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An End To Summer

Posted on Mon Jan 11th, 2021 by Riley MacIntyre & Jami Bostru & Danielle MacIntyre & Adriana O'Malley [Hayashi] & Elizabeth de Planca [Stevenson] & Rose Cohen [Grayson]

Mission: Episode 11 - Summer's End
Location: Stratham Beach Resort, Stratham
Timeline: Day 2 at 1855
1370 words - 2.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Riley watched as the younger children all left at about the same time with Ashley, who had offered to take them home, she turned and faced her closest friends before taking Jami by the hand. Mostly everyone had left leaving just the six of them sitting at a picnic table.

She quickly grinned, "I think it was worth it," She said finally after a time. And, Riley honestly believed that it was worth it. In less than twenty four hours they would all be back in school. The summer vacation had finally come to an end for them.

Jami nodded, "Of course it was," She said with a nod. "And, Kayla showing up was really good." She commented.

Rose had to agree with her best friend on that assessment, "It looked like she had a lot of fun. She's not been getting out of the house much since her father was killed months ago. It's good for her to actually do just that."

"This was one of the better ideas we had," Adriana said. "I'm really glad that we ultimately decided to invite everyone here. Even the younger children seemed to be having a great deal of fun." She found herself saying.

"Yeah," Danielle admitted. "I guess Ashley shared her coffee too?" She asked.

Elizabeth laughed, "Yes, with Leah and Arika which was probably a mistake on her part. The two of them were really hyper there for a while before finally coming down from it. I'm glad my sister didn't share a great deal of it with them. It was Vulcan coffee and there are reasons I don't drink it."

Adriana eyed Elizabeth for a moment with a smirk, "Makes you a bit hyper too doesn't it?"

Elizabeth returned the look before rubbing her forehead and shaking her head. "No," She said without looking up, "It actually messes up my stomach." She could hear some laughter from her friends and managed a smile herself. She was really glad that her sister had enjoyed herself.

She felt like Ashley had been through entirely too much lately and it was certainly time for a change in that department. "I think Ashley needed a beach day anyway. She was really happy with Chialek and even built a really nice sand castle."

"Until Todd tripped over it," Adriana pointed out.

Danielle laughed a little bit, "Yeah," She said after calming down. "That seemed to upset Leah just a little bit until he told her he'd help make a new one. I don't think Arika was too terribly affected by it at least. Which is always good because the two of them have been through a lot lately."

"It was a fitting end to summer vacation," Riley said.

Rose nodded, "Oh yes," She had folded her hands in front of her and was resting her chin on the backs of them. "I don't think I've had a better end to summer vacation before. Now we have classes starting back up tomorrow and we will all be in high school."

Jami wasn't looking forward to that, "I know," She said. She was the youngest of the group, but would be going into her Freshman year at the High School. It was a big deal for her too, "I am rather nervous about that." She admitted."

"Same," Riley said. "I'm always nervous about starting a new year."

Danielle eyed her twin for a moment, "At least you have each other. Are you two going to still disappear like you have been or was that a summer thing?" She asked them.

Jami looked at Danielle for a moment, "I don't know," She looked at Riley next before continuing with what she was saying. "We might," Jami concluded.

"Where do you two disappear to anyway?" Adriana asked.

Riley looked at Jami for a moment before shrugging, "It's up to Jami whether or not you should know." She responded and looked at her girlfriend so that Jami could respond.

Jami hadn't really talked a lot about where they were going, "We slip off to Cessna Station. My Mom got me a set of quarters so that I can have alone time there. Riley and I go there together sometimes. The quarters were Counselor Izar's idea."

She looked at the others for a moment, "Well, he suggested it to my Mom anyway."

Rose knew that the quarters existed, but she'd never actually gone with her friend. She also had been aware of her friend's Mom letting the girl use them whenever she wanted. They couldn't stay in them over night for various reasons. "You are doing better now though right?"

"Yes," Jami answered.

Adriana grinned, "Well, at least you have a place. I would do something similar, but I really like being with my baby sister. So, that seems to be helping me through everything. And, that was more than a year ago anyway."

Elizabeth nodded slowly, "It's really hard to believe that so much has happened and changed for all of us since then."

Danielle looked at the others, "Did I miss something?" She asked them with a raised eyebrow, "I mean I know you were all on the same starship together minus my sister and myself."

Rose looked at Danielle, "We were on the USS Onnar together," She said. "The ship is currently in drydock undergoing some refit or repair I'm not sure. Anyway, some things happened to us on the ship... Well, they were on a planet, but we really don't talk about it a whole lot."

"Oh," Danielle answered. She didn't know details and was honestly afraid to ask too many questions. Besides, Dani felt like her sister probably knew more than she did anyway. "Is it something you don't really talk about?"

Elizabeth looked around the table wondering if anyone was going to explain to Danielle. She didn't even know if Riley really knew any details either, but seeing as how she wasn't asking questions Elizabeth had started to assume that Jami may have told her something. "Some aliens kidnapped us and the younger girls.

"We were put through a simulation of sorts to test viability on having offspring. It's really something we don't talk about to others who weren't there because it's not a comfortable subject." Elizabeth concluded and hoped that it would be enough.

"Sorry," Adriana said.

Danielle smiled softly, "It's okay," She said, "I won't press for details." She could tell that the girls were feeling a bit uncomfortable and she wanted to move away from the awkward subject. "How much homework do you think they'll pile on us?"

Jami didn't want to think about that either, but she was also thankful for the subject change. "I'm not sure. I hope we don't end up with any homework at all honestly."

"Yeah right," Rose said.

Riley leaned back in her seat, "We probably should get home otherwise our parents may send out search parties." She knew they'd said they wouldn't stay out much later than seven at night. And, based on where the suns were at in the sky she knew it was getting close.

"You're probably right," Jami said. "Here, I'll walk the two of you home." She said with a grin on her face.

Rose took Elizabeth by the hand, "Come on let's get you home." She said and waved to the others, "See you in the morning."

Elizabeth grinned, "Okay," She said and looked at Adriana, "Come on." She waved the other girl along. "The transporter pad to the station is on the way."

Adriana nodded, "Okay," She answered and waved to the others.

Danielle waved the three girls goodbye then got up off the chair, "I'm sorry for asking," She said suddenly. "I didn't realize it was a sensitive subject."

Jami nodded slowly, "For some of us it is. For others probably not so much, but honestly I'd rather not think about it anymore." She admitted quietly as they started to leave the beach.

Riley looked at both girls solemnly, "We understand," She said for both herself and her sister. It was immediately dropped by Riley after that because while she understood her sister to be curious she didn't want to make Jami feel uncomfortable about such things.


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