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Tales That Are Weaved

Posted on Sun Jan 10th, 2021 by Captain Neela Izal & Captain Iazil Naadel [Engstrom] & Commander Chelsea McDanielson [Moneaux] & Commander Jeffery Washington [ch'Theseski] & Commander Yvanka Dravex [Hayashi] & Commander Stephen O'Malley M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Gredrol Son of Osham & Lieutenant Commander Kara Stevenson Ph.D. & Lieutenant Commander Reid Hoseki & Lieutenant Jessica Kingsley & Lieutenant Pobrin Izar Ph.D.

Mission: Episode 11 - Summer's End
Location: Observation Lounge, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 2 at 1444
1694 words - 3.4 OF Standard Post Measure

Jessica highly doubted that now was the best time to have a senior staff meeting considering all that she was dealing with in that very moment. Since Commander S'Toriin was away from the station, however, it was up to her to attend the meeting with the others. They were still contending with the fallout from the six starships that had been refueled with humanoid waste.

Neela stood at one end of the table as her senior officers filed into the room including Counselor Stevenson who'd also joined them. At the very end of the row as Counselor Izar who had also been asked to attend the meeting. She took her seat as soon as the last of them had entered.

"I know many of you are busy with the many things that seem to be going on at the same time on the station and the planet," She said. "However, I think we need to regroup and consider our options. Commander Naadel?" She questioned and looked at her Exec.

Iazil placed both hands onto the table, "I think for the time being we should start with the two departments that are the most involved and impacted. Lieutenant Kingsley do you have a status update?"

Jessica sighed heavily, "Not as of yet," She said. "Six starships were supposed to be refueling and ended up with humanoid waste in their deuterium tanks. A young Cadet seems to have not been paying much attention to what they were doing. I don't know who is responsible."

"Do you think it was done on purpose?" Yvanka asked from where she was sitting. The Commander had been wearing a frown when she asked the question because she couldn't imagine how the Lieutenant was feeling.

Jessica didn't have an answer to that question, "Not as of yet. I think it was accidental and we've not found any evidence that would indicate otherwise at this point. It's like the dinosaur thing all over again."

Gredrol let a nervous laugh, "Oh, I'm afraid this may be worse than that."

Neela had to agree, "I've managed to explain to six Captains that there was a mistake made and now their starships will have to undergo minor repair work. Where are we at on that?"

Chelsea held up her PADD as she reviewed it before answering the question, "We've got work bees and shuttles working on towing the affected vessels into various drydocks. I've informed the repair department that they have priority until it's straightened out."

Pobrin restrained himself from also laughing, "Well, I would probably offer their crews some sort of space down on the planet. I think there are a number of cottages down in Barcombe that are available?"

"Of course," Kara answered. "However, they've been bought out by Parin and some competing interests. I would speak with Parin and try to work out some sort of deal with him."

Gredrol raised his hand, "Leave that to me."

"Very well," Chelsea said without arguing. She didn't like dealing with Parin more than she had to. So someone else offering their time to speak to the Ferengi made her life much easier. "All right so as soon as the ships are in drydock repair work will begin immediately."

Iazil nodded, "How's that task coming along Lieutenant Hoseki?"

Reid had been idly listening to the conversation, "We have all available auxiliary craft working on it. Some of the available drydock slips are in orbit around Ivaldi Two so they will take the longest. No more than two hours at most to get everything straightened out."

Iazil looked at Jessica, "How long will it take to clean up any additional mess that has been created?"

Jessica ran some calculations, "With the assistance of the cadets I would estimate that to take about six hours. For now we'll have to shut down refueling operations until we can straighten out exactly what happened."

"Do you require security to run any sort of investigation?" Jeffery asked.

Jessica looked at the Security officer, "I don't think we will need anything like that in the meantime. I'll keep you updated though sir," She told him calmly as she placed the PADD down onto the table. "There were a couple injuries during the scuffle too."

Stephen nodded, "There were. But, they were minor and have since been released from the medical center. I have placed those who were hurt onto limited duty for the remainder of the day. If they need extra time I'll see about providing it."

Neela nodded, "Okay," She looked at Jeffery, "Where are we at with the investigation into Ensign Simon's death?"

"We're still attempting to establish some sort of motive. The trail for all intents and purposes seems to have gone cold." Jeffery told her, "All we know so far is what has been reported by medical, engineering, and I think science played a part?" He looked at Yvanka.

Yvanka nodded, "Lieutenant MacIntyre helped find where the body was originally located. We also believe that he was killed in the Jeffries Tube where the blood was found."

"Indeed," Stephen said. "The blood was a match to Ensign Simon and there wasn't additional evidence to indicate who was responsible." He took a breath, "And, Commander Sinjohl also located the weapon that was used."

Chelsea nodded, "A serrated knife matching the description as per Doctor Potter. I would also add that it was covered in dried blood that matched Simon's too. We just cannot determine why he was in the Jeffries Tube in the first place.

"Commander Sinjohl's theory is that the Ensign may have stumbled upon someone and was then killed." Chelsea concluded.

"He was an Operations Officer correct?" Iazil asked.

Jessica nodded, "He was an Operations Officer yes. However, his responsibility was to the planet not the station. I don't know why he would have been on the station in the first place. None of it really makes any sense to me and the fact that nobody knew he was there is rather suspicious."

Jeffery looked at the Lieutenant, "What was he responsible for?"

"He was the Operations Officer responsible for the upkeep at the Medical Center. He should never have been in that Jeffries Tube." Jessica answered him.

"Did you complete a psychological evaluation on him Kara?" Neela asked her Psychiatrist.

Kara nodded before bringing the file up onto the screen, "He had seclusive tendencies and was something of a loner. He never had many friends and he regularly saw Counselor Izar for various things."

Pobrin was trying to think back to their last appointment, "His last appointment was six days ago. He came in and told me that he would no longer be needing my services and that he was feeling better. He then cancelled all of his appointments after that. I logged it, but didn't think anything about it."

Yvanka looked at the two Counselors for a moment, "Do either of you think he may have gone into that Jeffries Tube to do something that he wasn't supposed to be doing?" She asked.

Kara shook her head, "Not necessarily," She answered. "He could have gone into the Jeffries Tube because something tipped him off that there was something wrong there. Or, he could have been in there doing a favor for someone else."

"He didn't have many friends," Pobrin admitted, "But, that doesn't mean he didn't owe anyone a favor either."

Jeffery looked at the Captain, "One way or another there are too many possible explanations for how he ended up being killed. We know what was laid out around him was placed there on purpose. We don't know why or what it has to do with anything."

Gredrol looked at the others, "I've reviewed the PADDs with the Klingon opera as Lieutenant Grayson asked me to do. I didn't find anything out of the ordinary. It's an extensive collection, but there are plenty of pieces missing for it to be overly suspicious."

Gredrol looked at Pobrin and Kara, "Did anything come up that would indicate that he enjoyed Klingon opera?"

"No," Pobrin answered flatly.

Kara looked at the psychological examination she had conducted, "Nothing to indicate that he listened to it. What did searching his home turn up?"

Jeffery looked at the Counselor, "His house was clean, and no the investigation didn't turn up any indication of a taste for Klingon music."

Neela looked at her security chief, "Do your best to keep trying to turn up any evidence. The answer is out there somewhere we just have to find it. In the meantime should we continue to hold up traffic?"

Jeffery shook his head, "At this point if the person who's responsible hasn't found a way to escape then I see no point. And, he's been dead for forty-eight hours prior to this. They had ample opportunity to depart the system anyway."

Neela nodded before looking at Reid, "See to it that the ships waiting for departure are allowed to leave."

Reid nodded, "Yes Captain," He answered her.

Neela tapped the table, "Even if we don't find the answers right away I think we need to consider all possibilities. Commander Washington and Commander Dravex see to it that the Shards are moved down to the planet."

"Captain?" Iazil asked.

Neela looked at her Exec, "The cargo bay where the shards are being held are too close to where he was killed. And, it's already been presented as a possible motive some hours earlier."

Jeffery nodded, "It'll be done." He said.

"May I recommend we move them down to the medical center?" Stephen suggested, "There are entire stasis chambers not in use that they can be stored in. I believe there's a location in the lowest level of the hospital that we can increase security around and not indicate as to the reason."

Yvanka shrugged, "That would be feasible. How are the containment fields holding up?"

"Pretty well," Chelsea responded, "The shards haven't affected anyone since they were placed in them. We should be able to move them really late tonight without anyone noticing that we've moved them."

Neela nodded, "Okay see to it then," She said. Neela then stood up, "Dismissed everyone."


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