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Do Tell Thee

Posted on Sat Jan 9th, 2021 by Lieutenant Courtney Mackenzie & Lieutenant Sorben ch'Theseski & Lieutenant JG Zekur Lejas [Belmont] & Lieutenant JG Valencia Roma [Grayson]

Mission: Episode 11 - Summer's End
Location: Bridge, Breen Privateer Ship
Timeline: Day 2 at 1344
1277 words - 2.6 OF Standard Post Measure

Sorben had really wished Commander S'Toriin had listened to the advice given to him, but there he was on the bridge of the Breen Privateer Ship while the others tried uploading the data. So far, at the very least, they'd not found themselves being disturbed by the predatory creatures that were roaming the vessel. "This is a bad idea," He said finally from the turbolift doors.

"Why?" Courtney asked him, "Because the Commander listened to me instead of you?" She continued.

Sorben shook his head slowly, "It just feels wrong okay?" He asked and looked at Lieutenant Lejas, "Don't you agree Lieutenant?" He asked the diagnostics officer who was acting as the operations specialist for the ship.

Zekur really didn't have an answer as he helped try and get into the Breen ship's database and computer core. "I mean," He began, "It was nothing more than a minor bite wound. Doctor Belmont didn't find any lasting effects from it at least," He said with a shrug.

"Any luck Lieutenant Roma?" Zekur asked.

Valencia was barely paying attention to the conversation as she worked from a console they'd gotten to work. "So far all I've found is some mention of a Breen weapon that they were testing on the lower decks of the ship. I'll let you know if I find more." She frowned and looked at Sorben for a moment.

"If it's any comfort to you Lieutenant I agree with you on destroying the ship. Those alien predatory creatures nearly killed us," She admitted.

Sorben took a small comfort in hearing the science officer agreed with him about the ship. "Thank you Lieutenant," He said with a quick nod of the head. It was something at least. He whipped out the tricorder and scanned again finding no threats, "At least they've not managed to get onto this deck."

"That's because we sealed that entryway behind us after we sealed the pod," Courtney told him without looking at the tactical officer. "I think I've got something here," She said and scanned it. "Never mind it's nothing but some stellar data on a system in Breen space."

Sorben looked around the bridge, "Has anyone noticed how there aren't any Breen bodies on the ship? We've not found any armor either," He said. He scratched the back of his head wondering if any of the other away teams had any such luck.

He finally pressed the communicator, "Lieutenant ch'Theseski to Ensign Holloway has your team found anything yet?" He asked.

=/="Nothing yet sir," Caleb said through his communicator from the lower decks. "We thought we found a science lab, but it turned out to be a set of crew quarters. It's strange because we didn't see any indications that the crew were there."=/=

"Maybe," Zekur started to say, "The crew abandoned the ship?" He suggested. "There is some ionized particles on the nacelles that we weren't detecting before. They could have had engine problems and abandoned ship. Maybe not all of them got off?"

He shrugged, "It would certainly explain why there was a distress beacon," He leaned back and stared off at nothing in particular. "Another theory would be that the Breen didn't see any alternative when their distress signal wasn't retrieved so they abandoned the ship."

"It's possible," Courtney answered him, "It is certainly possible." She nodded as she thought about it for a short period of time before shrugging her shoulders. "The database is in pretty bad shape. The computer core may have suffered damage."

=/="The ion storm and pressure from the planet would have caused that. The crew of the ship could have also been in the process of purging the data stream?" Holloway suggested through the communicator.=/=

"I suppose," Courtney said. "But, I'm not finding evidence that supports that. There's nothing to indicate that any data was destroyed."

Valencia thought about it for a moment while she was scanning through the data regarding the field experiments. "What if the predatory creatures are somehow Breen?" She asked.

"I doubt it," Sorben said. He knew there were cases of such things happening, but generally speaking it took a series of extreme circumstances to bring those sorts of events. And, they would have found the armor plating from the Breen. "Did anyone get a good look at one of those beings?"

Zekur thought about it, "No I didn't. I think we were more focused on getting out of the situation. Why do you ask?"

Sorben looked at the Cardassian, "Because they could have de-evolved in such a way as to where their armor became some sort of plating. I don't know that it would have been possible. But, we've not found evidence to support the alternatives."

=/="Sir," Caleb said suddenly, "I think our team may have found something. There is plant life on this deck leading out of one of the corridors. We are going to go in to investigate. I'll keep you informed."=/=

Valencia perked up, "That could be part of their experimentation. And, many species have attempted some sort of genetic mutation in order to improve the species. The Breen could have been conducting such experiments themselves?"

"It's a stretch," Courtney admitted. "Ensign Holloway is there anything in that space?"

=/="Just some small shrubs, but they appear to be growing straight out of the -" Holloway suddenly stopped speaking.=/=

"Ensign?" Sorben asked as he braced for the worst case.

=/="You're not going to believe this sir," Caleb said, "There are several small animals in front of us. They appear to be grazing on the grasses and shrubs in the space. I'm not seeing anything that indicates where this is coming from. The plants appear to be photosynthetic though."=/=

Valencia leaned back and rotated in the chair, "So there are herbivores on the ship too?" She asked rhetorically, "Where are we at on the database?" She asked.

Courtney didn't look at the Lieutenant, "Nearly completed. I think we've somehow stumbled upon an entire ecosystem. However, I've yet to see a plausible explanation for all this."

"Maybe there isn't one," Zekur said suddenly. "Think about it. We've not seen any indication that the Breen are on board the ship, much less any indication that they ever were. Sure, it's a Breen design and one we've never encountered before now."

"What are you getting at Lejas?" Sorben asked him.

Zekur shrugged, "What if the only plausible explanation is one we've already dismissed. What if the Breen did de-evolve into other species. We don't know anything about them. Or, if there are multiple cultures similar to the way the Federation operates."

=/="One way or another sir," Caleb said suddenly as he was still on the comm line, "It's going to take a lot longer to figure out exactly what happened here. I think we should regroup back on the ship."=/=

"I agree," Courtney said. "I will have better luck analyzing what we've recovered from the computer core there anyway. And, it'll certainly take the edge off a little bit."

Sorben nodded, "Okay." He double tapped his communicator, "Lieutenant ch'Theseski to all away team members. Double back to your pods and head back to the ship. We need to regroup and analyze what we know so far."

Zekur finished packing up his belongings, "How much longer do we have before we can tow the ship out of here anyway?" He asked.

"I'm not really sure," Valencia answered.

Courtney shrugged, "We'll have a better idea back on the ship. Come on let's go," She told the away team members. She was ready to leave the ship and get back anyway.


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