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Two Fold Clearance

Posted on Tue Feb 16th, 2021 by Leah Reade [Mackenzie] & Commander Jeffery Washington [ch'Theseski] & Lieutenant Sadie Potter [Dawson] & Chief Petty Officer Merissa Reade [Gelo] & Cassidy Washington [Moneaux] & Arika Washington [J. de Planca] & Trevor Reade [R'Toren] & Dorian Reade [Kerr] & Dillon Reade [M. de Planca]

Mission: Episode 12 - When The Bough Breaks
Location: Rooms 321A & 321B, Starfleet Medical Center
Timeline: Day 3 at 1522
1405 words - 2.8 OF Standard Post Measure

Sadie had been responsible for caring for both Leah Reade and Arika Washington because of how short staffed they were for the moment. She had made certain she put the two girls in joined rooms then moved the barrier. It reduced their privacy levels, but then the girls could pay attention to each other.

She had entered the room to find them both quietly talking to each other from across the room. "Good afternoon," She said to the two of them. "Where's your families?"

Leah looked around and shrugged, "My brothers and Dad went off to get food," She said.

Arika nodded, "And, my Dad had a meeting to go to. I think my Mom went off to visit Kathryn Holtz who's in the hospital now?" She asked rhetorically while also running her tiny hand over her chin in thought.

Sadie smiled, "Probably," She said. "I'll return in a little bit when I know they're back in the room." She left them to their own devices for a little bit.

Leah watched as the Doctor left the room before turning to look directly at Arika so that they could continue their conversation. "What do you think is going to happen now?" She asked in a low whisper. Leah had overheard conversations among medical staff since laying on the biobed.

Arika shrugged, "I don't know," She said quietly. "Daddy seems a bit nervous about something. He left for his meeting earlier than what he said he would and Mom was going to see Kathryn after that..." Her voice seemed to trail off.

Jeffery was on his way back from the meeting when he caught up with Cassidy, "How's Kathryn doing?" He asked her.

Cassidy smiled, "She's doing pretty good. The doctors said she'd make a full recovery. They think they'll be keeping her overnight so their daughter will have to stay where she's at again tonight."

Jeffery breathed a sigh of relief, "That girl has been through too much," He said with a nod. He took his wife by the hand and led her into the hospital room where their daughter and her best friend was.

Merissa was on her way back from a meeting she had to attend to relating to the plans for the engineering side of things. It was a brief meeting because nobody knew just how bad the planetary situation really was. She ran into Dorian and her sons, "Hello." She said.

Dorian looked up with a warm smile on his face, "How are you feeling?" He asked her.

Merissa shrugged, "I'm a bit stressed. But, I'm so thankful that the four of you are all alright," She told him honestly. Things were still a bit awkward, but Merissa didn't want to lose Dorian and the thought about that hurt worse than the last few months.

Trevor watched his parents for a moment before taking his brother by the hand, "Let's get back to our sister," He said.

"But..." Dillon started to say then dropped his shoulders in defeat, "Okay." He said and followed behind Trevor back up the stairs towards their little sister's hospital room.

Dorian watched as the two boys left before looking at Merissa, "I want to apologize for everything." He said, "If you want to be with Kelsi that's fine I understand... I've been a bit of an ass because of the whole Nika thing..." He said.

Merissa shook her head, "No I should be the one apologizing. I jeopardized our marriage with my own actions. I know you've been stressed out," She said. "But, I don't want to tear our family to pieces because we've struggled through a bit of stormy weather."

Dorian pulled her close and hugged her, "We'll sort it after this mess okay." He said to her.

Merissa returned the hug, "I'm sure Kelsi will understand... Besides I think she's been questioning this whole thing too." She said softly into his shoulder.

"How is she?" Dorian asked.

Merissa started to pull away so they could head up to see their daughter, "She's doing okay despite finding out that the shard had worked. The Doctors still haven't told us if it's affected our daughter yet though."

"Not yet," Dorian agreed and walked in that general direction.

Trevor sat down on the small sofa closest to his sister as soon as he'd entered the room. He saw Arika's parents were already in the room with her and now it was a waiting game. "Has the Doctor come in?" He asked his sister.

Leah nodded slowly, "She came in and checked on us. But, said she'd be back in little bit."

Jeff grinned, "Then she's got news finally," He muttered underneath his breath. He was sitting on the edge of Arika's biobed and gently running his fingertips through her hair.

Arika looked up at him, "Daddy what did they say at your meeting?"

Jeff looked down towards the girl, "It's not important sweetie," He said softly. "What's important is getting you better." He answered her.

Dorian walked into the room and found a place to sit down close to Leah's bed and across from where his sons were now at. "I caught the Doctor on my way up a moment ago. She's on her way," He said.

Merissa walked into the room and found a place in the corner where she could be close to her daughter as well. "Yes," She said with a nod. "She was waiting for us to be in the room."

"Thanks Chief," Cassidy said with a warm smile on her face. She'd noticed that the air between the two of them had seemed a little better than before and wondered if they had been talking.

Dillon pressed against his mother after standing up and walking over towards her, "Well as long as they don't have to amputate anything," He said with a shrug.

Trevor shot his little brother a dangerous look when he'd said that. "Dillon..." He muttered under his breath.

Leah giggled quietly when she heard her brother saying that, "You're a weirdo," She told him.

Sadie walked into the room with a large PADD in her arms after knowing the families had returned. "So," She said and stood in the middle so that both families could listen to what she was telling them. "We've ran a series of tests especially after we found out that it had affected Bianca Bancroft.

"From what we can tell, both Leah and Arika were largely unaffected and we can't be sure why. I'm theorizing that this has to do with their ages and where they are at developmentally," Sadie told them. "They're also no longer suffering from acute dehydration and the other minor ailments that they had when they first arrived.

"Are there any questions?" She asked.

Jeffery was glad to know his daughter had been unaffected by what had happened and grinned. "I don't think I have any, other than wanting to know when the girls will get to come home."

Merissa nodded, "I was wondering the same thing."

Sadie pressed the PADD firmly against her, "I've brought the discharge paperwork for both of you to complete. They are free to return home, but if symptoms do come up I want you to bring them back immediately. However, they'll both make a full recovery without any issues I believe."

Leah grinned, "I get to go home." She said. Leah wondered if they had a home left to go to and didn't know how the town looked after what had happened.

Dorian nodded, "That you do." He said and looked at Merissa, "We all do right?" He asked her.

"Of course," Merissa answered him. From what she'd understood Kelsi was being kept at the hospital overnight anyway. She would complete the discharge PADD as soon as she could.

Cassidy breathed a sigh of relief knowing her daughter had been largely unaffected, "All right." She said and walked over to Sadie before getting what she needed to complete.

Sadie grinned warmly, "I'll be at the desk outside the room if you need anything from me." She told each of them before heading out of the room.

Leah watched as the Doctor walked out of the room while also pulling herself up further on her bed. She had noticed a change in the attitudes of her parents, but chose against saying anything at all about it. She just wanted them to be a family again anyway.


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