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Patience, An Intolerable Trait

Posted on Mon Jun 7th, 2021 by Commander Yvanka Dravex & Lieutenant Pobrin Izar Ph.D.

Mission: Episode 14 - Synthesis
Location: Izar Home, Javelin City
Timeline: Day 2 at 1058

Pobrin had a great deal to do in order to prepare himself for the afternoon appointments. He was also quite hungry after putting time and effort into the meetings that were to come. Pobrin had immediately became distracted with something else however. The computer had alerted him to the presence of an urgent call that had been flashing for some time.

Pobrin lowered his shoulders before answering it, "Yes?" He asked as the audio took hold before the visual feed on the small screen.

=/=Azrael appeared on the screen, "I've been attempting to reach you for hours." He said with his arms crossed over his chest. "You were supposed to be providing me with regular status updates and so far you've failed in your mission to do so. Firstly, I want to know what the progress is for the Federation in their attempts to fix the planet?"=/=

Pobrin's expression changed almost immediately and he relaxed, "Their progress sir?" He asked. "Well, from what I have been made aware of they're using some sort of stabilizers to keep the planet from cracking like an egg. I really wish you wouldn't have interfered before I was ready though."

=/=Azrael raised his arm, "I've given you several months if not longer to find the ideal subject for your tests. You were supposed to be finding one for your experiments don't you remember Laend'ral? Or, do you need reminding of what you're supposed to be doing there..." His voice trailed away and even sounded bored.=/=

Pobrin grunted, "I've not and how many times do I have to tell you," He said, "My name is supposed to be Pobrin Izar not my given name of Laend'ral." He waved his hand briskly as if he had been swatting at an invisible gnat or something like that.

"I am certain I am getting closer to a breakthrough," Pobrin said, "The memory suppressors worked on my previous subject. But, these people ask too many questions of the methods. And, I cannot afford to simply disappear with someone to conduct the experiments on."

=/=Azrael was becoming quite annoyed and he even let it come out a little bit in his voice. "Listen," He said harshly, "You have been given a gift that few Lorentians ever have. You've been brought off-world in order to solve the plight of your people and at a bargain price too I might add. Have you considered trying your experiments with anyone older or that may not be missed?"=/=

Pobrin sighed heavily, "The simulations were all failures. The attempts simply will not take, but the memory suppressing project may work on someone else I suppose. It tends to work on younger subjects though. I've got an appointment with two more potential subjects this afternoon. But, again there are variables and distractions that must be taken care of.

"I cannot simply take a subject and disappear especially now that I'm in an entirely unknown quadrant." Pobrin said as his own irritation began to rise steadily. "I came here for some lunch and for time to think about things."

=/="I'm not interested in minor excuses," Azrael explained. "And, you can be more frank on this line than you are right at this moment because it is quite secure. The Federation will not be able to trace the signal nor will they be able to listen in on our conversation.

"I called to check on your progress and to include the fact that you may have an opportunity that you've not even considered. Run your tests on these two new subjects, however, you've also got an entire planet of non-advanced humanoids to work with too. There's nothing saying that you have to keep your subject on your current planet." Azrael included. "You just need to find a way to get them where you need them." Azrael said.=/=

Pobrin rubbed the bottom of his chin as he thought about what the Celestian was telling him. He hadn't considered the other planet, but he still needed a way to get someone there. "Well, I suppose I'll have to figure out something to solve this problem now won't I?" He asked rhetorically.

Pobrin thought about those words and his mind started to consider that many of the teenagers and younger children had been assigned a task of scientific pursuits. "I suppose there may be an option or two that I haven't considered. But, first I need to make certain that the memory suppressors work."

=/="When can I expect some sort of answer then?" Azrael asked, "I need to know because eventually others are going to catch onto what happened to this planet. If that happens then we may have a fight on our hands and without your tests concluding favorably we may not have an army."=/=

Pobrin didn't like being on a time table, "Well, I guess you shouldn't have interfered in whatever it was that you interfered in and then perhaps you wouldn't be on a time crunch Azrael." He said, "Perhaps you should consider that next time you decide to add extra pressure onto this project."

=/=Azrael scoffed a little bit. The Lorentian wasn't wrong about that, but there wasn't anything that could be done about it now. It was a done deal and he needed to live up to the task that he'd been given. "You've been on that planet far longer than that and have yet to produce any results. We even provided you with the research conducted by your predecessors.

"Are you now implying that this research was not nearly enough and that you required more? Because if the answer to that question is yes, then perhaps I should have chosen one of the many others who volunteered for the project?" Azrael asked suggestively. "I want results from you not more excuses..." His voice trailed away.=/=

Pobrin recoiled slightly at the venom that seemed to be pouring from the Celestians mouth. "The research was good enough, however, it is very incomplete. They were interrupted by the interference of the Federation or did you forget that part? I will find some way to resolve this problem all right?"

=/="Very well," Azrael said. "Do not disappoint me Laend'ral." And, Azrael closed the communication line a little more aggressively than he had intended.=/=


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