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What Does The Ortani Say?

Posted on Wed Feb 10th, 2021 by Commander Jordyn de Planca & Lieutenant Commander Sinjohl Tagorn & Lieutenant R'Toren & Lieutenant Brandon Kerr & Lieutenant Gelo Pajes & Lieutenant Mia Grayson & Lieutenant Pobrin Izar Ph.D. & Lieutenant Sadie Potter [Dawson] & Lieutenant JG Korti Jaiba [Fairchild] & Senior Chief Petty Officer Geth Magand [G. MacIntyre]

Mission: Episode 12 - When The Bough Breaks
Location: Catacombs, Akorem Village
Timeline: Day 2 at 2049
1382 words - 2.8 OF Standard Post Measure

It felt like hours since they'd been trapped inside the catacombs from how Tagorn was thinking. The Ortani had already hit them sixteen times in the past several hours too and yet they managed to beat them back with each attempt. However, the situation was growing more dire with each passing moment.

Jaiba had returned from treating some of the injured Cardassians who had been helping them fend off the Ortani. Immediately afterwards she walked over to Tagorn and sighed heavily, "How are you holding up sir?" She asked the Commander.

Tagorn looked at the Bajoran officer for a moment and wiped his forehead, "None of us are tactical officers," He admitted, "But, I'm doing all right."

Jaiba tried her best to grin, "You really need to get that phaser wound looked at sir," She told him while also pointing at his shoulder. "It could get infected down here."

Tagorn wasn't too concerned with the injury for the moment because he knew at any time the Ortani could return and open fire on them again. And, they had lost too much ground at that point anyway. Another few meters and they would be in the perimeter with the civilians.

He was also hoping that Pobrin and Jordyn, who was now attempting to help, could find anything that would help them out. "Have you heard back from them anyway?"

Jaiba shook her head, "I haven't no."

Brandon had returned from having his own injuries treated by one of the Bajoran's who had medical training. "How are we holding up Commander?"

Tagorn looked heavily at the younger officer, "Not well I'm afraid." He said. "I've sent Lieutenant Grayson and Senior Chief Magand ahead to scout out the area. We aren't sure where the Ortani are, but it's been an hour since their last engagement."

Brandon sighed heavily, "That's great," He said.

Jaiba had already started to load another energy charge into her rifle, "We don't have many of these left," She said and looked over her shoulder towards the ones that were spent.

Geth had quietly made his way back with the Lieutenant coming up behind him before they had arrived where the others were located. He grunted, "The Ortani are set up about two hundred meters ahead of us. For now they appear to just be waiting."

"Licking their wounds most likely," Mia told them. "However, I wouldn't be surprised if they attacked our position again."

R'Toren came from the back way, "Commander de Planca and Counselor Izar think they may have found something." He said, "They are on their way now."

Tagorn braced himself for the worst news yet to come after the theory that the Ortani were about to hit them again. He looked around at the officers knowing they were battle worn as were the Cardassian civilians who remained with them.

"All right," Tagorn said.

Jordyn came through the tunnel and seen the others standing there, "They are after this," She said almost immediately. "It's some sort of sealing device." Was the next thing she told him calmly. "I am thinking it may be how to close the anomalous rift."

Pobrin stood next to Jordyn and nodded slowly, "They may want to seal themselves in and allow themselves free access to the rest of the galaxy. We need to keep this out of their hands."

Tagorn looked at it for a moment, "That makes sense I suppose," He commented. "I don't see how that little device could possibly be capable of such things though."

"I do," Mia said suddenly and reached out for the device.

Jordyn shrugged and handed it to her, "All right Lieutenant go ahead and explain your theory?"

Mia took the small circular device and rotated it in her hand. "It clearly goes on the pedestal in that ancient temple. I'm assuming that may be where the anomaly is coming from as well. And, that may be how the Ortani got here in the first place.

"Someone stole the six shards and probably made some sort of artifact which is what started all of this," Mia commented. "If I'm right then we can shut it down after the Ortani get back through... We just need to find a way to do that."

Tagorn had listened to the theory then looked at the others, "Any other thoughts?"

Brandon thought about it before shaking his head, "I can't think of any other possible solutions to this problem. Right now though we have dozens of Ortani troops on the other side of this tunnel attempting to get in here though."

As if by some magical omen R'Toren heard the sounds of phaser fire and turned just as a crimson red blast streaked past and hit the wall behind him. He immediately ducked down. "Speaking of which."

Jordyn grabbed her weapon, "Take cover," She ordered.

Pobrin immediately did as he was told and found cover behind one of the rocky outcroppings that was nearby, "Now what?" He breathed as he pressed his shoulder into it. He didn't have any desire at all to be stuck where they were at.

Geth had taken position next to Pobrin with his weapon trained off the side and down the tunnel, "We wait." He told the Counselor.

Brandon took the outcropping near the Counselor and the Operations non-commissioned officer. "He's right," He said in agreement because they didn't have much say in the matter.

Mia was bracing herself for what was to come as more phaser fire echoed down the tunnel. She could hear yelling as well as other noises coming through as well. "Wait a moment," She watched as another phaser blast hit the wall causing it to drop some dust.

Jordyn watched, "That's not an Ortani weapon."

Jaiba nodded her head, "No that's not... It belongs to someone else."

One of the Cardassians looked over just as the firing had ceased and they could hear footsteps coming down the tunnel. "A group of people are coming, but I cannot see who it is."

"Me neither," Geth said from his position.

"Don't shoot," Pajes issued with his hand in the air and his weapon rotated around his body. "We're here to help you." He said as he lead a dozen tactical officers behind him.

"Do you have any injured?" Sadie asked as she drew up behind the group of officers in operations gold. She was one of three medical staff that had beamed down from the Onnar.

Jordyn immediately breathed a sigh of relief when she realized they were reinforcements. "How did you know we retreated in here?" She asked the two of them immediately upon seeing them.

Pajes grinned, "Nice to see you as well sir," He said and wiped away some of the sweat, "We saw the group of Ortani reinforcements enter the catacombs and so we quietly followed them. It was simply a matter of following you from there."

Jaiba moved her weapon around her body so that it was strapped across her back. "Doctor we have some wounded down here," She said and waved for them to follow. "I've treated them the best I can, however, I cannot do much more for them."

Sadie grinned, "All right," She said and noticed that Tagorn was also injured, "That means you too Commander."

Tagorn groaned, "All right..." He said and followed behind the Doctor.

Jordyn watched them go and immediately breathed a sigh of relief because the hours they had been trapped in the catacombs seemed like an eternity. "What's the situation?" She asked.

Pajes had his hands on his weapon, "The Ortani have nearly taken Javelin City. And, our people have been trying to get into the city for a while apparently. The station is completely destroyed, but we were able to get survivors off and they were beaming them to the planet in secure locations."

"My children? My husband?" Jordyn asked him.

It was Sadie that turned around, "They are safe Commander. They've been beamed down to the planet and your husband is with your daughters... The last I knew anyway."

Jordyn breathed yet another sigh of relief, "Thank God," She said. It wouldn't be long and they would be reunited once again. That was the most important part of this entire ordeal to her... That her children were safe.


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