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Posted on Sat May 22nd, 2021 by Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca & Captain Iazil Naadel [Engstrom] & Lieutenant Commander Avery Preston [Sinjohl] & Lieutenant JG Zekur Lejas [Fairchild] & Lieutenant JG Valencia Roma [Grayson]

Mission: Episode 13 - Degrees of Separation
Location: Unknown Ruins, Tekev Marshland
Timeline: Day 3 at 1317
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The first thing Iazil did was make certain the chasm and the ruins were safe before she allowed any member of the away team to beam in. After the tricorder had confirmed this she requested a site to site beam into the ruin. Once the materialization process had concluded she stood in awe of what they saw.

The chasm was filled with stalagmite crystallization that sparkled from the light provided by her palm light. "There must be an entire cave system here that we didn't know existed." She breathed.

Jordyn looked around and nodded, "The crystals are covering something metallic though," She commented. "Duranium and tritanium composite to be exact." She tapped on the screen, "It's hollow too." She said and pointed where the tricorder was indicating that.

She took a step forward very carefully in order to minimize the amount of damage to the crystallized stalagmite. Jordyn then gingerly ran her hand over the object and dusted it away. "There's a starship under this," She pointed out.

"The crystals must have grown around it," Zekur pointed out as he took a slow step forward.

Valencia was scanning it, "I'm attempting to carbon date the crystals," She said quickly. "Standby a moment," She took a breath and held it when she received the results. "This ship is over one thousand years old," Valencia pointed out. "Were the Ivaldians spacefaring at that point?"

The question was moot in Avery's opinion since they were aware of the fact that the Ortani and the Ivaldians were the same race. Still though he nodded, "They weren't, but they were quite close to achieving it."

"This could have been an early Ivaldian spacecraft," Jordyn said.

"Possibly," Zekur said. "Is there a way inside?"

Iazil shook her head, "There doesn't appear to be since the entire body of the spacecraft is encased in the crystal. We may have to cut through it since I doubt we can beam through the metal and the crystals safely. And, we don't know what's on the other side either."

"Let me scan it first," Valencia said. She stepped closer and ran the tricorder over the surface. "I'm detecting a large open area on the other side of this and none of the stalagmite appears to be present there."

Iazil nodded, "Commander Naadel to Operations beam us about ten meters in front of us. Through this spacecraft that we found." It took a few seconds, but soon they were inside the darkened spacecraft. "It appears that some of the stalagmite got in here too."

Jordyn looked around, "This must be the ship's command center or bridge," She said based on the design and layout. Jordyn walked around, "No indication of any bodies here. If nobody survived we would have certainly found someone here.

"And, this computer console appears to be largely intact. Do you think you can get power to it?" She asked Zekur.

Zekur walked over to it and popped the small hatch, "I probably could, but I don't know how effective it would be. This is over one thousand years old so every relay would be burned out. I might be able to recover something from the computer core from engineering."

Valencia was interested in something else, "Look at this," She said and dusted off a plate on the nearby bulkhead. "I.D.S. Brakka," Valencia said while reading off the name plate. "Oh, it even says this is an Imperial Drekkonian ship," She smirked.

"Definitely not Ivaldian or Belphan," Avery said while rubbing the base of his chin. "I wonder if either even knew this ship crash landed on the planet?" He questioned softly. "Most likely not," He answered himself. "They were too busy trying to out maneuver the other..."

"Yes," Zekur said as he stood up, "It's completely useless," He added.

Iazil was looking around at the bridge layout with the command chair located in the back and most of the stations in the front. She noticed that there was a ledge and two steps up to get to the command chair. "Interesting layout," She said. "I guess we should get down to engineering," Iazil added.

"Or, maybe not," Jordyn said when she noticed a datapad on the deck at her feet. It had some stalagmite growth on it, but otherwise it was intact. "Do you think you can recover anything from this?"

"Maybe?" Zekur said. He took the datapad and examined it closely, "I don't know how much I could get off it though. The power relays on it would be just as rough as this. I'll see if I can put power back into it from the tricorder though."

Valencia was still wandering around the bridge and looking at the different consoles and bulkheads. "There's no way to know if we'll even get to engineering, it looks like these crystals grew all over the bridge so they're probably in the access corridors too."

"Most likely," Avery said. "I've got a theory though Commander, if you want to hear it that is?"

Iazil looked at the security officer and nodded, "Sure Commander," She told him happily. "What is your theory."

Avery took a deep breath, "The Belphans may have shot down the ship when it came into orbit of the planet. And, may have killed any survivors in order to keep them from interacting with the Ortani or Ivaldians."

"It is possible," Valencia agreed.

"We shouldn't make any guesses though," Iazil added, "It's certainly an interesting theory that has merit. The Belphans were quite intent on making certain the Ivaldians never achieved spaceflight again. They could have buried the ship too for wall we know."

Zekur watched as the screen flickered as it powered up, "I've got something," He said happily. "Let me see if any of the data can be recovered," He began to work through it when he found a log.

"Let's see if I can clean this up," Zekur said.

Valencia had made her way back to where Zekur was standing, "They could have also experienced engine problems. There are about a thousand different things that could have happened to them and the ship. Besides, has anyone ever heard of the Drekkonians?"

"Not I," Jordyn told her.

Zekur was shaking his head as he worked when the message appeared on the screen. "There," He said, "It's still in bad shape, but it helps us a little bit. Let me play it," He added.

'Drekkonian Log,

Not [static]. We appear to have [static], some of us survived though. [Static]. A suitable place to [static]. Communications are completely [static] and [static]. We must go underwater to prevent indigenous [static] from finding [static]. Should [static] find us the coordinates for where we will go is [static].

End Log.

Jordyn listened to it play, "Are the coordinates there?" She asked him.

"Mostly," Zekur told her. "It will take a few hours, but I can take this to the lab and get it cleaned up more. Then we can find out where the coordinates actually are."

Iazil looked around, "We probably should head back and inform the Captain of what we found. We can analyze the ship further with a larger team and learn more about what happened."

"Interesting mystery to solve," Jordyn said excitedly as she turned and waited to be beamed out...


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