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For Science?!

Posted on Thu Mar 18th, 2021 by Lieutenant Gavin MacIntyre & Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca & Lieutenant JG Grokan [O'Malley] & Lieutenant JG Noah Grayson [Pizal] & Lieutenant JG Valencia Roma [Grayson]

Mission: Episode 13 - Degrees of Separation
Location: Cockpit, Runabout Dubai
Timeline: Day 1 at 0903
1150 words - 2.3 OF Standard Post Measure

Gavin was busy analyzing the sensor information as the runabout steadily glided closer to the fourth planetary body in the star system. He'd heard a few others calling it the Vulara System, but wondered if that name would even stick in the first place. The planetary system was far larger than the Ivaldi System had been too.

He pointed on the screen, "There's something here," He said quietly.

Jordyn got up and walked the short distance from where she was working to the console where Gavin had been working. "What do you see?" She asked and looked over the screen. The planet was clearly a habitable planet from what she could see.

Gavin pointed out the spike in the electromagnetic spectrum, "I think there may be life signs here." He said.

At the sound of life signs Valencia looked over her shoulder after having perked up. They had been through a great deal so the opportunity for them to begin surveying the planetary system seemed like the ample break for her. "Life signs?" She asked.

"Yes," Gavin told her.

Jordyn was in command of the runabout team, "Lieutenant Grokan attain an orbit that brings us out of visual range. Lieutenant Grayson are you detecting any indications of advanced technology on the planet?"

Grokan did as he'd been asked and maneuvered the runabout so that it was above what would have been a standard orbit. He was just as interested as the others at the prospect that there could be some sort of intelligent life living on the surface.

"No Commander," Noah stated after scanning the entire planet. "I'm detecting multiple settlements scattered across the southern continent. I'm trying to determine some sort of technological level now."

Valencia could only imagine the prospects of what they were about to learn and began to work from her own console in order to predict what could be down there. "I'm working on scanning one of the settlements to see if we can determine anything about them now Commander."

Jordyn grinned as she sat down next to Grokan where she had been earlier. "Perhaps we may be able to act like scientists and explorers after all?" She questioned.

"I doubt it," Noah said, "This is definitely a pre-warp civilization sir."

Valencia had finished the scan, "I can bring up the visual images that have been provided by the scanning Commander."

"Do it," Jordyn told her.

Valencia did so and turned to look at the small monitor towards the front of the runabout. She could see what it displayed and sighed heavily with a frown, "I would dare guess that this civilization is in a stage of development similar to that of the Medieval Period from Earth."

Gavin looked at the great sandstone structures and walls that surrounded it, "It would be best if we just left them alone and moved on. We will definitely want to let the Captain know about them though."

Jordyn thought about the suggestion for a moment and shook her head, "No it's best if we know more about them before we move on. Begin working on full sensor scans of the planet. The more we know the better informed we will be."

Noah began scanning to see if there were any indications of stellar phenomenon that would help shield the planet from their presence. "I'm detecting some ionic radiation, but it's not enough to prevent us from beaming down to the surface.

"There's a low level feedback loop too coming from the asteroids that surround the planet. That may be the increased amount of iron based elements within it that are interfering with our sensors." Noah explained. "It could be enough to shield our presence from them."

Jordyn liked the sound of that. And, much like Ivaldi Three, this planet was surrounded by rings that had been pulled close by the planet itself. The belt was far thicker than the one in the Ivaldi System had been. "They also lack the technology to even be aware of space itself."

Grokan looked at the planet, "They probably would think we were just another star in their sky. We should move on though," He stated.

This time Jordyn felt like she'd seen and learned enough about them. The computer indicated that it had scanned the entire settlement as well. "All right," She said. "Let's go analyze the next planet," Jordyn told them.

Grokan nodded, "Understood sir." He plotted a course away from the planet on a trajectory that would take them to the next planet. "This planet should be a gas giant."

Noah nodded after analyzing what the sensors were telling him so far, "That is correct Lieutenant," He said. "We may get lucky and it'll have deuterium which will give us a better fuel supply."

"We just have to mine it," Valencia said. "But, if that's there then we can help with the fuel shortages that we've been suffering from." She stated.

"Oh yes," Gavin said in agreement as he rotated in the seat. He was looking over the lifeforms profile that had been collected by the sensors. "They are a carbon based lifeform which is to be expected," He said. "Bi-pedal," He commented next.

Valencia listened to Gavin talk about the lifeform from the planet while also reading her own information. "The biome where they were at looked to be a desert of some sort. They must have used sand to make sandstone blocks."

"Most likely," Jordyn said in agreement as she watched the console. "Once our position is better then we can think about doing short-term expeditions to the planet to learn more about them. Of course that will require approval from the Captain and Starfleet.

"That's if we can even establish communications with Starfleet," Jordyn concluded with a dire look on her face. So far they'd not been able to get short range communications across the planet online. It was becoming quite frustrating not being able to talk to the others while away from the planet itself.

Grokan attained a new standard orbit around the fifth planet in the system. "We've arrived," He said.

Noah nodded and began to work on scanning for anything that was useful. It didn't take long for rich pockets of deuterium to begin appearing across his sensor screen. "It has deuterium and a lot of it."

Jordyn grinned, "Excellent." She said. "So we now have a source of deuterium that we can use to rebuild our reserves. We just need the duranium in order to do so. We could also reconfigure the runabouts to mine it if we need to."

Gavin was excited that they'd made two important discoveries in the past hour or so. He was ready to move on, but said nothing because he was too busy still analyzing what information they had gathered from the alien lifeform living on the fourth planet in their new home planetary system though...


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