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Posted on Fri Aug 6th, 2021 by Lieutenant Pobrin Izar Ph.D. & Lieutenant Commander Reid Hoseki & Mia Cohen [Hayashi]

Mission: Episode 14 - Synthesis
Location: Pobrin Izar's Office, Starfleet Medical Center
Timeline: Day 2 at 1742
1042 words - 2.1 OF Standard Post Measure

Pobrin was finishing up some last minute paperwork after his two scheduled appointments from earlier in the afternoon. He was pretty heavily focused on that when he noticed that he had a pending message from Lieutenant Hoseki, "Computer open the message displayed." He commanded.

After quick review he saw that Reid was coming over to talk to him about something and based on the time it was in about three minutes. He sighed and looked up at the chronometer, "I suppose..." He muttered under his breath.

Reid had spent a small amount of time convincing Mia Cohen that this was really their best option of their daughters wanted to do the survey of the planet. They were almost to the office and he paused, "If it's not something you think we should allow then perhaps we could find someone else?"

Mia shook her head, "There isn't anyone else Reid," She told him calmly. "We'll just have to see if he says yes and go from there." She commented. Mia reached up and activated the chime on the door as soon as they got past the assistant's desk.

"Enter please," Pobrin said.

Reid walked in first, "So," He said, "Sorry that my message was a bit vague and sudden," He said. "I was hoping that we could have talked about this sooner, but things got a bit busy in planetary operations. And, I wanted to talk to Mia first anyway."

Pobrin remained sitting behind the desk but he offered them the chairs across from him. "I was about ready to head out for the evening," He told the two of them. "What's up?"

"Well," Mia started, "Our daughters got partnered up for that science fair project stuff and we were wondering if you'd be able to take them in a runabout to do a survey of the fourth planet in the system. You wouldn't be able to land because the civilization there isn't warp capable."

Pobrin had found this to be a bit unexpected, "I could take them for a couple days starting tomorrow. I'll just have to make adjustments to my calendar and move some appointments around. There are other counselors that could take some of my work load too."

Reid was amazed at how simple that was, "I didn't know if you would agree so easily, but thank you. We didn't have many other options with how busy everyone is." He pointed out. "How are things anyway?" He asked.

Pobrin shrugged, "They've been busy. I've had a number of clients since the planet was moved into this planetary system. A lot of people are worried about what that means and then there's the isolation." He said. "What time were you thinking about?" He asked them.

Mia looked at Reid and then back toward Pobrin, "It would depend on when a runabout was available, but I can have Rose packed this evening to leave. How many days do you think it'll take?"

Pobrin thought about it because he wasn't a scientist after all, "Well," He said and stood up. He started towards the window, "It would probably take three or four days to do full scans of the planet and the like. The girls could analyze much of the data we recover on the runabout.

"Afterwards the rest could be done at home," He said. "I'll make sure to give regular updates and if the time table were to change... I'd let you know immediately."

Reid nodded, "Perfect," He said and looked at Mia.

Mia was slightly concerned with the amount of time the counselor was saying, but she trusted her daughter. And, didn't sense any ill intentions coming from the counselor. "All right," She said. "I don't think we have any questions." She looked at Reid. "You?"

Reid shook his head, "I don't have any questions no," He said. "I'll make sure Teagan is ready to go in the morning," He said. "I'll have her pack about five days of clothes and such just in case there is a delay."

"Good idea," Mia said. "I'll do the same." She stood up just then, "All right," She said to the Counselor, "I understand you've also started seeing Leah Reade and Bianca Bancroft as patients?"

Pobrin was a bit distracted when the question came up, "Yes," He said. "Their parents were wanting to see if I could help them like I helped Ashley de Planca with the traumas the girls went through last year." He thought about what he'd just said, "I suppose that was four years ago wasn't it?" He asked and chuckled under his breath.

"It's a once a week appointment so it won't get in the way of helping your teenagers with their projects. I'll just have to brush up on my science skills and all," He said.

"Of course," Reid said. He looked at Mia and wondered what the relevance was to the question. He supposed she just found it a bit odd, "Well, thanks for your time. I need to get back in order to help Elizabeth prepare dinner."

Mia nodded, "Oh, same here," She said. Mia had a weird sense from the counselor when she had asked the question. Like it was a forbidden topic or something, and decided to not press it further. "Thanks again." She added.

"You're welcome," Pobrin replied.

Reid smiled and headed for the door. As soon as they were on the other side he looked at Mia, "Is something wrong?" He asked quietly.

Mia nodded, "I just have a bad feeling is all," She said and looked over her shoulder. "It's something I can't quite shake either. It's like I wasn't supposed to bring up Leah and Bianca."

"Why did you?" Reid asked.

Mia shrugged, "Because when I spoke to Merissa about it she was a bit surprised at the willingness to help out. And, honestly I was a bit surprised by it too."

Reid nodded, "I'm sure it's nothing." He pointed out.

Pobrin watched as the two left before looking out the window. Yet another opportunity to save his people had presented itself, but his luck couldn't be that good. And, so far the tests had been less than promising anyway so he didn't know that this would make any difference...


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