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Lights, Camera, Sparks

Posted on Mon May 24th, 2021 by Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin & Lieutenant Commander Tolam Pizal & Lieutenant Commander Sinjohl Tagorn & Lieutenant R'Toren

Mission: Episode 14 - Synthesis
Location: Engineering Section, Alien Space Station
Timeline: Day 1 at 0836

S'Toriin pressed a few buttons on the datapad before making his way to the next console. It had taken him a week to understand the language, or S'Toriin assumed the universal translator, of the station. And, it would take them significantly longer to get it livable once again.

The Caitian officer smirked as power indicators across the console began to flash green. This told him that the life support system was steadily becoming functional on those decks. It was a big step towards the success of this project that he was attempting to complete.

Tagorn leaned forward and pressed both hands against the console in front of him before sighing. "Any luck Commander?" He asked S'Toriin.

S'Toriin was too busy grinning and working to look over his shoulder. "That honestly depends on what you see as being successful," He admitted. "Are you having a difficult time?"

Tagorn nodded, "Of course," He said. "Trying to locate the hull breaches on the middle decks has been troublesome. And, I'm not convinced that our technology is compatible with this hulk."

"Most likely not," Tolam said as he entered the engineering section. "I was able to get power back to decks twenty-two through thirty-six." He had his arms crossed, "What seems to be the problem Tagorn?" He asked his closest friend in the entire universe.

"He's been fighting the EPS grid for a little while now," S'Toriin answered.

"Life support is functional on the upper levels at least," R'Toren said from the nearby power supply console. "If we can get work crews on those decks from the top deck down to deck ninety three then we should be able to start moving people in within the next week."

Tagorn turned and leaned against the console, "What makes you think Starfleet won't pull the project out from under us. We're putting a great deal of manpower and time into this station. Half our engineering teams from the planet are here.

"And, the operations base project has been placed on hold. Don't forget that Starfleet has also told us it'll take at least six months to get additional personnel and supplies unless negotiations with the..." Tagorn stopped for a moment, "What was that alien race called again?"

S'Toriin didn't have an answer, "Those are rumors Commander," He said. "There are reinforcements coming within the next few months and that is what we should be concentrating on. I wouldn't count on some rumored negotiations and whatnot."

"Me neither," R'Toren said. He shook his head as he began to check in on the status of his work crew on deck four. They had been attempting to get some of what the crew quarters would be, functional. "In the meantime we'll have to make due with what we've got."

R'Toren was satisfied with the progress after taking a look and turned around to look at the others once again. "What about that alien race? Have we heard any details about them?"

"The science department is still working on that," S'Toriin answered. "It takes time to decode the coordinates and make sense of them. The language parameters are confusing for our computer. It seems to be having a difficult time translating it."

Tagorn was partially listening as he returned to focusing on replacing the power conduit. "We need to be concentrating on the repair work for this station," He told R'Toren. He crawled underneath the console and began to test his work. "Starships that eventually visit us will need a place to dock."

"That's why we should have just built some orbital platforms," Tolam said, "Right?"

S'Toriin frowned, "And, where would the fun be in that?" He asked confidently. "It looks like you've got power to some of these other consoles," S'Toriin had noticed some of them blinking to life. "Maybe our technology is more compatible than you first thought?"

"Doubtful," Tagorn said. He spoke slightly louder than before since he was facing away from them. "Have you seen the inside of the access junctions yet?" He asked. "I'd do anything to be back on board the USS Onnar or our old station or something.

"Not here trying to repair a derelict -" There was a crack and a spark. Tagorn groaned as he withdrew from inside the console panel. "Damn," He muttered under his breath.

Tolam was next to him almost immediately, "Let me have a look."

Tagorn held up his hands, "I guess I crossed a wire or something." He looked at the light burn patterns on both his hands. "Bloody hell," He muttered under his breath.

R'Toren grabbed the dermal regeneration kit and walked over to the two of them. He opened it up and grabbed out the medical equipment and began working on it. "We may need to get back to the planet and fix you up Commander," The Lieutenant said.

"Nah," Tagorn said. "Too much work that needs to be done yet.

S'Toriin stopped doing his work and walked over to check on the Bajoran officer. The engineer and S'Toriin had been friends for a long time going back to their time together on the USS Onnar. He knelt and looked at the wounds, "I think that would probably be best."

Tagorn looked up at S'Toriin, "My hands already feel better."

R'Toren was still using the dermal regeneration tool, but found himself disagreeing with what the Commander had said. "This looks far deeper than what you think it is sir." He looked at Tolam, "What do you think Commander?"

Tolam was watching carefully while holding his friend's hands in place. "I think we should have Doctor Fairchild or Doctor Belmont look at it. I think Belmont is on the station in the area that is meant to be the infirmary working on arranging the medical equipment?"

"He is," S'Toriin said. "However, they are far from ready down there to start bringing in patients. We should go back to the planet and have the hands checked out there instead."

Tagorn lowered his shoulders, "All right," He said. "But, I want to come back immediately after I'm cleared."

"I'm not stopping you from doing that," Tolam told him. "But, Doctor Fairchild may decide that it's best for you to stay overnight or something. Besides we don't have enough living quarters available for everyone on the repair team to stay here tonight anyway."

"Agreed," S'Toriin said.

R'Toren put the dermal regeneration device back inside the kit box. "All right," He said, "There's not much else I can do. That should have reduced the pain though and it appears to have repaired much of the damage."

Tolam helped Tagorn back up to his feet, "Come on then."

Tagorn was on his feet and looking at the console, "I thought I was making some progress for once," He said under his breath. "Let's go."

S'Toriin took a step back, "I'll stay here and keep working while you two take him back to the planet." He told them and then S'Toriin watched as the three of them left before he returned to work once more.


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