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Another Mass Casualty

Posted on Sat Apr 23rd, 2022 by Lieutenant Sadie Potter [Dawson] & Lieutenant Bazu Mobas [Kingsley]

Mission: Episode 17 - Revelations
Location: Infirmary, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 1 at 1218
1129 words - 2.3 OF Standard Post Measure

Bazu stepped out of yet another emergency services room and took a heavy breath before releasing it. She leaned against the edge of the counter and didn't realize just how tired she was until that moment. The joined Trill didn't know just how tiring an emergency situation at a space station could really be until that moment. It was beginning to feel like it would never end and with nearly every available doctor in the entire ward there Bazu thought it wasn't enough.

Sadie had just finished yet another surgery as she stepped away from the operating section of the medical bays. She was partially in her operation scrubs and partially not as she approached the counter. "You all right?" She asked Doctor Mobas.

Bazu looked over at the surgeon, "How many patients did we redirect down to the medical center on the planet?"

Sadie didn't have the answer, "Probably three dozen," She said with a shrug. "It's starting to taper out. And at least it was only two ships this time. It could have been a whole hell of a lot worse."

Bazu doubted that, "I take it you've experienced a lot worse?" She asked.

Sadie nodded, "I was here when the Ortani attacked the station last year. And I was on the planet when it was temporarily moved to an entirely different quadrant. There were a lot of injuries in that whole affair. We were slammed with people for days and even had to send medical personnel to the other towns and Javelin City."

Bazu frowned, "I missed that," She said. "I only got here right after the station was rebuilt. I guess when I was reassigned to fill the Emergency Services division head I wasn't expecting it to really reach levels of this extreme." Bazu hadn't gone through a major crisis that required the entire medical department to react prior to then. She had noticed a number of the medical staff were worn out from all of the influx.

Two ships collided and the Samuel West wasn't a small ship with a small crew, but quite the opposite. Bazu had caught a glimpse of the casualty list before they started pouring into the station. It was pretty long as many of the personnel from both ships had been injured, were killed, or were missing following the collision. "Isn't there supposed to be some sort of collision alarm or something before two ships are in proximity of each other?"

Sadie nodded, "Yeah," She answered. "There is supposed to be, but that doesn't necessarily mean that personnel can get out of the way fast enough. And the USS Samuel West is a Nebula class starships so that is a lot of personnel."

"I suppose," Bazu said. They had just seen around fifty or so personnel going through the medical bay all at the same time. That was, at least, what Bazu was estimating. She wasn't sure because she'd lost track at some point, "How many operations did you perform?"

"Just one," Sadie said. "My division performed more than that total, but it'll be a little while before I get around to filing a report. There's two operations still going on and at one point all of the operating rooms were filled which is partially why we sent people to the medical center on the planet. The officer I did surgery on had fragments from a blown bulkhead in her body."

Bazu cringed at the thought of that, "That sounds painful. I hope she's all right?"

"Yeah," Sadie answered, "She'll be fine. One of our enlisted crewmen also had to undergo surgery as well. From the runabout that exploded, but they were beamed out in time."

Bazu raised a brow, "Who was it?"

"Detral Sano and Drake Amano," Sadie answered her. "They had to cut the warp core out of the freighter before it breached. It exploded and destroyed the runabout after they'd pulled it out of the ship and away from the collision area. They'll both be fine though," She said.

Bazu breathed a sigh of relief as she looked over her shoulder at the emergency rooms that were still busy. One of her patients was waiting for her technician to come help with a broken bone. She had seen everything this morning from broken bones to lacerations. And Bazu had been lucky enough to not lose anyone in her emergency room. "The medical staff is going to be feeling this in the morning."

"Oh yes," Sadie answered. She knew that to be the absolute truth as she watched past Doctor Mobas. A team of doctors had just entered one of the rooms, but she didn't really know the details. "Have you seen Nurse Laras yet?" She asked.

"Laras is in the triage," Bazu said. "At least that's where she was earlier. And Doctor O'Malley is down in the triage too. Wait until Doctor Fairchild and Doctor Delaney get back. They're going to be really amused that they missed all the action I'm sure."

"I don't know," Sadie said. "Doctor Fairchild has a great bit of experience with mass casualty events. It seems like we have about one a month anymore. I guess we don't have to ever worry about being bored out of our minds though right?" She asked and laughed somewhat nervously. Sadie could go for a break and was thinking about taking some leave. "I think there are a number of us thinking about taking some leave honestly."

Bazu was looking away from Doctor Potter, "I've heard a lot of officers talking about taking leave. Ever since the events of last November and December I'm honestly not at all surprised. I'm sort of surprised that nobody has taken the time since then though."

Sadie gave a shrug, "I think everyone was waiting for the start of the year. Nothing slowed down though and so nobody had a chance to do so. It's not really that surprising if I were to be completely honest though." She said and sighed quietly. "I'm going to go see how that last surgery is going." She said finally.

"Yeah," Bazu answered. "I need to go check in on my patient."

Sadie watched as Bazu walked away before she turned around and headed back towards the operating area. Sadie had been wanting to take a vacation since her father's body had been located. That hadn't really been an option since then. She hadn't really mourned his passing either, but was able to arrange his burial and funeral after he was found. It was a small funeral, not nearly the same level that had been for her mother. But, Sadie hadn't been close to him. She also hadn't taken the time to let any of her family know of his passing either...


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