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Ominous Calm

Posted on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 by Captain Neela Izal & Captain Iazil Naadel [Engstrom] & Commander Jeffery Washington [ch'Theseski] & Commander Yvanka Dravex [Hayashi] & Lieutenant Commander Kara Stevenson Ph.D. & Lieutenant Commander Reid Hoseki
Edited on on Wed Jan 13th, 2021

Mission: Episode 12 - When The Bough Breaks
Location: Main Operations, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 1 at 0639
1297 words - 2.6 OF Standard Post Measure

Yvanka honestly believed that it was entirely too early in the morning to be out of bed, but that was life for the Commander anymore. They had moved four shards to the planet back in September and continued to move them around. Then there was the discovery of the fifth shard earlier in the month.

The crew had nicknamed that one the Death Shard and it had an ominous ring to it. Yvanka didn't really talk about that one because of the affect it had on some of the junior officers before they secured it. Even the Captain had seemed affected by it.

Jeffery stood near the Captain as he analyzed the latest reports from the planet, "There was another mysterious death last night," He told the Captain quietly. "We are investigating it, but this time it was an officer who is supposed to be protecting the shards."

Yvanka had overheard that comment, "Another one?" She asked.

Iazil grunted heavily, "That makes four since September," She said. Iazil had been helping them try and determine what was happening. There was clearly a problem with the shards, but she couldn't pinpoint it. "I told you back in August we should have destroyed them Captain."

"Think of all we have learned about the shards though," Reid responded. "They are still learning so much from the Death Shard too." He said.

Yvanka immediately cringed at the nickname, "The Ortani were sealed away in some sort of pocket universe according to the associated spire. And, at great cost because the rest of the archives from their history indicate that their allies all seemingly turned on them."

"The Ortani were destroyed," Kara responded. She was over in the corner of main operations working on a report. The last shard they had discovered had unknown side effects on several people and she was busily learning about the psychological effects. "Unless you count those who were exiled from the Milky Way galaxy."

Jeff resisted the urge to roll his eyes at the last comment, "Well we don't know if the Ortani existed or not. This could all be fabrications even if it has had some effect on people." He said. Jeffery knew that someone may have been after them.

But, according to the last spire it mentioned that the Death Shard was the sixth and they had found five. "Where's the missing Shard though?" He asked.

"I don't know," Yvanka admitted quietly. "I don't think anyone has a clue where they may be. But, I know that at the current rate in which we keep finding them we are sure to find it by the end of the year. I just hope we can give it a less disturbing name.

"Death Shard is a bit much to me," Yvanka told them. "And, as the most senior science officer on board I know I could come up with a better name for it than that." She remarked.

"I wouldn't worry too much about it right now," Reid said. "Despite the affects it had on everyone it's contained now." He said as he watched his console, "Captain, Commander." He said and looked at them, "The Freighter Gormar has arrived in the system."

Iazil looked up, "That's the one that is Cardassian coming out of Deneva right?" She asked.

Reid nodded, "Their cargo manifest mentions that they are carrying a strange object. A few Cardassian passengers, and some other assorted cargo items that the station needs for the Winter Festival this week."

Kara realized that they had only been in the system for a little over a year, "It's hard to believe that we've been in the Ivaldi System for a little over a year isn't it?" She asked while looking up from her report. "I mean we have seen so many things too.

"I'll be glad for this year's Winter Festival." Kara said with a grin because she knew it was a time where everyone came together just before the planetary holiday celebration. And, it was the very last festival of the year too.

"Oh you know it," Reid said. He still remembered the reports from last year when they found out what had became of his daughter in an alternate timeline that took place multiple times. "The ship won't be staying in the system long. They are just dropping off their passengers and the cargo."

Neela nodded from her work station, "I believe cargo bay twenty is open?" She asked.

Jeff nodded, "Correct Captain."

Neela looked over at Reid, "Have them beam their cargo there and secure the cargo bay. Did they indicate what that strange object was by chance Lieutenant?" She asked him.

Reid looked over the cargo manifest, "No just that it's some sort of artifact and has something with it. The object is in a containment box, but they don't have a name for it. The manifest just mentions that it was supposed to be delivered here."

"Strange," Jeffery asked as he pulled up the registry to look at it as well. "The object was ordered by a Federation Geologist named T. Yaxley, but it doesn't give further details. I think we should investigate."

Iazil nodded, "Captain may I go down to the cargo bay with the Commander in order to investigate this object for myself. I want to make sure it's not anything that will endanger the station or the people on the planet."

Neela nodded, "Go both of you." She said and looked at Reid, "Has the cargo been beamed over?"

Reid was watching as the cargo bay filled up, "Another five minutes Captain. And, the passengers have either beamed down to the planet or to the station. Some of them are Starfleet transfers others are civilians who have either moved to the system or are on vacation."

Kara looked at the others, "How many are here for the festival?"

"Uncertain Counselor," Reid said with a smile on his face. "Teagan is looking forward to the festival though. I think we all are anyway."

Neela nodded, "You said it." She said, "That's all Adriana and her friends have talked about since the beginning of the month. The Winter Festival has become a big deal here. And, I've heard that the towns and cities have nearly finished putting out their decorations."

Yvanka listened to the two of them talk, "I was on Betazed last year so I missed it. I'm glad that I decided to not take leave this year and am going to be helping out with the parades in Javelin City."

=/="Commander Washington to Ops." Jeffery said through the communications system.

Neela looked at the viewer, "Go ahead Commander?"

=/="Whatever that item is sir it's not here. It may have never been transferred from the ship. Is the freighter still in the system?"=/=

Reid was the one to respond to the question, "No Commander I gave them clearance almost immediately after they finished beaming cargo and passengers. They've left."

=/="Captain I'll contact them, but for now I say we can leave the cargo bay under normal security measures." Iazil stated to the Captain.=/=

"Very well Commander. Keep me updated on what the freighter captain tells us. In the meantime I agree that we should just maintain normal security measures down in the cargo bay. Ops out." She closed the communications system before looking at the others.

"A strange mistake?" Kara asked.

"Indeed," Reid agreed.

Neela looked away from the others, "Very strange indeed." She answered under her breath. Neela didn't like how it was sitting with her that this strange object just happened to disappear at some point. However, they would just have to wait and see what the freighter captain had to say. Mistakes like that happened often enough anyway.


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