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Over A Tea Leaf

Posted on Sun May 23rd, 2021 by Chief Petty Officer Merissa Reade [Gelo] & Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca & Allyson Bancroft [D. MacIntyre]

Mission: Episode 14 - Synthesis
Location: Vokan Café, Javelin City
Timeline: Day 1 at 0730
1209 words - 2.4 OF Standard Post Measure

Allyson had been thankful that in the past week several of the businesses in the market square had opened back up. She had even managed to rent out a space for her floral shop and was able to open it. Now, Allyson could focus on something more important and closer to home.

She just didn't know who to talk to or how anyone could help her in her present situation. She sat thinking about this while stirring the brown leaf tea in front of her. Her daughter had barely spoken to anyone except for her friend Ashley and even that seemed to be hitting a brick wall.

Merissa entered the café and purchased a cup of coffee before sitting down across from Allyson, "Hey," She said quietly while stirring in several packs of sugar, "Everything all right?"

Allyson looked up and smiled weakly when she saw who had sat down across from her, "Sort of," She answered the other woman. "You seem like you've had better days too is everything still going good with Dorian?"

"We have good and bad days," Merissa admitted.

"Sam and I have our off days," Allyson told her calmly. "Right now my concerns are with my daughter though. Ever since the kidnapping and that close brush with the Cardassian who took her she's been really quiet."

"Leah has been the same way," Merissa told her friend. "Last week Arika and Olivia came to visit, but that didn't seem to really cheer her up. From what the boys tell me Leah made excuses for why she couldn't go spend time with them despite them asking her over for dinner."

Jordyn rarely came to Vokan's anymore because she'd been so busy. This was one of those rare moments where she had time and as she walked past Merissa and Allyson she overheard them talking. Jordyn paused, "Hey," She said to the two women.

"Is everything all right? Do you mind if I sit for a moment?" Jordyn asked them both.

"Not really," Merissa said softly. "It would seem that we're both in a bit of a situation..." Her voice trailed away.

Jordyn immediately sat down, "What's going on?"

Allyson looked at the Commander then at the Chief. She thought about how to phrase it, "After Leah and Bianca were taken they've been struggling with something and we don't know what it is. They won't tell us anything and even their friends aren't getting through."

Jordyn nodded, "I suspected as much. Ash mentioned to me that Bianca was having nightmares, but didn't say what they were about. And, Leah... Well, she's been through a pretty traumatic experience not once, but twice."

"If you don't mind I can provide some motherly advice on the matter?" Jordyn asked the two of them.

"Well," Allyson said, "It wouldn't hurt the situation."

Merissa nodded, "I don't like seeing Leah like this and I know it hurts Dorian and the boys too. What would you suggest doing?"

Jordyn smiled warmly, "I would get them in to see Counselor Izar. He did wonders with Ashley and she's been getting through things a lot easier. Counselor Izar had her isolated for a little while to help with the memories and did allow only family to visit her."

"I remember Bianca mentioning that," Allyson said. "I don't know how I feel about the isolation. It seems to be counterproductive to me as well." She looked at Merissa, "What do you think?"

Merissa shrugged, "We could speak to him about our concerns before we proceed with it. If it helped Ashley it may help our daughters too," She said. Merissa thought about it for a brief moment while taking a drink.

"I had some qualms about letting Ashley stay in quarters by herself at first until he allowed us to visit from time to time," Jordyn said. "The isolation really helped her a lot and if I'm not too far off they're probably already self-isolating."

"Leah definitely is," Merissa pointed out. "Like I was telling Allyson earlier. Arika and Olivia came to visit and they barely got anything out of her and her brothers were the ones that told me about the visit. Leah acted as if they never came over."

Jordyn frowned, "I would give it a go and see what comes of it. Pobrin does pretty good with children and cases like these. I'm not sure what he uses, but it's some sort of memory technique that helps bring the memories to the surface and gets them to talk about it.

"Ashley told me bits and pieces of what she did remember," Jordyn pointed out. "I think she's still forcing herself to forget some details, but so far the treatment seems to have worked out for the best."

Allyson rubbed the base of her chin for a moment, "It is a bit strange that Ashley doesn't remember the treatment. But, it couldn't hurt in Bianca's case and it would certainly get her past the nightmares she seems to be having."

Merissa wondered if Leah was having nightmares as well and simply wasn't telling anyone about them. She didn't think about it for too long, "I guess we should talk to Pobrin at some point and get appointments set up for both of them."

"Yes," Allyson replied.

Jordyn reached out and patted both women on the hand, "I know it's tough watching your children struggle with something. I've had to watch both of my daughters struggle with something over the past couple of years. A lot of parents from the USS Onnar did."

Allyson tilted her head slightly, "Oh?"

Jordyn shook her head, "I'd rather not discuss it right now. Things got kind of dicey at one point and we were lucky to get our children out of a bad situation. The ship was attacked by some alien lifeforms and our girls were taken from us for a time.

"I don't quite think the girls will ever fully get over what happened to them. But, they seem to be doing a lot better than before," Jordyn added.

Merissa smiled warmly, "Well, at least they seem to be getting through it." She said and wondered if any of the girls from the Onnar had talked to their friends about what happened. She wouldn't ask Leah about it because she felt like that would be going behind Jordyn. And, Jordyn just offered her more help than anyone in the past few weeks.

"Yes," Jordyn said. She tapped on the table before standing up, "If you don't mind I need to report for duty."

Allyson looked at the chronometer on the wall, "I probably should go open my store." She said, "Thanks Jordyn you've been a huge help."

"Yes," Merissa said with a smile, "Thanks."

Jordyn returned the smiles and waved at each of them. She retrieved her coffee from the counter after asking for fresh coffee. Jordyn then proceeded out the door without another word to anyone.

Merissa watched both go before she too picked up her mug and got a refill. She thought about what Jordyn had said. She was a bit nervous asking Counselor Izar for help, but chose to push down that feeling. Merissa would need his help and she would ask for it.


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