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Cards At Midnight

Posted on Fri Jun 4th, 2021 by Lieutenant R'Toren & Lieutenant Brandon Kerr & Lieutenant Courtney Mackenzie & Lieutenant Mia Grayson

Mission: Episode 14 - Synthesis
Location: Replimat Area, Unknown Alien Station
Timeline: Day 1 at 2358

Mia was thankful she'd told her husband that she would be spending the night on the alien space station. One look at the chronometer on the datapad told her it was nearing midnight. She wondered if they had really been playing for several hours at that point.

They'd brought along a small replicator and hooked it into the power conduit near their table. It at least provided them with drinks and snacks while they played and figured out the next step. Though, the synthale was making it difficult to think about much of anything at this point.

"So," She started to say and then paused.

Brandon looked at Mia, "What?" He asked her.

Mia shrugged, "I don't know what I was about to say," She looked at the two cards in front of her again. The three face up cards weren't much help because they were spades and she had hearts. "So, I think I'm going to fold."

Courtney looked at her own cards, "Weren't we supposed to be devising a strategy for how we were going to get deck three through six powered up?" She asked.

"We were," R'Toren said, "And, then I had two synthales and I think Brandon is on number four?" He looked at Brandon.

Brandon nodded, "My head is swimming if I am to be completely honest with you all." He said with a grin. "However, I'm sure we could discuss it if you really wanted to?" Brandon looked at Courtney, "What did you have in mind?" He pushed his cards forward and crossed his arms.

Courtney did the same after realizing it was quite late. "I was thinking we could reroute the power conduit and use some sort of shunt in order to do it. With one generator rebuilt it should be easier to do."

Brandon looked at Mia, "Thoughts?"

Mia didn't want to think about the station at the moment because she thought the place was creepy enough. Now, they had emergency lamps on brightening the small table and replicator they had going. It was almost like a camp out too because they had brought sleeping bags.

The four sleeping bags were laying over in the corner just waiting for them to be used. And, she was steadily becoming more and more tired by the second anyway, "I think it might work."

R'Toren pointed next to Mia, "Do you have the schematics on the PADD?"

Mia looked down at it before lifting it off the table. "Yeah," She said and looked at it. Her vision was a bit skewed because of the drinks and her desire to close them became stronger. "I couldn't tell you what it says because I've had too much to drink though."

Brandon laughed and looked directly at Courtney, "Told you so."

Courtney resisted the urge to stick her tongue out at the other Lieutenant. "You know Commander Pizal may want a report in the morning right?" She asked him. "And, if we tell him that all we did for half the night was play cards and drink he may be a bit upset."

R'Toren looked over his shoulder at the various opened panels, "The crew and civilian quarters should come first," He said suddenly. "After that we could focus on this section of the station. It's not like Tolam or anyone else is expecting this to be done overnight."

"True," Brandon said. "We don't want to overdo it now do we?" He asked with a smirk. "I say we start this hand over."

Courtney took a drink, "I'm just thinking if we do both at the same time then we could have more of the station ready for use. Starfleet did give us the go ahead on it." She looked around into the darkness, "It's a bit creepy here though.

Mia looked at the chronometer and saw that it was several minutes past midnight. "I would rather be with my kids," She said after picking up the deck of cards and began shuffling them. "But, if you insist on doing two things at the same time then we need to split our teams."

R'Toren looked at the others, "Half the team working on the living quarters above us while the other half works on this section?" He asked.

Mia nodded, "After they get the second generator installed and the new computer core..." Her voice trailed away.

"That'll take weeks," Brandon pointed out. "I already spoke to Commander Dawson about it. If I'm remembering correctly, she said it would take several weeks to have the components ready for the computer core replacement. And, that's assuming we understand the technology of this base well enough.

"And, if it's not fully compatible it could take that much longer," He concluded. He looked around, "Nah I think we need to focus on the power systems and making sections of the station livable."

Mia started to deal out two cards to each person, "And, what should we do in the case where that becomes unfeasible?" She asked, "We aren't entirely certain about this place anyway and we know next to nothing about the original builders."

"They are working on that detail," Brandon pointed out.

R'Toren rubbed the bridge of his nose because all this work talk was making his head hurt that much more. "I think we should wait until tomorrow when we aren't swimming in synthale. Opening bids?"

Mia looked at Courtney for a moment, "I think he's right," She said. She looked over at the sleeping bags, "And, if we don't lay down soon and go to sleep we won't be fully rested for whatever tomorrow brings."

"Also true," Courtney said. She held up her hand, "I don't think we should have any opening bids. Let's put the cards away and just go lay down," She said. "Dim the lamps but not too much in case we need to get up for anything."

"All right," Brandon said. He had realized quite some time ago that he was really quite tired anyway. "Put the cards away."

Mia didn't have to be asked a second time as she started collecting what she'd dealt out. "Okay," She said.

R'Toren didn't want to argue either. It also meant that he could go lay down and get some rest. His brain didn't want to process anymore information anyway and getting to the sleeping bag was going to be a chore in and of itself...


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