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Dangerous Negotiations

Posted on Thu May 27th, 2021 by Braxton Croyle [O'Malley] & Varrick [Gredrol] & Sam Bancroft [Izar] & Vance Bechtel [G. MacIntyre] & Prailir Kalma [Kerr]

Mission: Episode 14 - Synthesis
Location: Intuitive Technologies Offices, Javelin City
Timeline: Day 1 at 1405

Varrick considered the decision to finally arrive at the Intuitive Technologies offices very carefully. The Vulcan rarely did anything that didn't make logical sense, but in this case he felt like he was doing something against that logic entirely.

He walked up the steps and entered only to find that he was not the only one to arrive at this meeting. There was even a senator that he didn't recognize immediately because Varrick had never dealt with the Cardassian standing there. "Hello?"

Prailir Kalma looked over his shoulder and saw the Vulcan who was at the very top of the industrial market on the planet. He allowed for a wry smile to cross his lips before his expression returned to normal once again. "Hello Varrick," He said. Prailir was attempting to get the Vulcan to understand that they were all friends there.

"I'm glad to see you made it," Prailir concluded.

Varrick nodded once quite slowly before resting against the wall and crossing his arms, "You seem to have me at a disadvantage Senator," He said with a raised brow. "I'm afraid I don't know you."

"Prailir Kalma, but please just call me Prailir because I don't care much for titles they feel so..." He paused, "So lost in translation I guess?" He didn't think that was quite the right expression and shrugged.

Vance looked at Varrick and waved his hand, "I see I'm not the only one who got the invitation to come here?" He asked.

Varrick looked at Vance and immediately recognized him as the man in charge of Ebon Cabal security matters relating to their corporate works. Varrick hadn't publicly been seen with Vance and rarely communicated with him. He looked around before his eyes returned to Vance once more, "Are the other Ebon Cabal members coming?"

"I doubt it," Vance answered him.

"They aren't," Sam answered Varrick. "I invited Areth, but he had some negotiations that he was attempting to conduct. He is attempting to procure some new freighters at the moment and is very busy."

Varrick looked at Sam, "I understand," He said.

Braxton Croyle finally made his way into the room to see the four people who had called for this meeting with him. Rarely had Ebon Cabal members ever decided to openly trade with his organization. But, when he received the request he was quick to include them in the invite.

"So you two will be speaking for Ebon Cabal alone then?" Braxton asked the Vulcan and the security head.

Varrick looked at Vance for a moment before he returned his eyes on Braxton. Varrick had a poor impression of the man in charge of Intuitive Technologies and was aware of just how small time they were across the planet. Then Ebon Cabal got wind of what Braxton really did.

"Yes," Varrick answered him. "We will be representing Ebon Cabal interests," He concluded.

Sam raised his hand, "I'm also here on behalf of the Ebon Cabal," He said.

Braxton looked at the freighter captain, "I assumed you were here representing your own interests Samuel I apologize," He said. Braxton then indicated the group of chairs and led the small crowd over. "Now then," He said. "I've included my closest ally in these talks."

Prailir nodded, "I do represent Mister Croyle's interests in the senate yes. But, I also sell information at cost to him that he wouldn't otherwise be able to attain." Prailir sat down.

Varrick sat down, "Well I've never had dealings with you senator, but I'm glad to see that you are involved then I suppose." He said.

Prailir ignored the title as he made himself comfortable. "I admit that I'm most impressed with the amount of work and dedication the Ebon Cabal has done for the planet in the past three weeks. Even now the charitable efforts continue," He said.

Vance was sitting down as the Cardassian was speaking, "Purely a business model. The Ebon Cabal is quite interested in the well-being of this planet and rebuilding following the brief incursion by the Ortani. And, the meddling of non-Federation members."

"Yes, yes." Braxton replied as he placed his hands in front of him in a relaxed posture. "Well, now that the Ebon Cabal is aware of Intuitive Technologies and our true nature I'm hoping that it will remain a closely guarded corporate secret?"

"Of course," Varrick said. "Sealing an alliance with Intuitive Technologies would give us an advantage."

Braxton raised a brow, "My dear Vulcan," He said, "We deal with all organizations on the planet. This included what was once known as the Tuitchev Syndicate. Now that they are no more you have nothing to fear though. Information is a dangerous business model and I cannot have Starfleet sniffing around.

"At least the members of Starfleet who are not part of our network," He said. "Few people know what we really do and to everyone else we are a technology broker."

Varrick nodded, "Of course I didn't mean to imply that you aren't free to trade information based on your own interests. I simply meant that it would be in our best interest to not spread what you actually do." He corrected himself and hoped that was satisfactory.

Vance wasn't convinced that this arrangement was in the best interest of Ebon Cabal interests. It was dangerous to allow an information broker into the same business model as one of the most powerful trade organizations across the planet.

"So what sort of information do you deal in?" Vance asked.

Sam was wanting the same information, "Is it of the variety that could topple an entire government?"

Braxton looked at the three of them before directing his attention to Prailir for a moment. "Some of the information Intuitive Technologies has would certainly cause grave damage. We don't allow that information to flow out to the wrong parties. And, Ebon Cabal certainly has connections within the government but you don't know everything."

Varrick had accepted that, "I thought as much."

Prailir looked at the three of them, "Dealing in information is very profitable and Braxton has certainly cornered the market. Few in the government know what he really does. I try to keep it that way and use what he provides to maintain some order."

"Order?" Vance asked the politician.

Prailir nodded, "In order for the government to successfully run we must maintain a balance between the different levels. We must make certain political interests and the interests of the people being represented are fairly spread out."

"Makes sense I suppose," Sam said with a shrug. "So," He looked at Varrick, "I think Areth would find them intriguing," He said. "Howard would as well and I don't see why Lynn wouldn't either."

Varrick looked at Sam for a moment and wondered if the freighter captain knew his place within the organization. It would be a matter best pressed on at a later time. He returned his glance at Braxton, "We can sign a contract with your organization as soon as most practical."

"Excellent," Braxton told him. "I have a wide variety of data packets that require a cipher to access. The cipher will be made available to the chief executives within your organization and it is designed to change on a daily basis. You will receive your cipher by encrypted methods and once they have been received they will self-destruct within a few hours.

"You cannot retrieve a new cipher so pay attention to your messages in the mornings. And, the cipher is in a fake data packet. All ciphers start with a letter and end with a number, but they are located in different places within the message." Braxton explained, "In order to make certain it is the cipher you must check the back code of the message and find an embedded image. This image is the Intuitive Technologies logo."

"Seems quite complex," Vance said while looking at Varrick. "Is there a new cipher even if the previous one was never accessed?"

Braxton nodded, "Yes, so long as you remain on our mailing lists you'll each receive them. Just keep in mind that the cipher access can be revoked at any time for any reason."

"I understand," Varrick replied. "I'm in agreement."

"Most excellent," Prailir said. "I will make arrangements for a contract to be drawn up. He got up and smoothed out the front of his dress shirt before leaving them.

Braxton watched as the senator left before looking at the others. "I'm afraid that Sam and Vance cannot be part of this and will need to leave us. I trust that you two will keep this under wraps?"

Vance nodded, "Of course," He said and stood up. "Come on Sam."

Sam didn't argue as he'd received all the information he needed, "Thank you sir." He said. Sam then followed behind Vance out of the offices.

Prailir returned with an encrypted datapad. "Let's sign and get this part over with." He said. "I will be the witness to this signature."

Varrick leaned forward and signed on the datapad before placing the stylus back onto the table that he'd picked up. He left the Ebon Cabal seal on it below his signature as well. "Done."

Braxton leaned forward and signed as well, "All right Prailir."

Prailir signed as the witness and took the datapad into his pocket. "Thank you for your business." He said.

Varrick stood up, "Of course," He said. Varrick then bowed his head slightly before walking out of the offices. He was most satisfied with the way things had gone.

Prailir watched as Varrick left before he faced Braxton, "I don't know about that Sam and Vance." He admitted.

Braxton leaned back in the seat, "Don't worry about them. I already checked out the Ebon Cabal networks before making arrangements for this meeting. We'll be able to safely operate and if we need to be rid of them then we will be," He said. Braxton then waved the senator away and returned to his personal office.


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