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Posted on Fri May 28th, 2021 by Petty Officer 2nd Class Melody Sullivan [J. Bostru] & Captain Neela Izal

Mission: Episode 14 - Synthesis
Location: Captain's Office, Starfleet Medical Center
Timeline: Day 1 at 0930

Captain's Log Supplemental,

Both engineering and operations have assured me multiple times that work on the station is going well. Exploration teams have been working on learning more about the crashed alien vessel that was discovered last week. I'm hoping to find this lost city to learn more about it. All and all things are steadily returning to some form of normal. Even if doomsday is glaring down at my crew, these civilians, and myself yet again.

End Log.

Neela concluded her log and realized just how dark and gloomy it sounded right after submitting it for submission back to Starfleet. She had been busily reading the reports of starships operating in the region of space and found that they were quite isolated at the moment.

Neela wasn't sure if they really could consider themselves to be much of a fleet yard or even a ship yard at that point. It was hard to say as she walked over to the nearby replicator and produced a cup of coffee and a plate full of eggs, bacon, and toast. Neela knew if she didn't eat then at any moment Stephen would come by and say something about it.

Neela had to always make sure she was prepared for that contingency. She returned to her desk and placed both on it before looking up at the chronometer on the bulkhead. This office seemed so out of place for her because the stars weren't there. She had either been on a space station or a starship. Now she was on neither.

Melody had, on a number of occasions, stopped by the Captain's office with a laundry list of reports. Today was going to be no different for the yeoman as she reached up and activated the chime on the door. Melody recalled the first time she tried to find the office where the Captain was.

It had taken her a number of tries before realizing her Captain was in the office that had been occupied by the Chief Medical Director for the hospital. She desperately wanted to get back to a station or something. Living and working on the planet simply wasn't working for her anymore.

Neela was just about to take a bite from her plate when she heard the chime go off. She sighed slightly and dropped her shoulders, "Enter please," She responded.

Melody walked in to find the Captain preparing to eat, "Oh I didn't know you were getting ready to eat," She pointed behind her. "I can come back in an hour?" She asked while clutching the large stack of datapads in her opposite arm.

Neela waved her in, "It's no problem," She said and finished taking the bite from her plate of eggs. Neela took a small drink from her coffee and placed the mug back onto the table. "All right Petty Officer Sullivan hit me with the bad news?"

Melody entered and sat down. She leaned forward and placed the rest of the datapads in a neat little pile in front of her. "Bad news Captain?" She asked.

Neela nodded, "Oh yes I'm sure you've got even more bad news for me?" She asked and with her eyes indicated the reports she'd received from Starfleet in the past week. They were completely isolated and they were practically on their own until Starfleet could find a new way to get ships back and forth.

Melody shook her head, "I don't think I have any bad news for you this morning Captain." She grabbed the datapads that were meant for the Captain first. "I'm just briefing the senior officers on a few small things today then it's back to my office."

"Oh," Neela said and frowned. "I'm sorry I didn't mean... Please continue."

Melody smiled warmly, "It's okay," She said. Melody knew it'd been a rough few weeks on the entire crew. The Captain's reaction and response wasn't all that surprising to her. "I have several awards for the crew relating to combat actions during the battle against the Ortani." She scrolled through the list, "These need your approval Captain."

Melody leaned forward and placed the completed files on the desk before going to the next datapad. "The science team that has been analyzing the stalagmite is still hard at work learning all they can about it. So far they've reported nothing, but did provide a brief update."

Melody placed that datapad onto the desk next before continuing, "And, I have the report on the progress from the space station." She added that datapad to the desk as well. "Some of the scientists were wondering when we would actually start exploring the system more thoroughly too, but I don't have that on a datapad."

Neela had picked up the PADD containing the list of awards that had been submitted. She scrolled through them quickly and the placed the PADD back onto the desk before going on to the next one. Her staff and the other officers had earned those awards and she would see to it that they got them.

Neela was listening as her yeoman was talking. "I don't think we really have time to start exploring the system just yet. Right now I want to know if there's a hidden alien culture on my planet." She said and eyed the yeoman carefully from over one of the PADDs.

Melody nodded with a grin, "Yes, of course Captain." She said and started to shuffle around in the pile of datapads. "I do have one last report for you." She found it and handed it over. "That's from the science team trying to determine locations for where the alien culture could be located.

"Or, at least where it could have been located. I don't think they are quite convinced that this alien culture is still around Captain," Melody said. She then frowned, "To be honest Captain I'm not entirely convinced either."

Neela understood the hesitation, "I think the best course of action is to presume they aren't there anymore until we can prove otherwise." She leaned forward and grabbed the PADD from the desk and replaced the one in her hand.

She read over it carefully, "We should begin modifying the runabouts in order to start looking for it. I think scans of the oceanic bottom would be an ideal place to start. I don't know if we'll detect anything that way, but it's worth a shot."

Melody nodded, "I can deliver the message Captain?" She asked.

Neela smiled warmly, "Yes, please." She responded. "Is there anything else Petty Officer Sullivan?"

Melody grabbed the stack from the floor and stood up, "No ma'am I think that's everything." She said, "I'll let you get back to your breakfast and your coffee. Let me know when you've finished with the awards and I'll swing by and grab it."

Neela had picked up her fork again, "Of course," She said with the same soft smile as before.

Melody gave a slight bow with her head before walking through the sliding door from the office. Melody had considered finding a different command a couple months ago not because she didn't like working for the Captain, but because she wanted something new.

Now she was stuck on the planet just like everyone else, but Melody had decided weeks ago she wouldn't change anything. Even if it made it ten times harder to go see family back on Earth.


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