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To Each Their Own

Posted on Sat Mar 13th, 2021 by Lieutenant Commander Reid Hoseki & Lieutenant Commander Sinjohl Tagorn & Lieutenant Jessica Kingsley & Lieutenant Mia Grayson

Mission: Episode 13 - Degrees of Separation
Location: Temporary Base of Operations, Akorem Village
Timeline: Day 1 at 0855
1022 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure

As Reid brought the runabout in for a landing all he could think about was the situation itself. For the time being his family had been relocated out of Javelin City to Akorem Village. That had happened across the entire planet and Reid didn't know where they even were at.

He recalled the instruments after the planet had been thrown through time indicating that they were four years in the future. But, what that future meant was beyond him. Reid stepped off the runabout after landing it on the landing pad and headed towards the group of engineers.

"Do you want the good news or the bad news first?" He asked them.

Jessica looked up from the makeshift map that was in front of her, "I guess we should probably start with the bad news first?" She asked.

Reid nodded his head with a grim expression on his face, "The Ortani attack did more damage than what we had initially predicted. My instruments indicated a mild increase in radiation levels as well."

"That's bad," Tagorn remarked. "What about the farms?" He asked, "Were they affected as well?"

Reid looked at the Bajoran officer before responding to the questions, "The farmland appears to have suffered damages too. There were entire fields that had been affected or destroyed by the Ortani. It would seem that they burned entire plantations to the ground too."

Tagorn rubbed the wrinkles on the bridge of his nose firmly, "We'll need to take care of the radiation problems. Those could spread before we have time to do anything else."

"How do you quickly remove radiational effects though?" Mia asked. She was a computers expert not a damage control expert.

"Medical will have to assess the situation," Jessica told Mia without looking at her. "If we can contain the radiation then the rest of the problems will be easy to take care of. The question is whether or not the radiation is from the planet being moved or if it's from something else. Are any of the residential areas affected?"

"I'm not sure," Reid answered her. "The radiation seems to be largely over the local oceans. Parts of the island are damaged from fires that the Ortani had set when they were destroying places. Luckily most of the population was in the catacombs at the time."

Tagorn grinned though it was a weak one at best, "Starfleet worked really hard to get as many people out as we could. It's pitiful that we couldn't get every civilian out of harms way before the Ortani began attacking. The outlying parts of the island were hit before we could get to them."

"Nobody is blaming you," Mia said quietly.

Tagorn nodded, "I know that." He answered her. He looked at Jessica, "So our first priority will be to evacuate affected areas and then work on containment. We have dispersion generators that will help dissipate the radiation. But, we will need an energy source to do so."

Jessica thought about their options, "Well, we do have some reserved deuterium that we could use. This will have to be handled before it spreads across the entire planet."

She thought about how they would swing that one with the Captain, "I'll explain to the Executive Officer that if we don't take care of this quickly and soon it'll cause more damage."

Reid sighed heavily, "So would you like the good news then?" He asked.

"It better be a lot better than what we've already heard," Mia told him. Though, she mentally admitted that it wouldn't take a lot to be better than what they had already been made aware of.

"The inner parts of the village are largely unaffected as are the catacombs. If we had to we could move the population down there and provide a clean air supply." Reid explained.

"Hrm," Jessica tapped the base of her chin for a moment and wondered if that wouldn't be the best option. Radiation sickness could affect everyone if they didn't take care of that. "We can use the runabouts and get everyone down there and we probably should start doing so immediately as a precaution."

"Agreed," Tagorn responded.

Mia nodded, "I'll get the other two runabout pilots that we have so the evacuations can begin immediately." She then left them to their own devices while she went off to take care of that.

"What's wrong?" Jessica finally asked Reid.

Reid shook his head, "I don't know," He said and scratched the back of his head while he thought about the question carefully. "The Bajorans have been through so much over the years and we provide them a place where they were supposed to be at peace..." His voice trailed away.

Tagorn's slight grin had returned, but softer this time, while he nodded his head slowly. "That just means we are used to adversity Lieutenant," He said calmly. "I'm more concerned about the people from Javelin City who we brought here because of the situation there."

Jessica leaned over the table and pressed her hands against it, "Extra hands to help us get the children and elderly out of the village. Which we may want to begin working on as soon as we can."

"Agreed," Tagorn said. He looked at Reid, "How's your wife and daughter holding up?"

Reid thought about how much Teagan had been through, "Elizabeth is trying to keep Teagan as distracted as possible. She doesn't do well in stressful situations, but I wouldn't worry too much about her. She'll get through this somehow."

He thought about it, "We all will," He said finally.

"I couldn't agree more," Jessica said.

Tagorn placed his hands behind his back and interlocked his fingers together, "Well let's get to it then." He said as he closed the map that was still displayed in front of them. "We'll have to make certain there is enough space in the catacombs for everyone."

Jessica nodded in agreement, "There should be." She said, "Though it may be a bit uncomfortable."

"Better than radiation sickness," Reid said as he turned and headed back towards the runabout that he'd been using earlier.


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