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Repairing Akorem

Posted on Sun May 2nd, 2021 by Lieutenant Brandon Kerr & Lieutenant Commander Sinjohl Tagorn & Lieutenant Commander Suzanne Fairchild M.D. & Lieutenant Mia Grayson & Lieutenant Sadie Potter [Dawson] & Ensign Kendrick Belmont M.D.

Mission: Episode 13 - Degrees of Separation
Location: Operations Center, Akorem Village
Timeline: Day 2 at 1013
1062 words - 2.1 OF Standard Post Measure

Brandon hadn't quite understood just how dire the situation really had been in Akorem Village until he'd arrived earlier in the morning. So far the numbers that had been indicated by the equipment that had been brought was quite accurate and all the more puzzling to the engineer.

He pressed his hands against the table just as the door slid open and he saw a group of officers coming in. "Was the evacuation successful?" He asked.

Tagorn wiped his forehead as he attempted to pretend like Suzanne wasn't standing right next to him again. He looked at the doctors that had come in behind him before answering his fellow engineer. "They were," He said. "We had to utilize what runabouts we have though."

"Now the real work begins," Suzanne said.

Kendrick looked at the two of them for a moment, "I don't really mean to intrude or anything, but I feel like there is some sort of situation between the two of you that we should know about."

Sadie squeaked, "I don't know what..." She paused and looked at the others as a flash of redness crossed her face.

Tagorn laughed and waved his hands, "Don't worry about it Doctor," He said to the surgeon before answering the young Ensign. "Suzanne and I attempted to go on a date last night."

Mia had been working on a console nearby as she tried to run multiple computer models when she heard what Tagorn had said. It immediately piqued her interest and she spun around as if that was more important than the work she was doing. "Do tell?"

"I'm afraid that I missed the joke here?" Kendrick asked.

Suzanne shrugged, "We dated in the academy and decided because of the recent crisis that we would try to go out last night just the two of us."

Tagorn nodded, "We realized a very important milestone in our complex relationship."

Brandon thought he knew where his fellow Lieutenant was going with that comment, "And, that would be what?" He asked.

Tagorn looked at Suzanne, "We are far better off as friends," He said. "In fact I think we are a lot closer now than what we were before anyway. I suppose years of arguments and working together would cause that sort of thing."

Suzanne pointed at Tagorn, "Yes, that is quite true." She said, "Now that we've cleared the air," She looked at Mia with an expression that said to save her.

Mia took the queue immediately and nodded, "Yes well," She spun around and activated the latest model runs to the central holographic imager. "The computer has isolated these areas to decontaminate first," She commented. Mia then turned around and looked at the rest of them.

"It'll take a few weeks to completely rid the village of the more deadly isotopes that are plaguing the area. The soil damage is another story though," She allowed the simulation to conclude. "It will take significantly longer than that."

Kendrick cleared his throat, "We tested several of the people from the village and found no lasting effects. The more critical patients were moved to the medical center last night. But, I don't expect the death toll to climb."

Sadie had crossed her arms over her chest, "The radiation was far worse than we had initially believed too. It may be isolated in certain areas, but there is an area in the village center that's far worse. Many of the buildings were destroyed there too."

"So what now?" Brandon asked. "We can't continue to search for survivors from the Ortani attack so long as that radiation is there. And, if we wait too long they could die anyway." He waved his hand, "As if we are certain they are alive in the first place."

Suzanne frowned, "The radiation exposure in that area would have certainly caused their deaths. However, many of them were evacuated before the initial attack. We estimate maybe ten missing people from the village and that is assuming that we weren't aware of anyone else being there."

"Basically," Kendrick said quietly, "It's a lost cause at this point to continue to look for them?" He asked.

Sadie shook her head, "I wouldn't necessarily go that far Doctor Belmont," She said to him. "I would discount them being alive certainly, but the families will still want closure anyway."

"That's fair," Mia agreed. "Lieutenant Hoseki will be doing other tasks so he will not be much help for us. We believe, however, that a single runabout should be able to begin dispersion patterns of the counter agent."

She turned around and ran another simulation with the computer. "That will take twenty nine hours to complete and then another three weeks to have a full effect. We anticipate people will be able to return in two."

Brandon raised his brow, "The toxins will be gone by then?"

"That's the hope," Mia replied.

Suzanne thought about it for a long time before she replied as well, "The worst of the radiation will be gone at that point. Anything that's left won't have long term effects. We'll run tests periodically. But, we have to also evacuate the area while the counter agent is being deployed."

"With communications back online we can maintain contact from Javelin City." Brandon commented.

Tagorn agreed with the sentiment that it may still not be enough. That was what he was getting the sense of anyway, "An operations center is being established outside of Barcombe, but that will also take time. And, a team is off to explore this starbase that was found in the system."

Sadie sighed heavily, "Well we've done all that we can here so we probably should consider moving on at this point anyway right?" She asked.

"Yes," Kendrick said, "Just no more dinner dates please."

Suzanne raised her hands when the conversation returned to the dinner date, "Oh believe me we aren't going to do that ever again. At least not as anything more than friends... Or, anything less."

Tagorn nodded, "I second the motion."

Brandon allowed a small laugh to escape his lips before he began deactivating the computer terminals. There appeared to be nothing else they could do until the tests after the deployment of the counter agent began in about a week or so. Brandon was looking forward to putting his head into another problem during that time.


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