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All For Naught

Posted on Sat Sep 11th, 2021 by Lieutenant Commander Gredrol Son of Osham & Lieutenant Commander Reid Hoseki & Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin & Lieutenant R'Toren

Mission: Episode 15 - A Time of Healing
Location: Bridge, USS Dunkirk
Timeline: Day 2 at 1242
1098 words - 2.2 OF Standard Post Measure

S'Toriin had departed from main operations and arrived on the bridge of the USS Dunkirk. He wasn't alone on the bridge as some of the other more senior officers were there as well. The news that S'Toriin had been selected to replace Commander Dravex as Second Officer still felt weird to him.

Technically that put him at the top of the order to command the USS Dunkirk, but he presumed he'd not be commanding her on her first trip out. "I'd like a status report," He requested while making himself comfortable in the center seat.

Gredrol was checking into the weapons systems, "We should be done any moment from now. "Lieutenant R'Toren is down in main engineering checking into a few last minute things before we bring the ship back to full power. Most of the systems seem to be fully operational. We'll run a test here shortly and find out."

Reid was sitting at the helm checking the flight systems, "The flight systems are also operational." He said.

S'Toriin absorbed the reports as they came in. "So the ship will be ready to go by tomorrow or...?" He asked and waited for a response.

R'Toren returned to the bridge in time to hear the question and sighed heavily. "Yes," He said in response. R'Toren could certainly understand why the Commander wanted a bunch of details, however, it wasn't as if they were on a time crunch. "Does the Captain want to take the ship out for a quick spin or something?" He asked.

"That was the plan," S'Toriin replied, "However, as of right now I'm not sure. Starfleet is in talks about taking the Dunkirk and assigning the ship elsewhere. I'm afraid I don't have many details beyond that though. So, we need to get the ship ready for whatever Starfleet Command decides."

"Would they replace her?" Reid asked as he rotated around in the chair.

Gredrol had also looked up from the tactical station where he was running field tests. "Why would they want to replace the ship? We've done a lot of work to get her functional once more..." His voice trailed away.

S'Toriin took his turn to sigh, "I'm afraid I don't have many details right now everyone." He indicated, "We'll be keeping the USS Becker because that ship was repurposed to serve a specific task for us. The Haeva had been our test bed vessel, however, that is no longer an option.

"Starfleet may want to give us a new ship to test bed with or they may want us to have a patrol vessel. Right now the focus is on security matters which is why many of us have been transferred to work directly on the station and why Cessna Station is shutting down." S'Toriin told them.

Gredrol had already seen the reports and was part of the staff meeting from the other day. He was aware of many changes that were coming along, "Probably a patrol vessel." He said.

Reid rotated back around as he shrugged his shoulders, "There's really no way to know until we've received the orders from Starfleet now is there?" He asked the others.

"Precisely," S'Toriin said.

R'Toren felt like the last several hours he'd just dedicated to getting the ship operational was for nothing. Starfleet could have reassigned the ship and towed it out rather than relying on him to fix it. "Well," He scoffed with a bit of aggression in his voice.

"That's just a great thing now isn't it?" R'Toren asked sarcastically before spinning around heavily. "Should I continue with the time and work I've already dedicated or wait it out?" He asked.

S'Toriin looked at the Lieutenant and frowned, "With all due respect Lieutenant I think that's hardly the answer to the problem. Besides, like I've already pointed out, we don't know anything."

R'Toren relaxed a little bit, "Fair enough I suppose." He said.

Reid had spun around again with a frown of his own, "Lieutenant we've all put a lot of work into this ship. And it was hard enough when the Haeva was destroyed, however, we may get a better ship than what we've got. This one is rather small. I think the Captain would like a bigger ship."

"Probably," Gredrol said with a slight grin on his face. "Something with a bit more teeth would be really great in my opinion. I still wouldn't let it get you discouraged."

R'Toren felt a little better about it after they'd pointed out the positives to getting a new ship. "I would still rather know what the plan is moving forward though. It seems like a lot of things are changing across the station with personnel coming and going. And it seems like our mission statement here is starting to shift a little bit too."

"I don't agree," S'Toriin said to him.

"The fleet yard is still the central part of what we're doing in this system," Gredrol said. "This is a very strategic location and we've suffered two attacks over the last couple years since the station opened. A Federation President was also assassinated here."

"Right," Reid said. "Starfleet is going to look at making several changes to better equip us here. And, now we've got a much bigger station so some facilities are redundant. That is why Cessna Station is closing down and we've got a bigger medical presence on the station than before too."

"That's fair," R'Toren said finally before leaning against a nearby terminal. "I understand what's being said and I apologize for my outburst... It's just so frustrating sometimes."

"No need to apologize," S'Toriin told him. "Once we've got answers then we'll be able to funnel it down into the lower levels. But, for the time being we just have to fix the ship and repair the Becker along with it. I know we're keeping that ship so at least your efforts there won't be for nothing."

R'Toren considered that point and nodded, "That's true," He said.

Gredrol finished running his tests, "I think I need to go down to main engineering to check into a small glitch in the execution protocols. Lieutenant I could use a hand?"

R'Toren didn't want to go back down to main engineering, but he followed anyway. "All right." He said. R'Toren looked at the others for a moment who seemed to have returned to their duties once more anyway.

Gredrol nodded and led the Lieutenant to the turbolift before boarding it himself. The ride down to engineering would be silent and then he would express his concerns relating to R'Toren's earlier outburst...


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