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Trouble Caused

Posted on Thu Sep 9th, 2021 by Kayla Holtz [Engstrom] & Jami Bostru & Riley MacIntyre & Danielle MacIntyre & Adriana O'Malley [Hayashi] & Elizabeth de Planca [Stevenson] & Rose Cohen [Grayson]

Mission: Episode 15 - A Time of Healing
Location: Beach Front, Northern Bay Area
Timeline: Day 2 at 1219

Elizabeth was thinking about the upcoming Christmas party and all the festivals that were about to take place. And, all she could do was smile slightly as she sat near the water's edge catching a slight shiver. The winter months made the region outside of Oar's Rest much colder than it had been in the Spring and Summer.

This wasn't her idea, but with the planet being back where it was meant to be the beaches to the south were filled with tourists. "Who comes here to vacation?" She asked suddenly.

Kayla grinned as she considered the question. "Everyone in the Federation is just so happy that we're back you know?" She asked. Kayla wondered much the same thing. The question was rhetorical and her inflection indicated that it was quite sarcastic.

Rose snorted in order to cover the laugh that came out, "Well at least nobody suggested a bikini this trip." She pointed out. Rose was in a heavy coat to stave off the cold air that had a bite to it. "I think we should walk though."

"That wouldn't be a bad idea," Elizabeth agreed.

Jami was watching the cold water lapping along the edge of the beach. Nobody came that far north because it was typically very cold. Ivaldi Three was one of the few planets that had literal icy spikes that jutted out of the ground in the northern regions.

The bay was always cold, but it was more pronounced in the winter because the spring and summer was warm. The spikes never seemed to melt fully throughout the year. She remembered learning about the planetary climates when they first came to live there. "Yeah," She agreed suddenly.

"Okay," Adriana said as she shivered when a blast of cold air hit her in the face. "Is everyone going to the festival?" She asked as she started to walk.

Danielle looked at her sister, "I think Dad is making us go." She said.

Riley nodded, "Not that you didn't want to go in the first place." She moved her gloved hands back into her coat pockets before shivering slightly. "I'm excited though," She said. "It'll be a nice thing to have done here. Especially after the year we've all had."

"It could have been worse I suppose," Kayla said. She had done well to forget about the death of her father earlier in the year. It had been rough on her and each of her friends knew it.

Jami frowned, "I know he'd have been proud of you." She said.

"I know," Kayla agreed.

Rose wrapped her arm across Kayla's shoulder and gave her a tight squeeze before releasing the other girl. "Hey," She said suddenly as she pointed forward, "There's something sticking out of the water over there." She said.

Adriana looked towards the object sticking up, "It's probably just an ice floe or something," She said. But as she got closer she realized that it didn't move quite the same as ice.

Elizabeth followed behind the others, "Be careful," She said. Elizabeth's life experiences had told her it was dangerous to really meddle in something. "We probably should just leave it alone anyway."

"I agree," Jami pointed out. She followed behind the other girls anyway despite her own concerns. Because the teen was curious.

Riley jogged forward for a moment before coming to a stop at the edge of the water. The thing was bobbing up and down against some sand that was also appearing with each wavelet that hit the beach. "I think we can get to it without getting too soaked."

"Let me," Dani said to her sister and she trudged into the water carefully so she didn't splash too much. As she got closer she realized that it was wreckage. "It's... I don't know." She said over her shoulder.

Kayla decided to just get closer to it, "Okay," She said as she allowed her own curiosity to get the better of her. She got closer and saw that it was a spherical object floating in the water. "It's been here for a while look at the ice buildup." She said.

"Hrm..." Adriana said from the shoreline.

Elizabeth watched the others, "I told you I wouldn't mess with it." She said. She stepped carefully into the water. "We really don't know what it is and it could be dangerous." She got closer to it and the others before coming to a stop.

"Come on guys," Kayla said as she got into the water. "We don't want to get wet out here because of the air temperature."

"Agreed," Riley said as she walked into the water carefully. She got next to her twin and tugged on the other girl, "It looks like something that we really shouldn't mess with."

"You're probably right," Dani said quietly as she backed up slightly. "Stop pulling on me though."

Adriana finally stepped into the water, "Every time I've come across technology that I didn't understand something bad seems to have happened." She recalled when her friend Elizabeth had been hurt on the Onnar.

"I'm not sure that it's technology," Jami said as she leaned over it. "I think it's just a really old part from a ship or something that probably crashed here or in the water. It may have just washed up..." She said.

Rose reached out and gently touched it to roll it over. She wanted to make sure it wasn't anything dangerous, but almost immediately after she touched it a blinding light emanated from it. Then she felt like she was being de-materialized by the object.

Adriana threw her arm up to block the blinding light and felt like a transporter beam had hit her. When the sensation ended she was in a dark tunnel, "Where am I?" She asked and noticed that she wasn't alone. The other girls had all been hit by the beam too it seemed.

Elizabeth had closed her eyes without meaning to and when she reopened them artificial lights had started to flicker on down the tunnel where they were all standing. She tilted her head, "Great," She muttered.

Rose looked at the others and took a heavy breath before looking across the tunnel to the other wall. There was a row of windows and she walked over to them in order to look outside. Bubbles indicated what she dreaded, "We're underwater," She pointed out.

Elizabeth nodded as she pulled the communicator she'd been carrying out of her pocket and put it on her shirt. "We probably should contact the station and let them know where we're at."

"Or," Kayla said as she pulled out her own communicator and put it on her shirt, "We find out where we are and then we contact them."

"You're crazy," Riley said to her friend. "What do you think we'll find here... Probably some aliens or something like that..."

"No," Dani said, "I think this place is abandoned," She said as she ran her fingers across the wall and looked at the dust on them. "I think the artificial scrubbers are malfunctioning."

Rose nodded, "It would seem that way." She said, "Let's take a vote. Who says we leave?" She asked and watched as a couple hands went up. "All right, and who says we figure this place out?" She asked.

Elizabeth had voted to leave and groaned when she was outvoted, "Okay, but we're sticking together." She said.

"Agreed," Kayla said.


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