jami nodded, "I'm okay with that too." She answered. Jami looked at Sohna, "Are you okay with that?" She asked.

Sohna shrugged, "Honestly, I've never been in this sort of situation before now. I'll accept being our group leader since I'm the oldest and the closest thing we have to an adult right now. I just don't have any experience to call upon or anything like that."

Jami had experience and dropped her shoulders, "I've experienced being taken from a ship before now. It's something I'd much rather not discuss right now though if any of you don't mind." She said and shuddered at the mere thought of the whole ordeal. It had been so long ago that she rarely ever thought about it anymore. She didn't know what ever happened to the aliens that had taken her friends or her from the USS Onnar. And frankly Jami didn't much care to think about them at all.

"That's okay," T'Vral said softly. The Vulcan teen could tell it was something that had affected Jami deeply, "So what do we do?" She asked Sohna without looking at the older girl.

Sohna didn't have any immediate answers, "Well first we need to know who took us and where we're at. Then we can sort how we're going to escape or if we're going to wait for rescue. So far they've yet to reveal themselves to us, or anything like that. I'm not quite sure what that even means, and if it means anything at all."

Just then a small door appeared on the wall and slid open revealing a squat creature that walked through it. It had a very short snout that made it appear almost like an elephant, however it stood under three feet in height and had a more amphibious appearance. It looked up at the four girls sitting on the beds and it's voice seemed almost soft as it spoke. "Hello," It remarked to the four of them sweetly. "I am certain you're quite distraught or confused about where you're at or what you're doing here. I believe in your culture it is customary to identify ones self to others?" It asked rhetorically. "I am called Sarzu," It answered.

Leah looked at the small creature with a curiosity she'd not felt in a very long time. The eight-year-old even tilted her head slightly so that her brunette hair fell slightly more to one side than the other, "Sarzu?" She asked with a squeak.

Sarzu smiled warmly, "I want to be the first to formally meet the four of you, we already have your names so no need for introductions." And as if to prove a point, "Your names are Leah Reade, Jami Bostru, Sohna Vem, and T'Vral," Sarzu said as it looked at each of the girls. "You come from a planet in a region of space controlled by the United Federation of Planets."

Sohna listened to it speak, "Sarzu," She started, "How is it that you know so much about us and where we come from? I don't believe that there is any record of you or your culture in the Federation archives."

"That would be correct Miss Sohna," Sarzu stated. "More will be revealed later and you'll find clothing beneath your beds. After our initial analysis we learned that your culture prefers to wear cloth over your bodies. However, do not be alarmed as those of us here on Drezenia do not wear cloth over our bodies." Sarzu said and turned quietly, "I will leave you alone for the time being, and then some of my people will return to take you around the city."

Sohna watched as Sarzu left them when the wall changed form into a small door and opened up. Once it had closed the wall reemerged as it had been prior. She looked at the other girls, "I suppose we should get dressed?" She asked.

Jami shrugged, "This Sarzu is a strange one," She pointed out to the others.

"Sarzu seems to be sensitive to our culture though," T'Vral said, "I don't remember my parents or anyone else for that matter mentioning a creature like Sarzu or a planet named Drezenia." She said, "It's going to be far harder to figure out where we are at than I think we realized."

"Yeah," Leah said quietly. She returned to her bed and pulled out the drawer that was beneath her bed. A pile of clothing laid there, "These are all my size but none of this is anything I've ever seen before." She pointed out quietly.

"I'm seeing that as well," Jami said as she pulled out her drawer. "They match what we've already got on with the strange designs. But they all look like something in my size."

Sohna hadn't gotten up from the bed because she was deep in thought as the other two girls looked through the clothing. "Sarzu said that they were aware of our culture which would mean they have some sort of technology that allows them to monitor us without detection. Maybe that's how they got so much right," She said. "They seem friendly enough too, but I still don't know what their intentions could possibly be."

Jami looked at Sohna from where she was sitting on the floor. "Well the last time I was kidnapped from somewhere the aliens that had taken us immediately let their intentions be known. They weren't very friendly and the procedures were near torture. So far Sarzu doesn't give me any reason to think they'll be hostile. And I don't sense anything but curiosity from him."

T'Vral had thought Jami was a Betazoid, "You're Betazoid?" She asked.

Jami nodded and looked away, "Correct." She said, "And I don't sense any hidden motives from Sarzu. But my telepathic abilities are still developing so I could be wrong," She told the Vulcan.

Leah trusted Jami, "I trust your feelings," She pointed out. "And Sarzu had a curious look about them. The one thing I couldn't figure out was if Sarzu was a boy or a girl." She said. Then she fell silent as she started digging through the clothes to find something to wear.


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