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Answers Sought By Thee

Posted on Mon Feb 15th, 2021 by Ensign Kendrick Belmont M.D. & Sam Bancroft [Belmont] & Allyson Bancroft [D. MacIntyre] & Bianca Bancroft [Gelo] & Todd Bancroft [ch'Theseski]

Mission: Episode 12 - When The Bough Breaks
Location: Room 219A, Starfleet Medical Center
Timeline: Day 3 at 1119
1854 words - 3.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Bianca could hardly contain just how hungry she was until the replicated food came to the hospital room where she had been staying under constant supervision. Her thoughts continued to dwell on the knowledge that something may have still affected her.

However, what that something was seemed to be but a minor problem in the grand scheme of things. Bianca hadn't heard about whether or not her friends made it off the space station before it was destroyed. However, she knew that her brother had survived because he was nearby.

Todd reentered the room where his sister was eating her lunch with a tray of his own, "Hospital food isn't as good... Even replicated," The teenager said to his sister before he flopped down on the stiff sofa in the room. "How are you feeling this morning anyway?"

Bianca felt just fine, "I'm good... Do you know if any of our friends are okay?" She asked him.

Todd hadn't heard anything either, "Adriana is okay so is her little sister Lauren," He told her. Todd had managed to contact her not too long ago, "The last I heard the de Planca sisters are okay and so are the MacIntyre sisters."

Bianca breathed a sigh of relief knowing that her best friend Ashley was doing okay. It was difficult enough having gone through the ruins part, but not knowing whether or not her friends were okay was worse. "Thanks," She said with a sheepish smile.

"Well, I don't know what to tell you Allyson," Sam said as they walked into the hospital room. "The freighter is probably in a million pieces along with the station. But, at least I got off the station before it was destroyed?" He asked.

Allyson was waving frantically for her husband to just stop what he was doing, "Please," She said with her food tray in one hand. "We can concern ourselves with the Arcadia later. Now is not the time to be worried about that," She walked over and sat down on the edge of the biobed.

"How are you feeling this morning kiddo?" Allyson asked as she brushed the twelve-year-old's hair with her fingertips.

Bianca immediately frowned, "What happened to the Arcadia?" She asked.

Sam smiled warmly as he realized his grave error in saying anything at all when they entered the room. "She was destroyed when the station was hit with that energy discharge. Don't worry about that right now, the main thing is we are all safe."

Todd looked at his adoptive father and smiled, "Yeah," He said with his mouth full of food. "It's not like Mom and you didn't just lose your livelihoods or anything..." Todd knew the floral shop had been turned into a smoking crater as well.

Allyson raised her hand to quiet her eldest, "Now now," She told him with a slight squeak in her voice. "We are Federation citizens and we do not require latinum..." She said.

"It is nice to have though," Sam said. "What?" He asked immediately after.

Allyson shot her husband another death glare before softening her features and looking at their daughter. "We are here to support our daughter who's been found alive and well."

"I don't know about that Mom," Todd chimed in. "She doesn't look very well... I'm betting it's the hospital food."

Bianca looked at her untouched peas for a moment and the Salisbury steak she'd eaten part of. "It probably is," She answered her mother with a heavy sigh. "I'm fine really..."

Sam nodded, "I know you are sweetie," He told his daughter calmly.

Kendrick entered the room after knocking lightly on the doorway and saw that the family was all gathered. He had a medical PADD in his hands, "Well I see I don't have to call any of you up here. How's lunch?"

Todd looked at his tray, "Not that great," He admitted.

Kendrick smiled warmly, "It doesn't get any better I promise," He told them. "But, please eat everything on the trays because we have an energy shortage going on with everything that's happened." He skirted across the room so that he was standing at the foot of the biobed.

"How do you feel this morning?" He asked Bianca.

Bianca shrugged, "I don't know," She said. And, once again she was eyeing the peas and remembering just how much she despised them. Bianca really didn't want to eat the peas, but grabbed the spork and began shoveling them into her mouth one nasty bite at a time.

Allyson eyed both of her children carefully before her attention was focused on the Doctor who had just entered the room. "All right Doctor I'm guessing you're here to update us?"

"Yes," Kendrick said and looked behind him to see if Sam was paying attention. Once he was satisfied that it was the case he turned around, "If you would..." He said indicating that Sam and Todd should stand in front of him.

Sam immediately got himself off the small sofa and walked over to the opposite side of the biobed from Allyson. He then indicated by waggling his index finger for his son to join them. "Over here please," He said.

Todd groaned a little bit and dropped part of his body as he got up and wandered over to the biobed. He sat down at his sister's feet, which were covered, and ignored the temptation to begin relentlessly tickling her.

"Good, good." Kendrick then brought up the information on the PADD to the small bulkhead monitor behind him so that they could see. "I could bore you all with all the medical details. However, I'm not going to do that because then I would have to probably explain a lot of words.

"From what we can tell the forcefield may not have been as effective as that Cardassian thought it would be in protecting your daughter from the effects of the artifact," Kendrick explained. "However, we ran a full analysis of her body and determined that your daughter did not end up in the same predicament as Commander Dawson.

"Meaning she is not carrying a baby or anything wild like that," Kendrick explained. "However, we are concerned that there may be some lasting effects on her estrogen levels going forward. This will most likely have an impact on her when she's older, but until that happens we cannot be completely sure what that impact will be."

Kendrick sighed, "In short, we don't believe it will have a negative impact on your daughter's reproductive health going forward. But we have reason to believe it could affect her hormonal levels by increasing them. There is a way around this, but that treatment would be up to you."

Allyson looked at Bianca for a moment before her gaze returned onto the Doctor, "What would the increase in hormonal levels look like in a pre-teenage girl?"

Kendrick had expected that question, "It will most likely set her on a track for earlier than anticipated development into a young woman. Her menstrual cycle may begin earlier than it would have otherwise. And, there may be some other lasting effects later in her life. But, again the computer models could not predict that.

"The important thing here is that her levels won't increase indefinitely and will cap off at some point. Which means they will not reach toxic levels and if she should decide later in life to have children of her own that should not be affected either." He explained.

Sam didn't want to think about his daughter having children, but understood why the Doctor had brought it up. He felt a sigh of relief knowing that she was not in the same boat as Commander Dawson though. "Did it affect the other girls as well?" He asked.

Kendrick couldn't really answer that question, "We aren't sure yet. We're still running tests on them to find out. But, we think it may have the same cause as it did for her."

Todd looked over his shoulder at his sister, "So you're still my weird baby sister... Eh who knew?" He asked.

Bianca pushed her foot into her brother's back, but not super hard when she did it. Her gaze returned to the Doctor once more, "I have a question Doctor. But, I want to ask without my parents or brother in the room..."

Kendrick looked at her parents, "That's fair, but I need to make sure your parents are okay with it?"

Allyson shrugged, "I'm fine with it," She looked at Sam. "Honey?"

Sam nodded and indicated that Todd also had to leave the room, "Come on kiddo," He said.

Todd groaned, but didn't fight having to get up and leave his sister alone in the room. He wanted to know what sort of question his sister was about to ask but headed out the door anyway.

Kendrick watched as the three of them left and the door slid closed behind them before turning his attention back onto the girl. "All right, we're alone what did you want to know?" He asked her.

Bianca looked at the door and hoped they wouldn't hear her question. "I haven't told them this and I doubt they know," She said. "But, the Cardassian was going to use the artifact on me." She was looking at the Doctor again.

Kendrick nodded, "I don't know if they know or not," He said and wondered if he knew where she was going to go with the question.

Bianca pushed her empty tray off her lap, "Would it have had the same result on me as it did on Commander Dawson?" She asked, "I watched what he did and it was as if he was torturing her... She was screaming from being in so much pain."

Kendrick was right in his thinking, "I cannot give a definite answer," He told her honestly. "However, what I can say is that it probably wouldn't have worked in the same manner. Have your parents explained to you everything there is to know what growing up is like?"

Bianca nodded, "Over the summer we had that talk," She said while cringing at the same time.

Kendrick smiled warmly, "Then you already know that your body hasn't gone through all the necessary changes just yet. So it most likely would not have worked on you and it certainly would not have worked on Arika or Leah." He said.

"I think Bunec knew that too," Kendrick continued, "However, he was a desperate man trying to get his family back. And, sometimes we act rashly when we are desperate." He closed the information windows on his PADD and shut it down.

"Get some rest," He told her. "Do you want them back in the room?"

Bianca nodded, "Yes," She answered him. "Even my smelly brother," She said playfully.

Kendrick smirked before turning around and opening the door. He indicated to her parents and brother that she was ready for them to come back and that he would be down the hall. From there he went off to see his next patient and wondered if the stream would ever end.


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