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Situational Awareness

Posted on Fri Feb 5th, 2021 by Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin & Captain Neela Izal & Captain Iazil Naadel [Engstrom] & Commander Stephen O'Malley M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Gredrol Son of Osham & Lieutenant Gelo Pajes

Mission: Episode 12 - When The Bough Breaks
Location: Command Center, Ivaldi IV Moon
Timeline: Day 2 at 1822
1056 words - 2.1 OF Standard Post Measure

The first question that Neela had, of course, was what could the situation report possibly be on the surface of the planet. Most of the rescue efforts had been completed on the station, but there were still missing people. She wanted to know the status of everyone who had made it to the planet first though.

"So," Neela began, "Obviously you know what I'm going to ask," She continued to say while watching the small table in the middle that displayed the planetary system. "Where are we at so far?"

"From what we can tell there is some sort of anomaly in the star system that is preventing us from contacting anyone outside the system." Iazil told the Captain, "We've managed to get some starships wrangled up that are partially ready to go. And, if we don't strike back soon the situation will get worse."

"Worse than this?" Stephen asked the Exec, "I recommend caution Captain," Stephen said to his wife. "If we aren't careful we could end up with far greater casualties than what we already have. We need to find a way to get past the Ortani warship and get onto the planet."

"Agreed," Gredrol said, "If we can shut down the anomaly it'll go a long way in helping out our situation here. But, we don't know how heavily guarded it is nor do we know the full situation on the planet. We've got to break through the lines first."

"Can we do that though?" Pajes found himself asking. For the time being he was the ranking Security Officer on the moon because the others were on the planet. "If we attempt this and it doesn't succeed..." His voice trailed away.

"The prospects don't look good," S'Toriin stated, "I'll admit that. However, the only way we get down there is if we can get around the Ortani and that's going to be a messy business as it is."

Neela tapped the base of her chin because she wasn't much of a tactician herself if she were to be completely honest with the others. "Well, it's been several hours already and we don't know what this anomaly has done to us so far."

"I would theorize Captain," S'Toriin commented, "That it may be adversely affecting the star system. We should get our families and civilians who are here on the moon to the starships. We can launch an attack from the ships that don't have civilians on them."

"Will that be enough?" Neela asked.

"Probably not," Pajes said. "If we attack the Ortani warship and launch a strike team onto the planet at the same time we may have a chance. But, we don't know how much damage the Ortani have already done."

Stephen looked over his shoulder, "We have wounded here so I don't want to imagine what it's looking like on the planet. Our best bet is to get to the medical facilities on the planet. Assuming that it's not been overrun by the Ortani..."

Gredrol rubbed the base of his chin as he thought about the medical officer's perspective in relation to the situation. "The starships we load the injured and families onto can be beamed to the medical center rather than getting them out of here. But, that's a huge gamble."

"Well," Pajes stated, "The way I look at it is..." He paused and thought about his next words carefully before saying them. "The Ortani will probably only begin targeting whatever will gain them power the fastest. That's the capital city assuming that they know about it and any other locations that are important."

"What are you getting at Lieutenant?" Iazil asked him.

Pajes looked at her, "There are some catacombs underneath Akorem Village that have barely been explored. Bajoran researchers think these catacombs may be significant to the Ivaldian culture and possibly even the Ortani themselves. That's assuming, of course, that the two cultures are the same."

"In theory," S'Toriin said in agreement.

Stephen sighed heavily, "There's a medical clinic in Oar's Rest and in Stratham. We don't have the same facilities that are at the medical center, but if we can evacuate people there it may help."

Neela nodded, "I think it would just be faster if we went that route until we know more about the situation. And, we may not be able to get medical attention to them any quicker if we wait for the anomaly to collapse.

"So, Iazil will remain in command of the USS Dunkirk and when Commander McDanielson gets here she'll take command of the USS Becker. I will lead the away team effort." Neela said, "With Commander O'Malley."

Stephen shook his head, "I would rather be on the Dunkirk Captain sorry. If they need medical assistance that will be where I am most likely needed."

"Fair enough," Neela said. She didn't want to argue with him and was impressed that he didn't try arguing with her.

S'Toriin looked at Gredrol, "Commander Gredrol and I could probably get the anomaly shut down. We'll go in leading the strike team to the ruins where the anomaly's beam originated."

Pajes nodded, "I'll lead a team to Akorem Village." He said.

S'Toriin looked at the Bajoran, "They may need reinforcements yes," He looked at the Captain. "What about Javelin City?" He asked. "They could also need reinforcements," He suggested.

Neela nodded in agreement, "We'll see what the situation is once we are on the ground. For now I think our best bet is for the USS Onnar to drop off the civilians and the strike teams. They have multiple transporter pads that could be helpful.

"The Dunkirk and Becker should lead the attack against the Ortani warship and attempt to board the ship if possible. We need to find some way to disable and destroy it at all costs." Neela concluded.

Iazil nodded, "Agreed Captain." She said. "It's a solid plan, but I feel like something could possibly still go wrong."

"Why?" Pajes asked her.

Iazil found herself shrugging because she couldn't quite explain what it was. "I don't know." She stated, "But, let's get to it before it's too late. There's a lot of preparation work that needs to be done."

"Yes," S'Toriin said. Things could certainly go any which way, but he had confidence that it would all work out for the best...


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