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This Was A Mistake

Posted on Sun Feb 20th, 2022 by Matthias Cohen [Belmont] & Olivia Grayson [Moneaux] & Owen Grayson [S'Toriin] & Leah Reade [Mackenzie]

Mission: Episode 16 - Genesis Uprising
Location: Arboretum, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 2 at 1212
1755 words - 3.5 OF Standard Post Measure

Arriving only four hours earlier in the arboretum on the station, it would take quite some time before Matthias and his friends realized their mistake. Earlier he had practically pleaded with his mother to let them go to the arboretum since the Grayson twins and the Reade girl had been allowed to spend the night in the quarters where his adoptive mother and him lived. It was rare for him to get to leave without an adult with them, but he guessed that his mother allowed it this time because there were four of them.

When the klaxons started sounding four hours earlier he immediately looked at the others and they had tried to get out of the arboretum and couldn't. "I guess we'll just stay here," He remembered telling the others before finding a bench where he could sit down. Now it was four hours into whatever crisis and he was starting to get a bit nervous. "Maybe we should have stayed in my quarters," He said finally.

Leah sat on the dirt pathway carefully running her fingers along it which made marks. From what she could tell they were all alone, "Are you kidding?" She asked him, "This is great," The child said, "We have no grown ups to pester us or anything like that."

Olivia snickered under her breath, "Yeah remember the last time we said that?" She asked.

Owen nearly rolled his eyes at his twin sister, "Oh yes," He said with some level of sarcasm that he didn't realize he could achieve. "I remember sitting in some access junction after someone wanted to find out what a power cable did and it got dark."

Olivia rolled her eyes in response to her brother's cleverness, "We could always try to find a way out or a way to contact one of the officers?" She asked the others.

"Nah," Leah said. "I'm being serious actually," She said while continuing to play with the dirt around her. "Arika would have fun with this too I think," She said. Leah was going to enjoy her break away from grown ups even if it meant that they had to sit in the arboretum alone with nothing to really do. "We've got the entire place to ourselves."

"Meanwhile," Owen said, "Our parents are probably worried about us." He said to the girl sitting at his feet. He'd decided to sit up on the bench next to Matthias. "I don't know if we'd be able to find a way to contact anyone." He said to Matthias and Olivia.

"Probably not," Matthias agreed.

"You're clearly overthinking this," Olivia said to her brother. "Both of you," She said and stood up. "Leah and I can go find one of those communication panels. It would be easier if the two of you tried to help us find something..." She said to the two of them before pulling Leah up to her feet. "Leah I don't think playing in the dirt is really going to help us either."

Leah gave a heavy sigh, "Sure," She said to the other girl. She looked at the two boys, "Tell ya what," She said before taking Owen and Matthias by their hands. "If you come with us I won't make something up about how you two tricked us into coming in here." She said to them. Leah had only gone along with what Olivia was saying because deep down she knew the other girl to be right.

Owen groaned, "Okay," He said.

Matthias looked at Owen and chuckled slightly at the thought that his best friend didn't want to get into trouble. Though he knew how many times Olivia had gotten the two of them into trouble and understood. He was glad that he didn't have any siblings and it was only his adoptive mother and himself. "They're usually by the entrance." He said.

Leah grinned and released her grip before dusting her pantlegs off and started to walk alongside Olivia. "See that wasn't too hard was it?" She asked as they headed along the path towards the tree that was in the middle. "This place isn't really that big anyway," She said. In reality, however, Olivia knew that wasn't entirely true because the space was rather large.

They rounded the tree just in time to hear a low rumbling noise behind them and Leah was the first to turn around to investigate. As she turned around she saw something shimmering, "What the..." Leah watched as three Klingons came running backwards and some sort of foul beast was chasing them. She screamed and darted for the tree.

Olivia nearly bowled her brother over as she darted around behind him and scrambled up the tree. She could hear the Klingons roaring and grunting along with phaser fire that was echoing from them. She reached down and grabbed the scruff of Leah's shirt and pulled her up into the tree.

Leah let a squeak as she was pulled up into the tree, "Ow," She muttered as she staggered up the tree and got a good grip on a nearby branch.

Owen was the next to pull himself up into the tree as quickly as he could after regaining his composure from being nearly knocked over. He looked down at Matt, "Hurry up..." He whispered somewhat loudly.

Matthias pulled himself up into the tree and scrambled to get himself latched onto a branch. He watched from where he was clinging as the Klingons and the beast continued their fight. "That can't be real can it?" He asked the others. "I mean... We were the only ones here and I don't think I've ever seen anything like that on the station."

"It's not," Leah said. She was shaking her head roughly enough for her brunette hair to splash around. "It's the holographic projectors." She pointed out, "They must be having problems or something."

"Maybe," Matthias said in agreement, "They're still really creepy." He watched the ongoing battle until there was another shimmer and the three vanished. He was about to breathe a sigh of relief.


Matthias let a howl when he heard the voice in his ear boom and he lost his balance and went straight out of the tree before landing on the ground with a light thud. Luckily he was on the lowest branch which wasn't that far up. It still hurt a bit, "Ugh..." He groaned.

Leah would have laughed had it not been for the fact that the boy had just fell out of a tree. She looked down and hopped out of the tree. "Are you okay?" She asked ignoring the shimmering that had appeared near her.

When Matthias looked straight up he saw a Klingon with odd features and pointed Vulcan ears standing over him in a Starfleet uniform. "You seem injured." The voice said again.

"Is that?" Owen started to ask.

Olivia got herself out of the tree to attend to Matthias, "The Emergency Hologram I think." She said to her brother as she landed firmly on her feet. She got down onto her knees in front of Matthias just as the hologram vanished from them. "Are you okay?"

Matthias looked at the two girls for a moment with utter shock on his face, "Yeah," He said and sat up slowly. "Just a little dizzy," He said and rubbed the back of his neck. "That thing just suddenly appeared there..." He said to the two girls. "It was terrifying," He looked around.

Owen finally had come out of the tree, "I mean it appeared right next to you in the tree..."

"Yeah," Leah said as she took Matthias by the hand and pulled him up to his feet. Just then she heard another light roar and looked over to see a large dinosaur standing nearby grazing, "Oh not again." She said.

"It was a mistake coming here," Owen said when he noticed the dinosaur, but what really struck him was the group of Vulcans who had also appeared near the dinosaur wearing some sort of strange prehistoric looking clothing. "Are they...?" He asked.

Leah was utterly confused, "Don't ask."

Olivia laughed nervously under her breath, "I was about to say the same exact thing too. We need to figure out a way out of here before this continues to happen. Otherwise it could get really crazy really fast," She said. Then she realized she was going to eat those words when more things started to appear in the arboretum. Overgrown plants started to spring up as well as strange animals she didn't recognize.

Owen looked at his twin sister for a moment then at his friends, "I think we'd be better off finding a safe place to stay in here," He said to the others. "If the hologram things are having problems who knows what is going on with the rest of the station."

"Okay," Leah said cautiously, "But if I get trampled to death by a hologram dinosaur I'm coming back to haunt you in your sleep."

"He'd like that," Matthias said.

Owen's cheeks immediately turned bright pink, "No..." He said and shook his head. "I..." He immediately became speechless when his best friend said that.

Leah's cheeks had also turned bright pink and she let a soft smile appear on her face, "It's okay." She told Owen, "I already know you would."

"What...? No... I..." Owen had started to stutter.

Olivia laughed before taking her brother by the arm, "Come on before you make a bigger fool of yourself or something." She said to him. She pulled him up to his feet and looked at the others. "I think a safe space to hang out would be the better idea."

"Okay," Leah said with a quick, single nod.

Matthias could see that they'd come to some sort of agreement and he wasn't going to argue with either of them. "I think there's a small orchard in that direction," He said while pointing off in the distance. "If we can make it there then we don't have to worry about Leah getting trampled and then haunting Owen."

Leah was started to regret saying it, "I was... I was joking," She said to the two boys and started to shake her head slowly.

Matthias nodded, "Sure you were," He said playfully, "Let's go." He said and then led them towards the direction of the orchard while ignoring the various sounds that they were starting to hear all around them.


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