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Acceptance Is Key

Posted on Sun Aug 8th, 2021 by Lieutenant Sadie Potter [Dawson] & Lieutenant Commander Suzanne Fairchild M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Laras [N. Bostru] & Lieutenant Jhelana M.D.[J. de Planca]

Mission: Episode 14 - Synthesis
Location: Medical Ward Four, Starfleet Medical Center
Timeline: Day 3 at 1049
1081 words - 2.2 OF Standard Post Measure

Sadie hadn't wanted to speak about what happened to her father, how they found him, and how long he'd been there. She knew he'd disappeared and that was all well in her honest opinion. Sadie couldn't quite accept that he had been accused of involvement in the death of a major political figure.

But, she thought she'd known the man prior to Starfleet security uncovering evidence that implicated him. Now she realized just how little she'd known her father and that saddened her. Sadie didn't want to think about that as she mentally prepared herself for the days tasks.

Suzanne dropped medical files at the nurses station, "Laras," She said to the head of nursing. "I have the files," She said and then noticed that Sadie was standing there. "Hey," She said to the surgeon.

Laras was pre-occupied with other tasks when she heard her name. "Thanks," She responded without looking up.

Sadie looked at the woman she'd come to consider as her best friend and dropped her shoulders. "Hey," She said and began thumbing through a set of charts that had been in front of her.

"Is that it?" Suzanne asked and tilted her head.

Sadie didn't know what else to say, "I guess that's all," She replied with a shrug. "Unless there was something else?"

Jhelana had just left a patient's room when she heard the three medical officers talking. "Oh hello," She said without turning in their general direction. "Did I miss something?" She asked while placing a datapad onto the edge of the desk.

Laras nodded, "I do believe Suzanne is making an attempt to get Sadie to talk about her father. At least that seems to be what's happening," She looked at Sadie. "Do you have anything to say?"

Sadie shook her head at first, "No..." She paused, "I don't know," She said finally before setting both hands onto the desk. "I guess you grow up thinking you know who your parents are and then suddenly you're struck with the possibility that they aren't who you think they are.

"And, in that moment you realize that you should have asked them about it only to be robbed of the opportunity." Sadie commented.

"Interesting deduction." Laras said.

Sadie looked at the Vulcan woman for a moment and tried to think of the best way to respond to what she'd just said. "It's not a deduction... It's..." She paused because she couldn't think of how she wanted to put it. "It doesn't really matter does it? I mean he was killed and we don't know what happened nor do we know why."

"And, you're afraid to condemn a dead man?" Jhelana asked her.

"No," Sadie replied.

Suzanne wasn't buying the answer to the question, "I think you've already condemned him Sadie," She told her fellow doctor. "I think you condemned him a long time ago because you could never forgive him for what happened between your mother and him. At least, that's my observation."

Laras nodded, "I know you don't want to hear it from us because we're your friends and fellow officers. But, I think you need to hear it and listen quite closely to what we're saying to you. Besides, did you ever consider that perhaps you became an officer because of your father?"

Sadie had thought about that many times since she'd gone through the academy. It was her mother's illness that had led her to becoming a Doctor and perhaps it was her father being part of Starfleet as an officer that led her to the direction she went. But, Sadie couldn't forgive him for what he'd done and how he wasn't in her life.

"Doesn't matter," She said suddenly, "I thought I'd known who he was and I shouldn't be surprised that I didn't." She waved her hands, "That's the end of it really."

"Not really," Jhelana said suddenly. "He did attempt to be in your life again after he'd been assigned here. Despite the methods he used to get to that point he did make the effort. I think you loved him despite whatever he may have been."

"That's not in dispute," Sadie said. "I did love him and I still do because he was my father. But, that doesn't exactly excuse what he did either now does it?"

"No," Laras said. "I know you didn't want to be told that your father was dead by the Captain though." She explained, "I know you didn't want to find out how he had died after not knowing his whereabouts for so long."

Sadie thought about the words for a moment as she considered the best way to respond to it. She knew it wasn't an accusation, "Actually," She said and tilted her head slightly. "I had thought he went into hiding because he'd been accused of murder. He was always a coward when it came to facing the consequences of his own actions.

"I accepted that he was guilty or at a minimum had been involved," Sadie calmly said. "I just didn't expect to learn about him being tortured and eventually killed. I know it was probably due to his relationship with anyone else who may have been involved in that incident."

She shrugged, "Good riddance I guess."

Suzanne listened to Sadie as she spoke. She didn't quite know how to react or respond immediately after the other woman had finished what she was saying. "I don't think good riddance is quite the way to go Sadie. However, I'm sure we'll find out exactly what happened."

Laras nodded, "I concur," She said as she stood up and placed the datapad she'd been working on down onto the table. "I think there's always more to a story than meets the eyes too. It's only logical."

Jhelana didn't agree with the Vulcan need to use logic, but in this instance she found herself agreeing. "I agree," She said suddenly. "I think we're going to learn more about what happened. For now I think that karma may have gotten the better of him."

"For his crimes?" Suzanne asked.

"Yes," Jhelana replied, "His crimes as a parent and for whatever involvement he had in the death of the Federation president."

Sadie took the datapad that had a list of her scheduled surgeries and placed it into her pocket. "I'm sure you're right." She said and allowed a warm smile to appear on her face. "Thanks." She said and then swiftly left the other three to their conversation.


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