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Council of Four

Posted on Fri May 28th, 2021 by Commander Chelsea McDanielson & Commander Iazil Naadel & Commander Yvanka Dravex & Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca

Mission: Episode 14 - Synthesis
Location: Imperium Halls, New Dekor
Timeline: Day 1 at 2159

Trovark stood in his office staring at the small orb that had been a gift to him upon his selection for the Admiralty board by his ten year old son. That was meant to be a glorious achievement, but to Trovark it had left a bitter taste in his mouth.

The Drekkonian rubbed the frills on the top of his head while continuing to glance at the green glowing object. This had been the office of his predecessor, a woman he didn't know the name of. Too many things had gone wrong in the five years since his selection and the crisis only seemed to be getting worse.

Dalin stood looking at Trovark for a moment before he walked into the room, "Hello?" He asked of his fellow Admiral. "You seem to be a bit lost in thought Admiral Trovark, is everything all right?"

Trovark turned and looked at Dalin for a moment, "It's a bit late for you to still be in the Imperium Halls. I could ask the same of you." He walked around to the back of his desk. "Where are Dekori and Ravolar?"

"I would assume they went home for the day," Dalin told him.

Dekori had been walking by talking quietly to Ravolar when he heard his name and perked up. He saw Trovark and Dalin over near Trovark's office and gestured for Ravolar to follow him. "No we haven't," Was all he said when he got close enough.

Trovark saw the two of them standing there, "Oh," He said. "I suppose you've heard the news then?" He asked the two of them, "About Takara."

Dekori heard the name and immediately swallowed hard. He looked at Ravolar and waited for her to say something. Of course, Dekori had heard the news about Takara, but he wasn't about to admit that without backup from his closest ally on the board.

Ravolar allowed for a frown to appear across her face and she rubbed the back of her head. "Yes, I know that Takara is dead," She said quietly. "We are still attempting to investigate just what happened. For now we are keeping information out of the hands of the general public."

Trovark didn't like the sound of that, "You know they think she was assassinated while touring the Schental Square district right? That's where she was at when she died."

"Minor rumors nothing more," Dalin reassured his friend. "Why would you believe someone would have wanted Takara dead in the first place?"

Trovark sighed heavily, "I don't know..." His voice trailed away for a moment, "You know the Schental Square district residents blame us for this plague that has been burning through the population."

Dekori wondered where they would have gotten such a notion. "Takara was not killed because of the plague. And, she certainly wasn't assassinated." He added the last bit and hoped for backup from Ravolar.

Ravolar, as if on cue, nodded her head. "Dekori is correct Trovark. You're digging entirely too deep into this problem and meddling where you don't need to meddle. Just let us handle it." She said.

Trovark looked at Dalin for some sort of backup in his stance. He had noticed just how defensive Ravolar and Dekori had been acting. One could almost guess the two of them knew more than they were letting on in the first place. "Doesn't the problems of our city concern either of you?"

Ravolar shook her head, "To be honest I don't. The Imperium Sector is doing well and we have an adequate amount of revenue coming in from the other districts to cover our losses."

Dekori nodded, "Come Ravolar let us leave Trovark to his own devices. And, his various conspiracy theories." He took Ravolar by the arm and gently began to lead her away.

Ravolar smiled warmly, "Let's." She added and then followed Dekori.

Trovark watched as the two admirals left before he stepped further into his office and spun around. "Seriously?" He questioned softly.

Dalin watched as Dekori and Ravolar left before he chose to address Trovark, "You are meddling in areas that are not of your concern Trovark I would recommend staying out of it." He crossed his arms over his chest, "Sometimes it's best to just let them handle their own affairs."

Dalin had meant the affairs of the poorest district in the city. Ever since the quarantine had gone into effect there only Takara had gone there. And, she didn't come out Dalin knew this would have to be explained away eventually. Now was not that time, however.

Trovark raised his brows, "When I accepted my nomination to this board I was made to understand that we were to safeguard the entire city not just a select section. Was I misinformed?" He asked.

Dalin sighed and lowered his shoulders while looking off to the side. "You're simply not going to let this go are you Trovark?" He asked before shaking his head. "We are here to govern the city of New Dekor nothing more. It is up to the security force how they handle the districts and up to the medical brigade how to handle this plague.

"We are here simply for recommendations and to govern," He said. "Are you so deluded that you believe this system to be corrupted?"

Trovark had a temporary flash of anger surge through him. The insulting disregard for all Drekkonian life was bad enough. Had Trovark lived in the Imperium Sector for so long that he'd missed that part. Trovark and the other Admirals rarely left the Imperium Sector.

In fact Takara was the first to do so in years and to do so willingly as well. "I will only let this go because I am being so clearly overruled in council. But, this problem isn't going to simply go away because we choose to ignore it."

Dalin nodded with a sadness in his eye, "Please friend I implore you to drop this otherwise you may end up in the same situation as Takara found herself in."

Trovark was able to recognize the threat for what it was. It made him want to investigate the situation further, but he could not do so openly. "Very well I will drop it friend." He said. Trovark headed for the door, "If you don't mind I think I need to get home I'm sure my children want to see their father before their bedtime."

Dalin smiled, "Of course." He bowed his head and followed Trovark out.

Admiral Dalin Written by:
Commander Chelsea McDanielson

Admiral Trovark Written by:
Commander Yvanka Dravex

Admiral Dekori Written by:
Commander Iazil Naadel

Admiral Ravolar Written by:
Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca


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