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The Adjustment Period

Posted on Fri Aug 27th, 2021 by Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca & Captain Neela Izal

Mission: Episode 15 - A Time of Healing
Location: Executive Officer's Office, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 2 at 0930
1080 words - 2.2 OF Standard Post Measure

Jordyn could hardly believe the office she was in had been Captain Naadel's only one day prior. Then, it had been Commander not Captain, however, that seemed to matter little as she worked to get the office arranged to her liking. Pictures of her children decorated the bulkheads and her entire scientific collection lined the back wall.

Neela decided that it was time to visit her new Executive Officer. As soon as the Captain had found out the promotion for Iazil had gone through she began her search for a new Exec to take the new Captain's place on the station. Neela had also learned about several other promotions across the station.

Several of her Commanders had been given positions aboard starships and were scheduled to leave throughout the day. That caused chaos as she had to reassign her officers into higher positions. The station had also been reshuffled as positions were renamed to be more suitable.

The amount of paperwork her yeoman had to do was quite the daunting task. However, Neela was happy with the changes that had been made across the station. She stood outside the office for her Exec for a moment as she considered the changes. Then, Neela reached up and activated the chime on the door.

Jordyn looked over her shoulder at the door, "You may enter please," She replied and returned her gaze back onto the PADD in her hand. It contained some of her textbooks from the Academy.

Neela stepped into the office, "Commander," She said as she came further into the office. "I see you've already started to move into your new office."

Jordyn looked at the Captain with a slight smile on her face, "Of course," She said. Jordyn had already changed from teal to red earlier in the morning because she had luckily kept some of her red uniforms from before. "How're you this morning Captain?"

Neela was tired, "I didn't sleep well last night because Lauren was sick through the night. Stephen and I ended up with her in the infirmary for most of the night while they worked to get her better."

Jordyn frowned, "That sound terrible," She said heavily as she turned and sat down in what was now her chair. "How was she feeling this morning?"

Neela sat down across from the Commander, "She's feeling a lot better this morning thankfully," She replied. "How are you settling into your new role?" She asked.

Jordyn looked around, "Captain Naadel left me a lot of information and notes which has been immensely helpful. I wasn't expecting the promotion though, however, I'm glad to have it."

The Captain understood the sentiment. She hadn't expected to lose most of her most senior officers within a day, but the command had to move on. And, rather than sitting without an Exec Neela chose to promote from within her command structure.

"That's something," Neela pointed out, "So what is on the agenda for today?" She asked her Exec.

Jordyn looked around the office, "After I get my office straightened up," She muttered quietly. "I'm going to check on the progress of the engineering work crews. Probably schedule a meeting with the senior officers since there were so many rotations."

"That wouldn't be a bad idea," Neela answered. She hadn't planned on having any meetings for the day because of the Admiralty that was on the station. Many of them were spending the day touring the station and then there were the debriefings and investigation.

"What about the festivities later in the week?" Neela asked her, "Were you going to take the responsibilities on for that as well since that was Captain Naadel's project."

Jordyn nodded, "I've already taken it," She said. Jordyn dug around the desk until she found a PADD and picked it up. "My daughters, Rose, and Claire have already provided me with a list of ideas for activities. I'm going to use them for the children's party.

"Most of the events will be held at the Convention Center in Javelin City now that the center has been repaired. I understand that the Admiralty is planning on sticking it out and staying around for that?" She asked.

"That was my understanding," Neela said with a slight smile. "What time did you want to have the staff meeting?" She asked. "The staff briefings were yesterday so I don't know how much more information will be provided today."

Jordyn had seen the staff briefings for herself already, "I was thinking more of a meet and greet," She said. "We're going to be working together at a different level now so..." She shrugged.

"That's a great idea," Neela said happily.

Jordyn was glad the Captain liked the idea, "I was thinking later this afternoon because everyone is trying to get used to their new offices and positions across the station. And, I don't know how long it'll take to inspect the support and engineering sections."

Neela rubbed the bottom of her chin as she thought it over, "It shouldn't take more than a few hours to do," She pointed out. "At last report I believe the engineering teams were anticipating the station being fully operational by the end of the week. The drydocks will be fully operational by the end of the month."

Neela had wanted to say end of the year since it was practically the same thing. "I don't know that I really have much more for the time being, however, I would like you to keep track of the Admiralty that we have on board."

Jordyn raised a brow, "Why's that Captain?" She asked.

Neela didn't know how to answer the question in the way that would make the most sense, "Because something isn't quite right at the moment. I have reason to believe something may be a bit off with them and this Andrea Phelps situation..." She let her voice fall silent.

Jordyn nodded because she remembered Captain Naadel saying something to her about that. And Yvanka had said something as well, "I understand." She said, "Anything that seems out of the ordinary I'll let you know."

"Thanks," Neela said. She stood up, "I'll leave you to it then."

Jordyn stood as well, "Thanks for your time Captain." She said and pressed her hands onto her desk. "I'll keep you posted on how things across the station are going." She said and then watched the Captain leave the office before sitting back down and getting back to work.


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