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Harder To Imagine

Posted on Mon Jan 18th, 2021 by Arika Washington [J. de Planca] & Lieutenant Commander Kelsi Dawson & Lieutenant Brandon Kerr & Leah Reade [Mackenzie] & Bianca Bancroft [Gelo]
Edited on on Mon Jan 18th, 2021

Mission: Episode 12 - When The Bough Breaks
Location: Ortani Ruins, Ivaldi III
Timeline: Day 1 at 2138
1304 words - 2.6 OF Standard Post Measure

It had felt like hours had passed for Kelsi Dawson, but when she finally realized that the worst of it had been over and was awake she sighed heavily. The containment field was gone and she was on the chair that she'd been restrained to earlier.

She looked around groggily and saw that the girls were still next to her, but they appeared to be sleeping. Kelsi wondered what time it was and where the Cardassian had disappeared to. That didn't seem to take long because she had clearly alerted him to her being awake. Footsteps could be heard coming down the long hallway.

Bianca immediately stirred from the sleep she'd been having and wondered if it was simply a bunch of nightmares. When Bianca looked around and saw that they were still in the ruins she realized that it was not as she had wished it to be. "We are still here," She said quietly.

Bianca looked over at the two younger girls who were still sleeping and she secretly hoped that they would forget the horrific scene that had played out hours earlier. "I just hope," She said while looking at them, "That they forget what happened."

"That makes two of us," Kelsi said as she looked over at the two girls.

Arika sighed, "You don't forget those sorts of things," The six-year-old girl told the others. Her eyes remained closed, but she was clearly not sleeping, "At least this isn't like the last time I was kidnapped."

Leah's eyes had opened to the sound of the voices and to the sound of footsteps heading towards them. "No," She said with a sadness locked away in her voice. "And, I know where we are too... I just don't understand why he would have picked this place."

"Where are we?" Kelsi asked.

Leah lowered her voice, "We are in the ruins where they found that one strange object that I had carried back to the station with me. It was similar to that one he has," She said and indicated with head movements.

Bunec got closer and could hear them all talking among themselves and decided to wait for a little bit to see if they would say something important. He had been on the surface not too long ago. Bunec wanted to find out where the authorities were at with locating him and he found out quickly that they didn't suspect him.

He had the medical tricorder he'd carried with him earlier and approached Kelsi Dawson and the others. "Well," He said as soon as he came next to Kelsi, "I guess we should find out if this worked," He said and looked at the other girls. "I guess if it doesn't I have plenty of test subjects," He said.

Bunec knelt in front of the woman with the tricorder and began to scan her for a sign that it had worked. So far he'd found nothing at all, "Well, either I'm too early or it actually didn't work." He eyed Bianca.

Bianca looked at him for a moment, "It takes time you big dummy," She said defensively. She didn't want the others to experience what Commander Dawson had just endured and she didn't think she could make it either to be honest.

Bunec shrugged, "Oh, I'll keep scanning until I detect something don't you worry. But, I'm afraid that if this hasn't worked by tomorrow morning then I may be forced to use it again."

Kelsi stared at him and didn't want him to realize that she felt completely different than she did before. Her entire body ached, partially from the bindings, but mostly from the pain that the device had caused. She certainly didn't want Bianca to go through it.

"I would give it time," She told him quietly. Kelsi didn't think that Bianca could survive what had happened. She most certainly would have been in a great deal of pain and the other two couldn't witness more pain.

Bunec looked at Leah, "So tell me more about this ruin?" He asked.

Leah glared at him, "I don't really think what this ruin is would be all that relevant to you." She stated.

"Big words for such a little kid," Bunec stated, "You definitely remind me of my daughter. She would be just as sassy with me as well and I loved her for that, but I'm afraid right now I have little space for such sentiment. If you won't tell me what I want to know then I guess I'll have to try this again.

"Let's see here," He walked in front of each of the girls before coming to a stop in front of Arika, "I know it won't work on you, but it may have some interesting results."

Arika stared at him with horror in her eyes because she knew that Commander Dawson was a strong person and could handle anything. She didn't think she could handle whatever that thing had done to the older woman. She looked at Leah and just wished her friend would tell the man.

"Okay," Leah said defensively, "I'll tell you whatever you want just promise you won't hurt her." She said.

Bunec nodded in agreement, "Of course I won't if you just tell me what I want to know."

Leah looked at the others, "Another one of those artifacts was here with some sort of information device that went along with it. It was very old and it managed to take control over my mind before it was stopped. I nearly destroyed the entire space station. It's not something I'm exactly proud of to be honest with you."

"Of course not," Bunec said quietly," He walked over and looked at the strange looking stand in the middle of the room. "I wonder what this podium has to do with it though?" He shrugged, "Not that it really matters I suppose."

Kelsi wondered if threatening small children was really worth all of this to the Cardassian. She had hoped that Starfleet Security would figure out where they were soon enough. She could only protect the girls for so long and Kelsi was concerned that the man may try something more drastic.

She remembered the pain of losing her family to the Cardassians, "You know," She said trying to gain some sort of understanding from him. "Most of my entire family was killed too. But, not by the Dominion. They were killed by your kind."

"The border raids?" Bunec asked her.

Kelsi nodded slowly, "Only my mother survived with me. She's still alive too, but I would have never dreamed of hurting others to fix that problem. If this worked do you really think you'll have anything to do with this child?"

"Doesn't matter," Bunec told her, "I will get what I want either way." He hadn't really thought out the next steps and that was something he drastically needed to do, "I'll come back in a few hours." He told them and then walked away.

Arika watched as he went away, "What is he going to do with us?" She asked.

Bianca didn't want to answer the question because she didn't want to scare the younger girl. "I don't know," She said finally. Bianca knew there was really only one use for the rest of them at that point and it was not going to be pretty. He may be saying that he didn't want to hurt them, but she felt like he was being dishonest with her.

Arika nodded and swallowed hard, "Okay," She said. It was really all she could offer given the circumstances anyway. She missed both of her parents and hoped that her Dad was getting close to finding her so that she, and her friends, could go home.

Bunec Gholra Written By:
Lieutenant Brandon Kerr


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