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Coordinated Disillusions of An Uncoordinated Flight Controller

Posted on Mon Aug 16th, 2021 by Lieutenant Commander Reid Hoseki & Lieutenant Commander Gredrol Son of Osham

Mission: Episode 15 - A Time of Healing
Location: Chief Traffic Controller's Office, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 1 at 0859
1148 words - 2.3 OF Standard Post Measure

Gredrol had a difficult time getting around the station even after a few days of trying. It had taken him numerous attempts before he'd finally located the office of Reid Hoseki, the Chief of Traffic Control. As soon as he located it he'd breathed a sigh of relief.

"Now, I hope you're still inside," He said to himself quietly. Gredrol then reached up and activated the chime.

Reid looked up from the PADD that he'd been reading, "Enter." He said. It had taken him two days to get his office just the way he wanted it. There were pictures of Teagan and Elizabeth all over the place. There was also a model of the USS Turnbull which was the first ship he'd ever been assigned to.

Gredrol walked in, "I see you've made yourself right at home Lieutenant," He said. "I thought we should discuss the weekly ship traffic in and around the system. We used to do that regularly and then..." He sighed, "It would be nice to continue on our trajectory of normalcy."

"Of course," Reid said with a grin, "Please." He indicated the seat.

Gredrol gave a nod and then he sat down, "Thanks," He replied. "So, I see that we've got the USS Paladin coming to the station. It'll arrive in later this afternoon."

"Hrm," Reid said as he took hold of a different PADD that contained the same information, "Ah yes," He said, "That's an Odyssey Class starship carrying the Admiralty that are coming to visit the station. I believe they're supposed to be conducting some sort of high level investigation?"

"That's what I've heard," Gredrol said in response. He laid the PADD onto his lap while looking at the Lieutenant, "You know it's difficult to locate your office?" He asked, "It took me part of the morning just to figure out where it's at. I'm surprised it's not in the administrative section."

Reid smiled sheepishly, "They put me closer to the ship docking bays. I suppose that makes sense because that's where I'm going to be spending most of my time now."

Gredrol found that to be surprising, "Why not in main operations?"

"Because I have an entire docking effort to maintain. My job has become far more administrative than it had been previously. I think it's because the department is bigger on the station. Or at least it'll be bigger once everyone has arrived.

"Who else is set to arrive?" Reid asked.

Gredrol picked the PADD back up and reviewed it, "The USS Sutherland and USS Jacobi are both set to arrive tomorrow. They are only coming in for a quick refuel and I think their crews are planning a shoreleave." He looked at the bottom of the notes.

"Yes," He said. "They are coming in for refueling and then will be gone within a few hours. There are some crewmembers for the station coming off both ships too. With repair efforts still underway on many of the drydock orbitals it's unlikely that we will be receiving ships to dock in them."

Reid nodded, "I figured," He replied. "I talked to Commander McDanielson yesterday and she was saying it'll be a few days before the drydock orbitals are all fully operational. I think they'll want to check them out too," He pointed out.

"I'm sure the engineers on board are ready to get back to work again too," Reid said with a slight laugh. "Well at least more than just assisting with the reconstruction efforts on the station. They've done quite well in getting the station nearly complete too.

"I guess it's not all that hard when you have a small army of engineers working with a nearly prebuilt station though," Reid concluded.

"Not really," Gredrol agreed. "The shopkeepers are also finally able to begin returning to the station. And, the Arcadia had been damaged in the attack before it was towed to the Sol System. It's supposed to be returning here soon too.

"I'm sure the Bancrofts will be glad for the ship to come back," Gredrol said.

"I'm betting a lot of the freighter companies are happy to have their fleets back," Reid said in agreement. "We're supposed to be having a staff meeting later this morning too it looks like."

"I saw the message," Gredrol replied.

Reid nodded, "Any idea what the Captain wanted to talk about?" He asked, "I know she probably wants to discuss a strategy for the arrival of these Admirals and maybe an update."

Gredrol didn't know, "Not sure," He said. He looked through his list of ships that were scheduled to be arriving. "The list of freighters that are scheduled for arrival don't seem to be sticking around too long. Mostly, picking up cargo and other things."

Reid had been aware of that, "They lost a week so the trade routes are behind. They need to make up time and that means a quick cargo swap with the transporters. Then they'll be gone from the system to go continue on their normal routes. I think this is the only time that's supposed to happen."

Gredrol nodded, "I figured," He said. "There are also a number of Starfleet ships that will be operating around the station making it a busy sector. We've got four ships on patrol nearby, with another three coming in tomorrow." He looked at Reid. "The Admirals..." He said.

Reid nodded again, "Yes," He said. "Starfleet wants to make sure we've got plenty of help in case someone else tries the same stunt when the Federation President visited. Our security was up to snuff, but then..." He didn't need to finish the thought.

Reid put the PADD he'd been reading back onto his desk, "I don't think there's anything else right? I mean I expected the increase in security measures around the station. It'll make coordinating the efforts in the surrounding sectors a little harder.

"But, after spending three weeks in the Delta Quadrant at least we have our normal jobs back?" Reid asked.

Gredrol grinned, "Yes," He said, "Of course." He stood up, "I'll see you at the staff meeting," He pointed out. Gredrol was thankful for his routine to be back to normal. He had one more meeting to attend to with his personal staff before the senior staff meeting.

"Very well," Reid said as he stood up. "How about coming over this evening for dinner?" He asked, "Elizabeth wanted me to invite you."

Gredrol nodded, "Of course," He said. Gredrol then bowed his head, "See you this evening then as well." And Gredrol turned and left the office.

Reid watched as the Klingon left before sitting down and gathering up his notes for the staff meeting. It wasn't like he had much to add to the meetings, but he was at least back to doing what he'd come to the station to do... Control traffic and all that.


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