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Breaking Through Pt. 2

Posted on Tue Feb 9th, 2021 by Commander Chelsea McDanielson [Moneaux] & Lieutenant Commander Reid Hoseki & Lieutenant Jhelana M.D.[J. de Planca] & Lieutenant JG Thalen ch'Shraalik [Kingsley] & Lieutenant JG Zekur Lejas [Fairchild] & Ensign Lillian Buchanan [Hayashi]

Mission: Episode 12 - When The Bough Breaks
Location: Bridge, USS Becker
Timeline: Day 2 at 2039
1360 words - 2.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Reid sat almost perfectly still at the helm and had it not been for the constant tapping on the console he would have appeared more calm. The minutes seemed to tick by since they arrived on the opposite side of the planet and he could certainly imagine what the Captain may have been thinking.

Chelsea had been sitting in the middle seat and Reid noticed just how quiet she was really being in that given moment. Finally, after what seemed like eons had passed he rotated in the chair. "Nervous?" He asked her.

Chelsea heard the helm officer speaking, "I'm not really nervous," She told him. The truth was that she was concerned about this plan. The ships that were actively engaged with the Ortani warship on the other side of the planet were in danger and Chelsea knew that. Every second that ticked by made the task that much harder.

"Not really," She lied.

"I'm not buying that," Thalen told her quietly. "You've not once asked about the status of the beam outs either."

Chelsea eyed the tactical officer without really responding to what he'd just said. "Well," She looked at Zekur, "Do you have a status update for us?" She asked.

Zekur had been anticipating that question for quite some time so when he heard it he was able to immediately answer her, "The USS Onnar and the USS Janitza are approximately thirty two percent of the way done." He said.

"Of course," Jhelana said, "The situation on the planet is probably not that great," She said from a science station nearby. She really had wanted to be on the planet below helping out. However, she wasn't given that option because her presence was needed on the ship.

Lillian had also been watching the situation from the engineering station and checking every so often to make certain they were still in a blind corner of the system. "From what I can tell, the Ortani have no idea that we are over here. I don't know how long that'll last though."

"Probably not long enough," Thalen said.

Chelsea didn't think the Lieutenant was being all that optimistic, "That's why we are positioned with the Onnar and Janitza between us and the planet." She answered him.

Reid understood the tactical situation perfectly well. That didn't stop him from continuing to tap on his console despite his desire to actually being doing something besides just sitting. "The problem with being in a sensor blind is that we can't see anything unless it gets close enough."

"Weapons are charged for that purpose," Thalen told him, "And the shields are fully powered in case the Ortani manage to figure it out. I just wish we had some way to know how the battle is progressing on the other side of the planet."

"We are passing forty percent," Zekur told them. "Also sensors are indicating a small discrepancy I'm trying to determine what's causing it."

Lillian looked over her shoulder, "Let me see if I can be of some assistance."

"Don't worry about it Ensign," Jhelana said when her console started making noise. "There is a squadron of Ortani fighters approaching our position."

Chelsea turned, "Have they detected our presence?"

Jhelana didn't know as she reached out telepathically in order to read the console. "Give me one second," She responded. After some time of analyzing the sensor data she shook her head. "They cannot detect the ships behind us, however, they will be within range of us within ninety seconds if this is to be believed."

Chelsea returned to her position facing forward, "Lieutenant Lejas?"

Zekur shook his head, "They are only at forty six percent completion. If the Ortani are able to send a message to their warship then they will break off combat engagement and come here."

Chelsea sighed heavily, "Lieutenant Hoseki set course for those fighters and prepare for engagement." She switched to her combat mode, "Red alert!" Immediately the klaxons began to wail.

Reid had wanted some action, but perhaps not quite to this level. He would have rather been on the planet finding out if his wife and child were safe from harm. It was not going to be something that he would have a chance to find out however.

His fingers crossed the console and the vessel propelled forward. Almost immediately it was clear that the fighters had detected the vessel and had set course straight for them. "They are preparing for a strafing run."

Chelsea looked at Thalen, "Lieutenant switch to multi-spectral mode and engage the fighters as soon as they are within firing range."

"Aye sir," Thalen issued.

Jhelana continued to operate the science station and wondered if she needed to get herself down to sickbay. She eventually tapped on the edge of her console before standing up, "I'll be in sickbay," She closed it and headed out. Just then the ship shook slightly from weapons fire.

Chelsea didn't argue with what Jhelana had just said and instead focused on the combat situation that had just developed for the ship. "Rotate an EM pulse against those fighters we need to knock out their sensors."

Lillian was operating her console and nodded, "Aye sir." The engineer said and switched the console over in order to do as she had been asked. She felt the ship shake again and so she would compensate by increasing power into the shields.

Reid watched as a crimson red beam lashed out from the viewer and struck one of the fighters. It happened repeatedly before the fighter erupted in flames and exploded in front of them. He cheered inwardly as they managed to get one of the ships. However, the victory dance was short as the fighters began to make another pass.

Thalen was attempting to watch numerous consoles at the same time while also targeting whatever was in front of him. "So far I'm not detecting any communications from the fighters. The frequency must be working or something."

"They do appear to have their communications jammed for the moment," Zekur stated. "However, I recommend that we try drawing them further away from the planet."

"That's a huge gamble," Thalen admitted. "That could alert the Ortani to our presence," He said.

Reid nodded slowly as he worked his console while trying to keep a random evasive pattern, "However, if they detect those ships near the planet they could target them." He spoke of the runabouts and shuttles that were running personnel alongside the transporter rooms.

Chelsea thought about her options carefully before issuing orders, "I concur with Lieutenant Lejas on this one. We cannot risk them detecting those other ships because they may go after them. Lieutenant Hoseki begin pulling away from the planet in an evasive pattern."

"Aye sir." Reid answered and began doing just that.

Zekur noticed that detection of the two ships seemed to decrease slightly, "At this distance I have no way of knowing how far along they are." He remarked quickly. "However, it's drawing the fighters away."

Thalen watched as another one of the fighters took too much damage and exploded on the sensor output in front of him. He began focusing his targeting a little more specifically. "Shields are holding at eighty nine percent." He said.

"I'm rotating the frequencies," Lillian expressed to him. "I'm hoping that'll be enough to keep them functional."

Chelsea grinned as she watched yet another fighter explode leaving only two. They were now in full retreat realizing that they no longer had the numbers, but she was determined. "Pursue them." She ordered.

"Understood," Reid said. He brought the ship alongside the two of them in a strafing pattern that was meant to make Thalen's targeting skills better than before.

The ship shook again as Thalen was able to target both fighters at the same time and destroy them. He nodded, "That was the last of them." He commented.

Chelsea breathed a sigh of relief, "Excellent," She said. "Return us to our original position and begin watching out for another patrol. Those fighters most likely broke away from the fighting on the other side of the planet and more may come along."


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