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Getting Out of Dodge

Posted on Wed Aug 11th, 2021 by Lieutenant R'Toren & Lieutenant Commander Gredrol Son of Osham & Lieutenant Commander Sinjohl Tagorn & Lieutenant Commander Reid Hoseki & Lieutenant Brandon Kerr

Mission: Episode 14 - Synthesis
Location: Operations, Unknown Space Station
Timeline: Day 3 at 2048
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It seemed like everything was happening entirely too quickly and Gredrol couldn't keep up. At first they had been under orders to get the station ready to go as quickly as they possibly could. Now they were under a different set of orders that meant getting everything Federation off the station as quickly as they could.

"This could take hours," Gredrol finally pointed out.

"Not really," Brandon replied as he worked on getting more equipment to the beam out point. "Most of the equipment we had on the station is in main operations and the engineering sections. And, Tagorn is working on wiping the computer of any traces."

"I'm done actually," Tagorn said.

Reid had made certain the runabouts were accounted for as the equipment was slowly being beamed over. "It will only take us, at most, three hours to complete this. The Belphans have given us plenty of time to get away from here. And, at least it's a solution."

"We don't know that," Gredrol pointed out.

R'Toren was too busy trying to get more equipment to the beam out point to really argue with anyone. "Well," He said, "The equipment in main engineering will be out soon enough. And, any replicators we had on the station have also been removed."

"Will the runabouts hold all of this?" Gredrol asked.

Reid nodded, "We brought three runabouts. And, there are personnel scattered all over the station collecting our gear. I'll order them back as they are filled, but in the meantime we really should focus on getting this done." Honestly, Reid was too busy thinking about other matters though.

His daughter had finally started to accept the changes and now they were going to be changing things back. He supposed that wasn't a bad thing since they would have access to family and friends back in the Federation and he wasn't going to argue about that part.

Either way, Reid knew it was going to need some sort of adjustment period for his family. It would need some sort of adjustment period for all of them and possibly a more long term stay on the planet once it was all said and done. "Aren't you at least happy that we're leaving though?"

R'Toren nodded, "I'm quite glad that we are going back. We spent entirely too much time here and I hope that the rumors aren't true."

"Which ones?" Tagorn asked.

R'Toren looked at the Bajoran, "The ones that say the Belphans are just going to send us back through the anomaly once they are finished with us. This is only a temporary solution, and the like."

Tagorn listened before responding. He thought about what he wanted to say in reply to what R'Toren had just said, "I think they're going to let us keep the planetary system this time. The Captain intends on making her case well known to the rest of them.

"And, after the interference from the last time and the effects it had on everyone here..." His voice trailed away and he shrugged. It wasn't as if Tagorn really needed to finish what he'd been saying anyway. He knew it was a mistake sending them into the future in the first place.

R'Toren sighed, "I hope you're right."

"Sure he is," Gredrol told the Caitian, "I've heard many of those same reasons and rumors. But, at the end of the day it's really going to be the Captain doing everything she can to prevent it from happening."

"I don't know," Brandon said as he came back into main operations in time to hear the rumor. "I could see this going one of two ways," He said and shrugged. "Either the Belphans just redo everything without the added Celestian ingredients or they let us be. I'm hoping they take the high road and don't interfere anymore."

R'Toren looked at the other Lieutenant, "They did save us from the Ortani didn't they?"

Brandon nodded and shook his head after, "Yes and no," He said at the same time as his head movements. "They helped us a little bit, but I think eventually we would have overcome the Ortani. I think the decision to move the planet was in poor taste."

Tagorn looked at the others, "They did sell it to us as the only option available at the time. I'm hoping that maybe something has changed now that they know the dirty little secret of the Celestians."

"Unless the Celestians are known for doing that?" Gredrol asked rhetorically. "It's entirely possible that the Celestians have done that to dozens if not hundreds of worlds in the past. For all we know, this is just one in a long line of atrocities."

"Maybe," Tagorn added.

Brandon wasn't buying that, "Something about us... I guess the Celestians just don't like us for some strange reason."

Tagorn looked at Brandon and sighed heavily, "They've interfered in our affairs a number of times. When the Onnar was exploring their region of space we found evidence that supported them discovering Earth and kidnapping humans there."

He shook his head at the thought of it, "In their database it even explained how there were humans in their space from that event. It didn't provide details about what happened to them or if they're still there."

Brandon raised his brows, "And you never tried to find them?"

"Nope," Tagorn answered him. "We were removed before we even knew they were still possibly there."

Gredrol found that interesting, "I wonder if the Belphans and Fin'ul know about that?" He asked, "Did the database say why they were there?"

"Yes," Tagorn said, "They were to be used for slavery purposes. And, it would have happened long after the First Council of Ivaldia because of the time frame in which it took place. The first council convened over one hundred thousand years ago."

"Interesting," Reid said while only partially listening. "The last of the equipment is beaming to the runabouts now. We may want to leave here before we get left behind?" He asked.

"Let's go," R'Toren said before anyone could say anything else. He activated his communicator and requested a beam out of all remaining personnel to the runabouts...


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