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Escape The Ruins

Posted on Thu Jan 28th, 2021 by Captain Neela Izal & Lieutenant Commander Gredrol Son of Osham & Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin & Lieutenant Commander Reid Hoseki & Lieutenant Courtney Mackenzie & Lieutenant Gelo Pajes & Lieutenant Gavin MacIntyre & Lieutenant Jhelana M.D.[J. de Planca] & Lieutenant Sadie Potter [Dawson] & Lieutenant JG Thalen ch'Shraalik [Kingsley] & Lieutenant JG Zekur Lejas [Belmont] & Lieutenant JG Valencia Roma [Grayson] & Parin [M. de Planca] & Adriana O'Malley [Hayashi]
Edited on on Thu Jan 28th, 2021

Mission: Episode 12 - When The Bough Breaks
Location: Promenade, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 2 at 1339
1754 words - 3.5 OF Standard Post Measure

It felt like they'd been working their way through the ruined hulk of a space station for hours when Neela Izal finally found a way down. She turned and looked at her battered operations crew, "How are you holding up?" The Captain asked them.

S'Toriin noticed that they'd entered the station's promenade, "Well," He said with a heavy sigh, "I've been through worse Captain and made it just fine." He even shrugged to go along with the comment.

Neela tried her best to grin, "I just hope that Adriana and Lauren were able to get off the station."

Adriana heard the voices coming along the corridor just outside of the makeshift triage center. She immediately recognized one of them as the Captain and peered over her shoulder. Lauren was fast asleep nearby as Adriana helped do minor treatments on a patient.

Jhelana looked over at Adriana and Lauren for a moment, "I hear the Captain." She said quietly.

Neela could hear the voices as they got further into the promenade and quickened her pace. As she rounded the corner she'd noticed that Adriana and Lauren were both there and seemed to be all right, and Neela immediately ran forward towards them.

Gredrol took a step down from the ramp and headed towards the medical officers that were present. "What's the situation looking like?" The Klingon asked as soon as he'd come to a stop.

Sadie had just finished helping treat someone who had a large laceration on their arm and thigh. She stood up, "We've got way more wounded down here now than we did a while ago. I'd say that if we aren't rescued soon then we may in some pretty big trouble."

Reid was standing next to his friend no worse for wear, "Lieutenant Roma and Lieutenant ch'Shraalik need to be examined," He explained.

Valencia shook her head, "I just have some burns I'll be okay. What I want to know is where are we?" She asked.

Thalen nodded as he limped forward, "I was wondering the same exact thing..." He said next.

Gavin came around the corner with another small group of civilians and Starfleet personnel. He was propping up the Ferengi bartender as he came out of the corridor. "I found some more," He stated.

Parin raised his brow, "This is bad for business," He said. Parin had been on the lower decks when the attack had happened. He was lucky enough to get away before any serious damage had been done since he was attempting to get up to his bar.

Adriana immediately hugged the Captain when she saw her, "I tried to get Lauren off the station, but everything happened so quickly..." She said as her voice started to trail away from her.

Neela returned the hug firmly, "It's okay," She said quietly. Neela saw that Lauren was sound asleep and smiled warmly. "You made it to a safe location," She mentioned.

Adriana nodded, "I know I did Mom," She said and looked over at her baby sister for a moment. "She just fell asleep a few minutes ago. I've been trying to help Doctor Potter and Doctor Jhelana."

"I'm proud of you," Neela replied.

Gavin helped get Parin down onto a bed carefully, "Here you go," He said as he stood up, "I'll go see if I can find one of the nurses to help you with that broken leg."

Parin grunted, "Thanks," He said.

Jhelana heard the grunting and sensed the Ferengi nearby. She grabbed her medical kit and headed over before Gavin could say anything to her at all. "Mister Parin," She said as she dug around and scanned his leg. "Anything for free medical assistance I see?" She asked playfully.

Gavin smirked, "I think he needs it to be cut off," He suggested.

Parin faked a laugh, "You're funny Lieutenant," He said then looked at the Doctor. "You know that the only Doctor on the station that I like is you Jhelana," He told the Aenar woman.

Pajes was the first of the small team to get into the promenade to see the crowd of officers and civilians there. He immediately noticed that at the least the Captain was alive. The Bajoran officer grinned and stepped forward after catching Lieutenant Mackenzie's attention.

Courtney looked over and nodded, "Let's go." She said.

Gredrol turned and noticed the small team of officers that had arrived from seemingly nowhere at all. "Did you come from the lower decks or the upper decks?" He asked.

"Actually," Pajes said to the Lieutenant Commander, "We came from the USS Dunkirk. The task force is holding position outside the remains of the station so that rescue efforts can begin."

Neela looked over at Pajes before she patted Adriana on the head, "Go help Doctor Jhelana," She said softly.

Adriana nodded, "Yes Mom," She said and left the baby in the care of one of the civilians that was nearby also providing medical aide.

Neela approached the Lieutenants, "Well," She said to Pajes, "As you can see we've got a bit of a situation here. I'm guessing that based on your appearance that the station is still in the Ivaldi System?"

Courtney nodded, "The station went through the anomaly and came out on the other end of the star system. We have staged ourselves in the upper level cargo bays and a shuttle bay."

Sadie had her hands on her hips, "Well I think we need to get the most wounded off the station first," She said and indicated the group that were nearby. "They will need immediate surgery if they are to survive their wounds."

"Agreed," S'Toriin stated after he'd approached them. "What does the station look like?" He asked.

Courtney shook her head, "Not good," She told him. "The bottom half of the station is completely gone and there is heavy damage to different parts of the station. I don't see how there will be many survivors after this..."

Pajes nodded, "And, the tactical situation on the planet doesn't appear to be much better. Right now there are Ortani ships around it including a battle cruiser. Commander McDanielson went to Cessna Station in order to get non essential personnel off the station."

Gredrol crossed his arms, "So we don't know much yet do we?" He found himself asking.

Pajes sighed, "No we don't sir sorry."

Gavin walked over to the others, "They are evacuating Cessna Station?" He asked them. The last he'd known was that his two daughters were on that station at the moment. "Where are they going and are my children there?"

Courtney smiled warmly, "They are being evacuated to the moon that orbits Ivaldi Four. We managed to launch the USS Becker and the USS Ganges from drydock. Right now engineering teams are working on setting up triage centers and housing on the moon.

"We are also fortifying that position and preparing for defenses," Courtney added.

Gavin nodded as he felt the wave of relief wash over him, "Good." He said. Thankful that they'd at least made it to somewhere that would be safe and that he would be seeing them soon enough.

Neela had frowned, but not at the news that Cessna Station was being evacuated. "So why are we not pulling non essential personnel out of the system?" She asked.

Pajes expected that question, "Starships cannot leave the system nor can they enter the system. We think it has something to do with the anomaly itself, but we cannot be certain. Communications have been jammed and we don't know if the Ortani are causing that or if that's something else as well."

Valencia had returned after being treated, "Has anyone tried to do research on the open anomaly yet?"

"No Lieutenant," Pajes answered her. "Right now we are more focused on getting people out of harms way. That starts with the evacuation of this station and Cessna Station."

Thalen knew that made perfect sense, "How many are unaccounted for so far?"

"We don't know," Courtney admitted.

Zekur had finished helping some of the engineering personnel when he'd looked up and noticed that they had some other people. He even saw that the Captain was there and immediately got up. "Sorry Captain," He said.

Neela turned and saw the Cardassian officer before flashing a quick smile, "It's okay," She told him. "We are all busy dealing with a crisis. But, it would appear that our rescuers are here..."

She looked at Lieutenant Gelo and Lieutenant Mackenzie, "Take Lieutenant Lejas with you and anyone else that you need to get the rescue equipment in place. We need to begin evacuating these people off this station immediately."

Zekur didn't argue, "Where do you need me?" He asked.

Courtney looked at him then at Pajes, "If you'll take that team of engineers up to the cargo bay and shuttle bay we can begin. For now we want to set up site to site transporter pads here."

Zekur nodded and took the engineers out of the promenade. He took one last look at it and felt a surge of remorse for all the loss that had just happened on the station. Zekur took a deep breath, however, and set off.

Reid returned to the group, "I will go up with Zekur as well," He offered. "If they are going to use runabouts then they are going to need all the pilots that they can possibly get." He stated.

Jhelana finished treating Parin as best as she could before getting up to her feet. "All right Mister Ferengi I think that'll do for now. We'll get you off the station as soon as we can."

Parin grinned, "Thank you."

Sadie had already started working on getting some of the people who were less injured to the beam out locations that had been selected. They needed to focus on them as well as those who were more severely wounded, but at least for now the least wounded could get off the station.

Neela looked at Adriana who was still helping out and grinned softly. She walked over to her daughter, "Take Lauren and get off the station with the first group of people." She told her.

Adriana didn't argue, "Okay," She said with a nod.

Neela watched as the teen headed over to where her baby sister was still sleeping. Then her eyes trailed along the edge of what had remained of the promenade. It had been a good station, but now it was the time to figure out their next steps...


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