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The Law of Murphy

Posted on Thu May 20th, 2021 by Captain Iazil Naadel [Engstrom] & Captain Neela Izal & Commander Yvanka Dravex [Hayashi] & Lieutenant Commander Tolam Pizal & Lieutenant Commander Novra Bostru & Lieutenant Commander Reid Hoseki & Lieutenant R'Toren & Lieutenant Gelo Pajes & Lieutenant Jessica Kingsley & Lieutenant JG Grokan [O'Malley]

Mission: Episode 13 - Degrees of Separation
Location: Temporary Planetary Operations, Starfleet Medical Center
Timeline: Day 3 at 1015
2086 words - 4.2 OF Standard Post Measure

:: Runabout Dubai ::

Reid had incorrectly presumed that the hard part was going to be running power from the warp core directly into the weapons system without overloading it. The hard part was going to be keeping the targeting system engaged. He was having a difficult time accepting that the Captain had gone along with this foolish plan.

Reid wasn’t a scientist, in fact he was the farthest thing from a scientist possible. In a past life he may have been an engineer so he clearly wasn’t cut out to understand the mechanics behind the idea. Now he had to pilot the runabout that would be responsible for firing onto the surface in the hopes that it would drill a hole straight through into the mantle and eventually on the edge of the core.

“Ready?” He asked.

“Nope,” Pajes said from the seat next to Reid. “But, we’re going to do this anyway aren’t we?” He asked nobody in particular. Pajes thought about the debriefing from earlier in the morning. He had too many questions to count, however, he had simply gone along with it. “One shot may destroy us though…” His voice trailed away.

“I wouldn’t worry too much about that,” R’Toren said. Both Manuel and him had returned late the night before from the alien space station. Everyone was needed in order to focus on the situation relating to the planet.

R’Toren sat at the engineering console, “I would be far more concerned with what will happen on the planet below.”

Pajes sighed as he watched the orbital altitude climb on the monitor next to him. “We’ll be in the air, however, if the weapons system overloads on one shot we may blow out the warp core and cause a major breach.”

“Well then,” Reid started to say as he worked, “Then at least we’ll give the people on the surface of the planet a spectacle before the ground erupts now won’t we?” The question was rhetorical.

:: Planetary Operations ::

“I cannot believe you decided to go along with this Captain,” Iazil said from her side of the makeshift planetary operations. Part of the counseling wing had been transformed in recent weeks. Now everyone had small offices and a primary base of operations.

Iazil wouldn’t have agreed to completing such a foolish task, “How do we know one of the six million things that could go wrong won’t?”

Yvanka had to agree with the Exec on it, “I will be the first to admit that the simulations were less than promising. And, there’s no way to know if the probe will actually be successful or not,” She said next.

“The Runabout Dubai is still climbing Captain,” Jessica Kingsley offered from the operations panel. “They will reach the ideal altitude in one minute, thirty six seconds.”

“Thanks,” Neela said from the middle of the room. She had found a place and was sitting uncomfortably. She turned to face her Executive Officer and the concerns the woman was presenting. “I agree with you Commander.”

Iazil raised a brow, “You do?”

Neela nodded, “Of course I do,” She replied. “However, sometimes we have to take risks even if the outcome may be less than stellar. What is that human expression?” She asked, “The one about things that go wrong.”

Jessica immediately answered, “If things can go wrong they will.”

“Right,” Neela said while pointing at her Operations Officer. “What about the Runabout Tokyo, are they in position?”

:: Runabout Tokyo ::

Grokan tapped the edge of the communications panel as he thought about the mission. They were going to be doing a deep drilling of the planet using the Runabout Dubai. Then it was up to the Runabout Tokyo to get into position and fire a probe.

“Is the probe ready?” Grokan asked.

Tolam nodded, “As ready as ever,” The Commander said. He had modified the probe to attach itself on the surface of the metallic core. Once it was there it would begin relaying sensor information back to the runabout.

From the runabout, Tolam was thinking, the transmission will go to the makeshift base of operations. They would be able to analyze the information from there. “Everyone seems to think this is crazy.”

“Isn’t it though?” Novra asked him.

Tolam thought about that, “I guess it depends on how you look at it I suppose,” Tolam told her. “It probably is a bit on the desperate side I guess…”

Grokan snickered, “Just a bit?” He asked.

Tolam looked at the Rigelian officer and wondered why the man had switched from politics in the first place. He decided that it was probably best to not ask that question. “All right it’s very crazy, however, sometimes we have to take risks.”

“The needs of the many is that it, Commander?” Novra asked him, but she didn’t intend for him to provide the answer to her question. She took a deep breath, “Everything will be just fine,” She started to repeat quietly several times.

“We are receiving a message from operations asking if we are ready,” Tolam said.

“Tell them yes,” Grokan said after conferring with his console.

:: Planetary Operations ::

“We are receiving a message,” Yvanka said, “The Runabout Tokyo is ready and in position. They are waiting for the signal to move in after the Runabout Dubai finishes their firing sequence.”

Neela took a deep breath and let it out, “All right,” She said with a slow and steady nod. “Have damage control teams standing by in the areas that could be affected.”

“Done,” Iazil said. She didn’t want to think about all the things that could possibly go wrong, but there were so many of them. She’d read the list several times just to be sure about what could possibly happen. “Ready,” She said next.

“Order the Runabout Dubai to begin their firing sequence,” Neela commanded.

“Aye Captain,” Jessica said. She issued the electronic order to the Runabout Dubai and then began to monitor the computer carefully. They had picked a location that would have the least impact as possible. She just hoped that it was enough.

:: Runabout Dubai ::

“We’ve received the firing order,” R’Toren commented. “I’ve boosted the containment force field around the warp core just in case. And, I’ve dumped power from our impulse engines to help compensate.”

“All right,” Reid said. He altered the course slightly so that the weapon targeting would be easier for Pajes to manage. “Here we go,” He said and swallowed hard. “Nothing goes wrong…” He muttered.

Pajes was already moving his fingers over the console at a lightning pace and then fired the first salvo, then a second, and finally a third. Each concussive shot registered as hitting the same location. “Done,” He said.

“Inform the Tokyo that we are ready,” R’Toren said.

Pajes nodded, “Done,” He said.

:: Runabout Tokyo ::

“Firing sequence has been completed,” Novra said as her monitor registered what the message was confirming. “Bring us in,” She said next.

Grokan didn’t say much of anything as he maneuvered the ship into position and prepared to launch the probe. “Whenever you’re ready the probe is in position.”

Tolam locked the probe into place and then fired it through the modified torpedo launcher. The runabout shook slightly as the probe was ejected and went into the targeted hole on the ground. He activated it the moment it had departed so that the depth counter could be watched.

“The probe is away,” Tolam said. “The depth counter is registering in hundreds of meters as the probe goes down.” The wait seemed to take forever. Tolam was counting away both the depth and the seconds as it went deeper and deeper.

“Contact,” Tolam said. “We have contact and it has begun the analysis of the planetary core.”

:: Planetary Operations ::

“The weapon systems have finished firing and the probe is away,” Jessica said calmly. She took a deep breath and started to watch the depth meter tick away. It seemed to take forever before the analysis of the planetary core started to pour in.

“I’m getting reports from the weapons fire Captain,” Iazil said. “Despite the weapons strike in the Tekev Marshland several earthquakes were registered across the planet. Standby,” She finished.

Yvanka found herself holding her breath, “What about the Runabout Dubai?” She asked.

“I think they lost communications,” Jessica said. “I’m trying to raise them and so far I’ve had no luck. I’ll keep trying though.”

Neela didn’t realize she’d been holding her breath until a few seconds later when her head got a little light. “I need those reports, Commander,” She said. “And, the same goes for you Lieutenant.”

Iazil was still watching as the reports poured in, “Most of the earthquakes were in uninhabited areas. A minor earthquake registered in Barcombe and Oar’s Rest. Damage control is responding,” She breathed a sigh of relief.

“Wait a minute,” Iazil said suddenly. “Planetary sensors are registering a chasm that wasn’t there before. It appears that we’ve opened some sort of ruin or something…”

:: Runabout Dubai ::

“The firing sequence was successful,” Pajes said.

“Too bad it knocked out our communications network,” R’Toren added from the engineering station. “I also had to shut down the warp engines and about a dozen different systems were completely cooked.”

“You mean fried right?” Reid asked him.

R’Toren would have blushed if he could have, “Sorry some human expressions are still so strange to me. I’ve managed to get our communications network back online though. I’ve sent a message to operations letting them know we are in bad shape.”

Reid nodded, “Very well,” He answered. “Tell them I’m bringing the runabout in for a landing at the hospital pad. This is going to take a while to repair,” Reid added.

:: Runabout Tokyo ::

“The probe is still relaying information,” Tolam said. “We’re probably going to be getting information for some time before it’s all said and done.” He added for them.

“So now we just wait,” Novra said. “Any word on damage to the planet or the other runabout?”

Grokan was monitoring the communications traffic while withdrawing the runabout slightly. “The Runabout Dubai has multiple systems failures, but managed to get communications online. Though, barely.” He analyzed further.

“Earthquakes across the planet, but the damage seems to be minimal and damage control teams are responding to those areas,” Grokan said.

Novra breathed a sigh of relief, “Good.” She said. “I’m glad that we didn’t make a bad situation far worse than what it would have been otherwise.” She was able to finally relax slightly.

:: Planetary Operations ::

“We’ve received a brief message,” Jessica said from operations. “The Runabout Dubai is badly damaged, but they are able to land on one of the landing pads here at the hospital.”

Neela took a deep breath before turning her attention onto the chasm that had opened up, “What can you tell me about this deep chasm that has opened up? Can we send a crew in there or is it too dangerous?”

Iazil was looking it over, “It appears to be a ruin of some kind that we didn’t know was there. Or, at least it looks like it is a ruin,” She said. “I cannot say without any certainty, however, it appears to be geologically stable.”

Yvanka was curious, “Where is it located?”

Iazil looked at the Commander, “The Tekev Marshlands,” She answered. “It’s close to where we fired the shot, but not so close that it would be dangerous.”

Neela nodded, “Once we are absolutely certain that it’s safe then I want a team to go in. In the meantime, however, how long will it take for the probe to finish collecting data?”

“Hours,” Jessica answered. Then we have to analyze the results which could mean it’ll be tomorrow before we know more about it. I can keep you informed?”

Neela smiled, “Let’s see what is in that chasm first then,” She said. “Assemble a team Commander Naadel it appears that you’ll be doing a little exploration.”

“Understood Captain,” Iazil said. She hadn’t quite prepared herself for this. However, it seemed like the little expedition had taken an intriguing turn and also wasn’t geologically damaging as the simulation had initially predicted. She just hoped that it would stay that way.


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