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To Each Their Own

Posted on Sun Jan 10th, 2021 by Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin & Lieutenant Courtney Mackenzie & Lieutenant Sorben ch'Theseski & Lieutenant JG Zekur Lejas [Belmont] & Lieutenant JG Valencia Roma [Grayson] & Ensign Kendrick Belmont M.D.

Mission: Episode 11 - Summer's End
Location: Observation Lounge, USS Dunkirk
Timeline: Day 2 at 1519
1054 words - 2.1 OF Standard Post Measure

Valencia immediately sat down in her assigned seat and made herself comfortable before rotating in the chair. She faced the direction where S'Toriin was sitting at one end of the table. The briefing and conversation hadn't started yet, but she was really hoping that they'd learned all that they could.

She was ready to head back to the station instead of continuing with the pointless effort to recover the Breen privateer ship. Valencia had nothing to really add to the conversation so she'd decided to wait for a moment.

S'Toriin saw the last of them filing in, "All right," He said and looked at Courtney, "Where do we stand so far?"

Courtney pulled up the computer terminal behind them, "The data that was recovered from the Breen has been analyzed. We still have another hour of work at the least, and perhaps another three at the most. But, what we know so far is that the Breen were conducting some sort of weapons experiments in this sector.

"Their mission logs indicate that they were also conducting a scientific experiment relating to genetic testing upon their own. There is little information to go on, however, we have analyzed the Captain's official duty logs and found that the crew began acting strange.

"The records end weeks earlier," She said. "Most likely the Captain had transformed at that point into these creatures."

Sorben nodded, "We believe that the crew were altered somehow, but whatever may have caused it has since dissipated since there weren't any ill effects. Correct Doctor?"

Kendrick looked at S'Toriin and Sorben before he answered, "That is correct yes," He answered. "I've analyzed the away team members after both trips over to the ship. There are also no indications of any airborne viral or bacterial infections on the ship.

"If that is what really happened then it has since stopped reproducing. The crew is still on the ship," He said, "Or at least what's left of them. I've also analyzed the radiation levels on the ship as per procedure. While we are not in any danger, the creatures living on that ship have been under constant effects from the radiation.

"I would estimate that life on the ship will probably cease within the next three days," Kendrick said. "And, additional trips over to the other ship will also likely cause the away teams to begin suffering from the effects of radiational poisoning."

"Zekur?" S'Toriin asked.

Zekur had pulled up what he wanted to add to the briefing, "We have uploaded a great deal of information from that ship. I think the best course of action would be to either destroy the ship, or wait until we can tow it out. But, our shields are beginning to show signs of stress as the radiation from the star has increased by twelve percent."

S'Toriin wondered if that wouldn't end up affecting them, "Has it had any effects on other systems?" He asked.

Courtney nodded, "Our sensor system is beginning to show signs of degradation. I estimate another eight hours and the system has the potential to fail. Other systems may also begin showing the same signs of stress at any moment."

S'Toriin looked at Valencia, "Do you have anything to add Lieutenant?" He asked her.

Valencia looked at him for a moment, "The living animals on that ship will end up dying a slow death even if we remove the radiation from the equation. It's probably causing all sorts of complications. If the exposure was any less then they'd have time to adapt.

"Which brings up another problem entirely," Valencia continued, "If we remove them from this system they may end up dying out anyway. The ecosystem is not stable. The predators on the ship are overhunting the prey. It's not an ideal situation."

S'Toriin listened to her input and thought about it for a moment, "There's also no promise that we can get them out of the system before the ion storm passes. How many hours until we are able to depart the system without towing the other vessel?"

"Another hour," Courtney said. "And, it will be several before it's clear enough for us to tow that ship out. Otherwise we risk tractor system failure. And, that's if the system doesn't fail before we can get the other ship out of the system in the first place."

S'Toriin nodded knowing he'd been beaten by the conditions around them. "All right," He said, "What are your thoughts on this Sorben?"

Sorben was thinking about how he would respond to that, "Captain we've found out all that we can. And, if the theories presented hold up to the evidence that we've got available to us then we've already answered the questions we sought answers for.

"I think a safe withdrawal and destroying that ship are our best course of action. Destroying the other ship will at the very least allow for those animals to die quicker and less painfully." He stated.

Kendrick nodded, "I'm afraid that I must agree."

Valencia frowned, "It was nice learning what we did from the ship. And, we did manage to collect some of the ship specifications while we were over there. It'll just have to be enough for engineering to be happy. And, the longer we are stuck in this system the longer the station has to begin worrying about us once more.

"Besides we were supposed to be off patrol today," She said. Realizing that they were a day late on their return was a bit hard on her. She missed Thalen and her friends.

"How long before we can launch a full spread of torpedoes?" S'Toriin asked.

Sorben looked at him, "We could do that at any time. I would probably do it sooner rather than later sir. If we wait too much longer our weapons systems won't be up to par."

Courtney nodded, "I don't know what systems will fail next. We could also lose propulsion if we're not careful. My engineers are working around the clock to keep the ship operational."

S'Toriin nodded, "Okay," He answered. "Then as soon as you are ready to go Lieutenant let's destroy the ship and get out of the system. We can make ready to depart for the station after that." He looked around the room, "You're dismissed to your duties."


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