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Posted on Sat Jun 12th, 2021 by Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin & Captain Neela Izal & Captain Iazil Naadel [Engstrom] & Commander Yvanka Dravex [Hayashi] & Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca & Lieutenant Commander Reid Hoseki

Mission: Episode 14 - Synthesis
Location: Planetary Operations, Starfleet Medical Center
Timeline: Day 2 at 0918
1518 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

Iazil was focused on the report in front of her and not really paying much attention to her surroundings. Though, she did eventually look up to see if anyone was talking about anything operationally significant. The damage report in front of her was soon forgotten as she listened to the others.

"So," Reid was saying, "Now that the teenagers and pre-teens have to complete this science fair it's all Teagan can talk about. I can't tell if she's excited or nervous though." He quipped.

"Elizabeth and Kayla ended up being partnered up," Jordyn said, "They both ended up deciding on completing a short term survey on the planet. They're going to the southern rain forest," She said. "I'm just glad they picked something at all."

Reid found that to be interesting, "That forest hasn't been fully explored yet and we've been here for about two years. I'm sure they'll find something interesting there. Do you know if they are doing an animal or plant?"

Jordyn didn't have an answer, "I don't think they've chosen. Who is Teagan partnered up with?"

"Rose," Reid answered her.

Iazil didn't have children, but she had learned about the science fair idea. It was something the school was doing to keep the children sharp for the coming school year since classes ended earlier than originally planned. Too much was going on with the planet for them to have time for classes.

"What are Rose and Teagan doing for their project Reid?" Iazil asked suddenly.

Reid turned and looked at the Exec unaware that she'd even been paying any attention at all. "I think they were wanting to do short range scans of Vulara Four to see if they could learn anything of interest about the inhabitants. I was thinking about requesting the use of a runabout, but I don't have time to take them.

"I will probably have to tell them to pick something different." Reid said.

S'Toriin looked up from his console, "Why not ask one of the other officers to take them?" He asked, "I'm sure someone here would be willing to make the trip if you could find the right person. In fact the other day I heard Counselor Izar talking about wanting to see the planet for himself."

Iazil looked at the operations officer and then back to Reid, "You should ask him before having them choose a different project. It sounds pretty interesting and I'm curious about them as well. And, I'm sure Captain Izal would approve the use of a runabout."

Jordyn nodded, "I'm sure she would too."

Neela came out of her office just in time to hear her name being said, "What would Captain Izal approve of?" She asked and leaned over the edge of the railing in front of her.

Iazil nearly jumped when she heard the Captain speaking, "Oh Captain," She said and placed her hands onto her chest. "Sorry," She regained her composure, "Teagan and Rose were wanting to orbit Vulara Four for their science fair project, but Lieutenant Hoseki is busy."

Neela smiled warmly, "Oh," She said, "If you need a runabout for them that's fine as long as you have an officer take them. And, just let me know when they're ready to use it."

Reid nodded, "I will Captain and thanks."

Neela nodded again, "No problem Lieutenant," She said then looked at S'Toriin. "Have you had any luck at all locating that city?" She asked, "I was hoping we'd establish communications with them sooner rather than later if at all possible."

S'Toriin raised his hand, "I was just going to contact you Captain," He said with a slight frown, "I think I've found where they are at, but I need to confer with the team still at the ship crash site."

Iazil had known the Commander was working on that, "How much have you narrowed it down to?" She asked.

"A radius of about two hundred kilometers on the ocean bottom. We think the city is somewhere close to the Tekev Marshlands because of the crash site, but I've not had much luck detecting any signals from them. And, that's assuming there is anyone alive at all." S'Toriin answered.

Neela stepped down from the ramp and stood in the middle of the operations floor, "Have you adjusted the phase compensator and the sensor bandwidth?"

Jordyn answered the Captain, "We have narrowed and widened both Captain," She said from the science station. "Either they don't use traditional communications or they aren't there anymore. And, that's assuming the computer was right in the first place."

Neela frowned, "What makes you think it was wrong?"

"Well," Jordyn said, "For one thing there's been no mention of this city in any of the archives that we've found so far. And, the Belphans made no mention of it either. There is potential that they didn't know it existed in the first place, but I'm not sure if that's the case."

"It's completely possible that this culture meant to construct an underwater city and never completed it or started at all," S'Toriin added. He then saw his message indicator light up which told him about an incoming message. "But, we may find out soon enough." He said.

Iazil was looking at the Operations Commander and waiting for something, "So what do you think we would find if we sent a team down there Captain?" She asked.

Neela shrugged, "I don't know Commander because I don't think I ever expected to find an underwater city in the first place." She concluded.

S'Toriin looked up, "The team on the crashed starship confirmed that the city should be down there within that area. I recommend that we attempt a subspace signal assuming they are there. Let's see if we get a response and we can shuffle the frequency."

"I think it's worth a shot," Reid said.

Jordyn nodded, "I agree Captain." She said.

Neela shrugged, "It's worth a shot," She replied. "But, if they don't respond within ten minutes of the signal then we may as well believe them all dead or that the city was never constructed."

S'Toriin nodded, "All right I'm attempting to establish contact now." He began rotating the frequencies, "I'll record a message and send it across the frequencies."

Neela nodded, "This is Captain Neela Izal of the United Federation of Planets attempting to contact survivors from a starship crash that resulted in the possible construction of an underwater settlement." She said and closed the channel.

S'Toriin continued to rotate the frequency, "I wonder what we're going to get." He muttered as he waited. Soon the sound of the communications system activated and alerted him to an incoming signal. "I've got something Captain."

"On screen," Iazil said.

=/="I am Admiral Trovark of the Drekkonian city-state New Dekor. How may I be of assistance Captain?"=/=

Neela took a deep breath, "Admiral," She said as she made her way to the middle of the room. "Had the Federation known of your presence before we colonized this world we would have certainly contacted you sooner." She said, "We did not know you were here though."

=/="Interesting," Trovark answered while running his hand along the base of his blue skinned face. He raised both brows above the solid blackness of his eyes. "It's no problem Captain we didn't know the Ivaldians and Belphans had left this world."=/=

"They did sometime ago," Neela answered him. "A lot has changed since you've came here. Perhaps it would be best if you could come to the surface of the planet or we could come visit you?" She asked.

=/="I can provide you with the appropriate coordinates and set our auto-defenses to accept your craft." Trovark told the Captain, "I'm sure a more appropriate meeting would be here. You'll have to meet the other Admirals too," He said. "When can I expect your arrival?"=/=

Neela looked over her shoulder at Reid, "Lieutenant?"

Reid looked at his console, "The runabout won't be ready to go for another few hours. The maintenance teams seem to have ran into some difficulties," He answered.

Neela looked back at the viewer, "We'll advise you with audio communications when we're ready to come."

=/="That would be most appropriate Captain. It will give us time to prepare for your arrival to our city. Admiral Trovark out."=/=

Neela watched as the Admiral vanished, "Interesting fellow?" She questioned.

Iazil nodded, "He didn't question our presence and almost appeared to be grateful," She said. "Did you sense anything from him at all Captain?"

Neela shook her head, "I couldn't read his thoughts if that's what you meant. His race could be impervious to telepathic abilities. I suppose we'll find out more later."

"I suppose," S'Toriin said.

Neela nodded, "In the meantime Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin and Lieutenant Hoseki see to it that the runabout is ready to go." She ordered.

"Aye Captain," S'Toriin answered and indicated for Reid to follow him out of main operations so they could go check on the progress of the shuttle.

Admiral Trovark Written by:
Commander Yvanka Dravex


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