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Consent To Heal

Posted on Sat Jun 5th, 2021 by Lieutenant Pobrin Izar Ph.D. & Chief Petty Officer Merissa Reade [Gelo] & Allyson Bancroft [D. MacIntyre]

Mission: Episode 14 - Synthesis
Location: Izar's Office, Starfleet Medical Center
Timeline: Day 2 at 0722

Pobrin was thumbing through his laundry list of appointments for the day when he paused over one of them. It wasn't an appointment that he quite expected with two people instead of one. He tilted his head slightly before looking up at the chronometer and realizing that the two of them would be there at any moment.

Pobrin cleared off his desk and went over to the small sofa before activating his communicator. "Counselor Izar to Petty Officer Daniels." He said into his commbadge.

=/\="Go ahead Counselor."=/\=

"Please let Allyson Bancroft and Chief Reade in as soon as they arrive," He said, "Izar out." He closed the channel and watched as another minute ticked away on the chronometer.

Allyson was a bit nervous about asking for help from the Counselor and based on the expression Merissa was wearing Allyson concluded the same thought. When she got inside the waiting area Allyson was surprised when the man behind the receptionist's desk let them through immediately.

When she went through the door she saw Pobrin sitting there, "Hello Counselor." She said.

Merissa didn't say much, "Hello sir," She said with a weak smile.

Pobrin looked at the two of them as he stood up and indicated that the sofa across from where he was sitting was an ideal place for them to sit. "I don't normally see two people at once, but when I saw what the appointment was for I figured you wanted to talk immediately?" He asked.

This time Merissa actually said more as she found a place and sat down, "Yes." She replied. "I don't know how much you know about Leah and well," She looked at Allyson, "Bianca." She paused for a moment before continuing.

Merissa hated asking for help and so this was really difficult for her to do especially after all the drama at home. It seemed to be past Dorian and her without a divorce, but that still seemed like it could happen. "You see," She said, "Both of them went through a severe trauma and Commander de Planca mentioned you."

Pobrin smiled warmly, "Ah yes," He said. "Would you both like me to begin seeing your daughters?" He asked them.

Allyson nodded, "We were hoping that you would be able to use the same treatment that you used for Ashley de Planca, but I'm afraid neither of us really know the details of that. If you could elaborate?"

"Yes," Pobrin said, "I used memory therapy for Ashley and isolated her away for a few days while I did so. I could possibly do something similar for both girls. Were you both wanting them to be seen together?"

Allyson didn't have an answer and looked at Merissa, "Well?" She whispered the question.

Merissa didn't think that was necessary for both girls to be seen together, "I don't think they need to be seen with each other no." She answered, "I think separate sessions would be best. But, I would prefer for Leah to not be isolated from the rest of us. She's been doing that enough on her own as it is."

Allyson nodded, "I don't think isolation is necessary either. And, Jordyn mentioned Ashley not remembering details too?" She questioned.

"That's a normal side effect of the process," Pobrin told her. "I don't have to isolate them no," He said. "It worked wonders with Ashley, but I don't know if it would work with everyone. We'll do the sessions here too since there really isn't another place to spare. I just ask that during the process the sessions aren't interrupted."

"Oh yes of course," Allyson said.

Something wasn't quite sitting very well with Merissa, but she pushed that feeling aside. "Can you explain what this procedure is exactly?" She asked, "What do you do and all of that?"

Pobrin sighed as he stood up and walked over to the window before looking out it for a second. "Well, I'm not really sure how to explain it without using big words," He expressed. "I'm not trying to be vague on purpose, but essentially I have the patient talk about everything to invoke the memory with their eyes closed. From there we use words to re-enact the trauma. Once the memories have been brought forth well..."

He paused for a moment, "Well then I work on a way to counteract the memories themselves. This process is very taxing and often times leads to memory loss."

Merissa felt like she understood the process a little bit better, but the sense that something was very wrong didn't leave her. But, she couldn't think of any additional questions that could possibly be asked of the Counselor. "Does Kara do the same thing?"

Pobrin shrugged, "I don't know if she does or not to be honest with you Chief," He said. "Each Counselor has a different approach to these sorts of matters and this just happens to be mine. I try my best to help the person through the memory process and bringing it to the surface."

Merissa looked at Allyson, but said nothing as she stared for a moment. The sense wouldn't leave her, "All right I'll try it," She said finally. Something didn't quite feel right, but maybe it was just her being overly protective of her daughter.

Allyson nodded, "I will also try it," She said. Allyson was looking at Merissa when she answered, but turned to Pobrin. "When are you able to start these treatments?" She asked.

Pobrin walked over to his desk and looked at the calendar on the datapad in front of him. "I can see them both this afternoon after fourteen hundred hours. The sessions can take anywhere from one hour to three. I'll let you know when they are finished."

"All right," Allyson said. She stood up and prepared to leave.

Merissa did the same, "Okay Counselor," She said. She looked at Allyson, "I guess we should go let our daughters know that we are going to try this out eh?"

Allyson nodded, "Yes."

Pobrin watched as both of them left before going over to his calendar and making some adjustments. He had to move the end of the day appointments to tomorrow and would have to notify the people in those slots. But, this was far more important than not moving appointments around.


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