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Adventures of Vulcan Coffee

Posted on Sat Jan 9th, 2021 by Leah Reade [Mackenzie] & Ashley de Planca [S'Toriin] & Arika Washington [J. de Planca] & Chialek [O'Malley]

Mission: Episode 11 - Summer's End
Location: Stratham Beach Resort, Stratham
Timeline: Day 2 at 1209
1202 words - 2.4 OF Standard Post Measure

Ashley watched the two girls closely while laying on her stomach as they both played in the water. They seemed to be extra bouncy too and she looked over at Chialek, "Boy they are quite hyper..." She said with a smirk while looking over the edge of her dark sunglasses.

Leah came scrambling up the beach, "More!" She demanded while giggling profusely as she peeled away from the girl running after her. Splashing as she ran through the water until she was on the dry sand. It stuck to her as expected, "I want more..." She said while bounding up the hill.

Arika was giggling as she chased after her friend, "No..." She screamed over the high pitched sounds of her giggle fits. "We were going to bury Matthias," She said of the boy who had managed to escape her fits. "Come back."

Chialek watched as they both ran up the beach, "I wonder what would have possibly caused that to happen?" He eyed Ashley.

Ashley was drinking from the cup of cold Vulcan coffee she'd ordered, "Hey," She said, "You were the one that suggested I try some," She said with a shrug. Ashley had to admit that it was strong enough she probably wouldn't sleep for a couple days.

The sensation had already made it to her head and she was feeling a bit jittery and shaky while laying on her towel. "How was I supposed to know they would react that way," She said with a shrug. She placed the cup back down onto the hard surface next to her.

Chialek was rubbing the bridge of his nose, "They are seven and six," He told her. "How did you expect them to act when they drank more than half of your cup of coffee. Vulcan children don't even drink it and we can handle it better than human children."

Ashley laughed, "You... I can't blame you can I?"

Chialek shook his head, "Absolutely not," He rolled over onto his back and placed his hands on his stomach. "And, now they are going to ask for more."

Leah came to a stop and kicked up some sand in the process, "Can I have some more please? It tastes so amazing!" She said while stamping her foot for additional affect.

"Leah," Arika said. She looked at her friend for a moment while trying to think of what she wanted to say. It was too late and Matthias had already escaped her clutches, "Let's go swim." She suggested, "She won't give us more."

Ashley looked at the two girls, "You're right," She said while looking at Arika. "You've both had more than enough. And, God knows my parents and yours are going to kill me." She had hoped by the time they had left the beach the caffeine would have worn off.

Now, Ashley was steadily coming to the realization that this probably wasn't going to happen. The two girls had been bouncing around the beach for over an hour and they drank the substance a little more than an hour and a half earlier. "How about you two build sand castles?"

Leah thought about it for a moment, "Sure," She said. "But, only if you two build them with us." She said while pointing her finger at the two of them. Her hands were shaking and everything felt like she was swimming. But, she felt so good.

"C'mon." Leah said. She made her way over to Ashley and tried to roll the older girl over.

Chialek watched as the seven-year-old girl struggled to roll the other girl over. He found himself quite amused, "You created a monster," He said.

Leah started giggling and snorting as she struggled before she fell across Ashley's back. She was laughing so much that she was starting to have a hard time breathing and eventually started to cough before calming down. "C'mon..." She breathed.

Arika smacked her forehead somewhat firmly, "Oh boy." She said. "I'll go get the buckets." She then hopped away skipping as she went along the beach until the plastic objects had been found.

Ashley grunted before willingly allowing herself to finally get rolled over. "All right," She said in mock surrender with her hands up slightly. She lifted the girl so that she was off her. "C'mon Chialek you might as well get up." She said and poked at him.

Chialek eyed her for a moment before sitting up, "Okay, but let's not go too far away from our towels." He said and pointed at an area that was close enough to the water to work. "But, you owe me... And, not for the coffee or the sand castles."

Ashley eyed him, "Oh really?"

Chialek nodded with a slight grin that soon vanished, "For the hyper behavior of these two." He said quietly while indicating the two of them.

Arika dropped the buckets and shovels, "Now for some water," She said and looked at the water's edge.

"I'll get it," Ashley said. She picked up the bucket and went down the water's edge in order to collect it.

Leah watched her realizing that she'd won the battle. She immediately sat down on the sand and started smoothing it out. She couldn't seem to sit still, but that hardly seemed to matter anyway. She was going to be building a sand castle with her friend and with Ashley.

Leah had looked up to the older girl ever since her big sister had rescued her months earlier. Going to the beach was also the first real thing she'd done without adults. Her mother was glad to let her go since the older children would be there and she was spending time with her friends.

Ashley returned with the bucket filled with water and poured it out across the sand, "How was I supposed to know?" She asked playfully. For the first time in months Ashley wasn't thinking about anything, but school starting tomorrow and about the beach. She remembered all the things associated with it.

And, how the beach had always brightened her day. Being able to visit the beach any time was great. And, soon it would be her second winter there. Things were great and she didn't want that to end.

Chialek nodded, "I'll take you to the Vulcan restaurant. That'll be repayment enough." He said.

Ashley didn't really like the Vulcan restaurant, "Okay," She said resigning to the destination. She was going to be with him anyway and that was so very important to her.

Arika had already started working on the towers with the bucket that had battlement cutouts on the top. "So the wall buckets are there," She said while pointing at the two square buckets that she was talking about. "And, we're going to need more water."

Chialek nodded, "I'll go fill two more buckets," He said and left to get some out of the ocean.

Leah watched him with a smile on her face. She wasn't sure how she'd managed to talk the Vulcan teenager into going and participating. But, she wasn't about to argue either. It made her happy being at the beach the day before school started. And, she wasn't about to complain about that.


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