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The Parade On Screen

Posted on Sat Dec 18th, 2021 by Leah Reade [Mackenzie] & Olivia Grayson [Moneaux]

Mission: Episode 15 - A Time of Healing
Location: Event Center, Javelin City
Timeline: Day 3 at 1015
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Olivia escaped from her brother as soon as their parents had dropped them both off. She found Leah sitting in front of one of the large viewer that displayed the Christmas parade that was making its way down the main street of Javelin City. "Hello," She said immediately after sitting down.

Leah was zoned into what was on the large screen inside the event center. Like many of the young children she wasn't physically attending the parade and instead was watching it on the large screen at the children's party. She didn't even hear her friend trying to get her attention.

Olivia reached out and gently prodded at Leah, "Hey," She said a little more aggressively as she withdrew her hand.

Leah jumped slightly before looking at Olivia. As her heart settled down her breathing seemed to relax a little bit as well, "Sorry," She said. "Hi," She smiled and leaned back onto her hands. "Too bad Arika isn't here to see the parade," She pointed out.

Olivia grinned, "I know," She said. Olivia looked at the screen for a moment before looking over her shoulder. More children were arriving from across the planet and Olivia wondered when the activities would start. She was getting rather anxious about it, "Are you going to do any of the activities or just sit here?"

Olivia had asked the question without looking at Leah immediately. After a few seconds had passed and no answer had been given, Olivia looked at Leah again.

Leah was thinking about the question, "I'm not sure," She replied. "The face painting sounds like fun," She said.

Olivia had thought the same thing, "Why are you distracted?" She asked suddenly.

Leah didn't have an answer for Olivia. She was just trying to not really think about anything for the moment. Her friend had left the day before after spending only a few short hours with her. Then there was the other thing that she didn't even want to talk about.

"I guess I just wanna watch the parade," She said. "I'm not trying to ignore you or anything like that." She told Olivia, "I miss Arika too and I'm trying to not think too much about it."

Olivia leaned forward and wrapped the other girl into a tight hug, "I see," She said quietly. Olivia had been friends with Arika for a long time and it wasn't easy to find out that her best friend wouldn't be on the planet for long periods of time. "At least we've still got each other though right?"

Leah smiled brightly, "Of course," She replied. Leah stopped looking at the screen, "I tried to get my Mom and Dad to let me sit outside for the parade in the grass, but they said no. I guess watching it on the screen is better than nothing."

Leah hadn't been given a reason for why she had to sit inside with her big brother Dillon rather than being outside. And, her other brother was supposed to be somewhere, but she didn't see him. "I wonder where Trevor is?" She asked suddenly.

"If I had to guess," Olivia said, "He's probably with his girlfriend," She said with a shrug. "I saw them kissing this morning."

Leah stuck her tongue out and made a mock vomit sound through her upper lip at the same time. "That's so gross," She said. "I don't get why they do that," She remarked. Leah shook her head quickly, "I saw them holding hands the other day."

Olivia shrugged, "I don't either," She said. "I guess it means they really like each other though." She looked over at her twin brother who was running around like a lunatic, "At least your brothers are somewhat..." She paused as she considered the word. "Normal."

Leah watched Owen, "Yeah," She said with a quiet giggle. "Doesn't he do that all the time though?"

"Yeah," Olivia said, "I have my own problems though I guess." She stopped watching her brother and looked at Leah, "Like the time I ended up lost on the Onnar with him and Arika." She said with a sigh. "He's still so weird though."

Leah looked towards her brother, who seemed to be talking to one of the other older kids, and tried to imagine what they were talking about. She assumed he was Dillon's friend as she sat there watching them together. "I wonder if Dillon knows that Trevor and Kayla were kissing?"

"Would he make fun of Trevor?" Olivia asked.

Leah didn't know the answer to the question, "I will make fun of Trevor for it," She pointed out. "I don't know if Dillon will make fun of him though. I would also make fun of your brother."

Olivia waved her hand, "Don't worry..." She let her voice trail away from her almost immediately after saying that. "I'll make fun of him tonight at home."

Leah laughed again and turned so that she was no longer facing the viewer, "Maybe after the parade I can see if my parents will take us to the convention center for the main festival?" She asked.

"Maybe," Olivia said.

Leah nodded, "Yeah that would be nice..." She replied.


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