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The Thing With Rumors

Posted on Fri May 7th, 2021 by Lieutenant Commander Reid Hoseki & Elizabeth Hoseki [Stevenson] & Teagan Hoseki [Izal]

Mission: Episode 13 - Degrees of Separation
Location: Hoseki Home, Javelin City
Timeline: Day 2 at 0633
1153 words - 2.3 OF Standard Post Measure

Reid certainly felt as if it were entirely too early in the morning for him to even consider being awake. Much less the fact that Reid had been up since five in the morning analyzing reports from the late night runs through the Vulara System collecting the deuterium they needed.

"Coffee, black." Elizabeth said sleepily after tossing and turning for the past twenty five minutes. She turned to see her husband sitting at the table while the coffee appeared in the replicator, "Good morning," She said. Elizabeth grabbed the coffee out of the replicator and kissed him on the head as she walked past.

"You're up rather early," She said while sitting down. Elizabeth adjusted on the barstool and quietly took a small sip from the hot beverage in front of her, "Have you had breakfast yet?"

Reid didn't look up toward Elizabeth choosing to remain focused on the report he was trying to complete. "Yeah," He said, "I had a plate of bacon and eggs after my coffee."

"What are you working on anyway?" Elizabeth asked him.

It was then that Reid finally looked at her, "The runabouts started their fourth trip this morning to refill our deuterium tanks across the planet. The shortages are finally starting to even out and the Captain wanted an update." He said, "I couldn't sleep so I thought maybe if I buried myself in this then I would be able to sleep.

"Obviously it never happened and it's edging closer to zero seven hundred hours in the morning," He frowned, "I didn't wake you did I?"

Elizabeth shook her head, "Nah," She smiled and placed her hand on her husband's wrist. "What time did Teagan get home last night?"

Reid didn't have an answer for that, "I was out until past ten last night completing a repair on one of the runabouts. What time was it?"

Elizabeth shrugged, "I'm not sure either," She bit down on her bottom lip just hard enough to draw a small taste of blood. Elizabeth looked at the black liquid in her cup for a few seconds. "She's in bed asleep right now," Elizabeth said.

"Didn't really say anything to me when I came home last night around nine thirty." Elizbeth concluded.

"So it was at least before then," Reid said and looked over his shoulder towards the bedrooms. "Why were you asking what time she came home last night?"

"Because I went to bed before she did and didn't know if she'd talked to you or not," Elizabeth told him. "I thought maybe the two of you had talked," She replied before taking another drink.

Reid had turned to look back at his wife before shaking his head, "Nah," He said. "She was already in bed asleep by the time I got home so we didn't talk, or at least I think she was..." Reid didn't check in her room either because their daughter was pretty good about being in bed relatively early.

Teagan stepped out of her bedroom and saw that her parents were already up. She took a deep breath and walked into the small kitchen area and sat down next to her father without saying a word to either of them. She wanted to pretend like she wasn't there or at least they couldn't see her.

Elizabeth looked at her daughter for a moment as a soft smile appeared across her features. "Good morning, you're up rather early this morning."

Teagan looked at her mother and tried her best to smile while debating on what she wanted to eat for breakfast. That was if she was hungry in the first place and right now she wasn't really all that hungry, "Good morning," She mumbled.

Reid gently ran his hand along her arm for a few seconds before withdrawing his hand, "What's wrong?" He asked.

Teagan shrugged, "Nothing really," She said. "We were at Riley and Danielle's for a while, but Riley and Elizabeth never came so now Danielle and the others are concerned." She eventually got up from the chair and headed to the replicator.

"Oatmeal," She said, "And orange juice," She finished and grabbed the bowl and cup from inside the machine. Teagan went back to the barstool where she'd been sitting and returned to it. "I don't understand the purpose of rumors and drama I'm sure they're just friends..."

Elizabeth raised her brows and continued to smile softly, "I see," She said while looking towards the table. "Well, sometimes people live on drama." Elizabeth contended to her daughter, "And, sometimes rumors get started for the silliest reasons too."

Elizabeth thought about what she wanted to say next, "I would just tell your friends that they need to give the two girls the benefit of the doubt on this one and move on. What time did the others leave last night?"

"Same time," Teagan said between bites.

Reid could tell that this was a new concept that his daughter was dealing with just like her having a boyfriend. There were so many milestones that he'd not been ready to help her through and this was just the latest in the long line of those. "Perhaps it would be a good idea to ask Riley and Elizabeth what they were doing before the rumors take hold?"

"And, what if they lie about it?" Teagan said, "Or, what if they say something that Rose and Jami don't want to hear?"

Reid nodded as he finished up his report, "That's just the chance you're going to have to take. Sometimes people do say something we don't want to hear, however, that is their decision. And, unless you can prove that they are lying then you need to take what they say as fact.

"Elizabeth and Riley seem to be honest people anyway," Reid concluded.

Teagan looked at her mother, "Mom?"

Elizabeth took a deep breath and tried her best to answer the question as honestly as she possibly could. "Well Teagan I agree with your Dad on this one," She said. "I also think you need to not focus on it so much because it doesn't really affect you."

Teagan didn't agree, but chose to pretend as if she did. "Why are you two up so early?" She asked choosing to change the subject.

Elizabeth smiled again, "I have to be at the Senate Hall early this morning for a meeting with the Governor. And, your father is working on a report for Starfleet," She answered.

Teagan hadn't fully accepted that one of her parents had resigned her commission to become a politician. She simply chose to not say anything about it, "Oh," She said.

Reid hugged his daughter, "And, I need to go get this report to the Captain this morning. Please try to relax kiddo," He said and kissed her on top of the head, "Love you." He then placed his datapad into his pocket an left.


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