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A Game of Cadet Says

Posted on Wed Jan 6th, 2021 by Lieutenant Jessica Kingsley & Lieutenant Commander Gredrol Son of Osham & Senior Chief Petty Officer Geth Magand [G. MacIntyre] & Petty Officer 1st Class Melody Sullivan [J. Bostru]

Mission: Episode 11 - Summer's End
Location: Fuel Control, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 2 at 1319
1155 words - 2.3 OF Standard Post Measure

Gredrol had been searching for Lieutenant Kingsley for some time before the computer finally registered her location. He needed for her to sign off on several different matters. And, apparently he wasn't alone in that department either because while heading towards Fuel Control he found Petty Officer Sullivan. "Hello Sullivan."

Melody nearly bumped into the large burly Klingon officer, "Hello sir," She said as she fell into step with him. "Have you seen the Quartermaster?" She asked the Commander.

"Last I knew he was in Ops," Gredrol replied, "However, I'm going to assume that you've already been up there looking for him. He could be in Fuel Control where a majority of operations is at." Gredrol found himself suggesting, "I think there are a few cadets there too."

Melody nodded slowly, "Then you won't mind me joining you on the short journey in that direction?"

"Of course not," He said and waved her along next to him. They slipped into the room to see a frantic situation and wondered what could have possibly caused it. There were shouting Cadets and he was certain one of them may have wet themselves.

"Did we miss something?" He asked.

Melody shrugged, "I don't know," She looked around until she saw Senior Chief Magand and Lieutenant Kingsley, "They look like they've had better afternoons though." She admitted.

"Yeah," He told the Petty Officer. Gredrol led the way to where the two were standing. "Did something happen?" He asked.

Jessica was completely exhausted both mentally and emotionally when she saw the Klingon it didn't help her demeanor. "That really depends on your definition of something," She told him. Then she indicated with both hands to show the entire room.

"They are mad," She said. "Completely insane."

Geth had noticed the two entering Fuel Control and immediately pounced on both of them. "Is this really important sir? Petty Officer Sullivan?"

Melody felt slightly stung by the question, "I just need some paperwork signed off on for this requisition request that was submitted by the science department." She held up the PADD to show him what she was referring to. Melody had always disliked Tellarites.

Besides the fact that they looked like squat little piglets, they had terrible attitudes towards other people. She found her patience tried numerous times by one of their kind. It was really hard to believe they were a Federation founding member at all.

"If you would be so kind?" She asked with a bit of a higher tone than normal.

Gredrol held up his hand, "Hold on Petty Officer Sullivan," He said. "What exactly happened?" He asked while looking at both of them for some sort of explanation that would help him. "Either one of you please?"

"One of these bumbling idiots," Geth began, "Thought it was a bright idea to attempt to use the waste reclamation system at the same time as the fueling process. To add further insult to injury nobody purged the lines and made absolutely certain the two lines were correctly aligned."

Melody was no engineer, "So then align them?" She suggested.

Jessica was trying to relax as she blew harshly against the strand of hair that had fluttered in front of her face. "Can't do that," She told the Petty Officer calmly. "We have six Starfleet vessels out there that were expecting to have fuel and dilithium. Now, instead of deuterium they have humanoid waste in their tanks."

Geth threw his arms in the air and began barking more orders, "Oi you?!" He was pointing at a young Cadet, "You best be explaining to the Captain why she's going to have six angry Commanders breathing down her neck."

Melody could have sworn she heard the young man squeak before running away as if he'd just been swatted like a dog. She snorted as she tried very hard to make it seem like it was nothing more than a mere cough. "So somehow the fueling procedures and waste reclamation procedures got crossed?"

Gredrol was watching the Petty Officer closely, 'Well done Petty Officer... I don't think it was all that noticeable,' He thought to himself. To be fair Gredrol was fighting the urge to burst into a fit of hysterical laughter. "Well, it does sound like you've got your hands quite full. That report I was going to ask for can wait then."

Jessica glared at the two of them, "I hardly believe humanoid waste clogging up entire fuel lines on not one, not two, but six different starships to be more than just a mere laughing matter." She snapped her fingers catching the attention of two of her people. "Hey, get that idiot away from that console."

Jessica waved frantically, "No not that idiot... The other one." The alarms then started to blare, "I'm really sorry to cut this conversation short, but I'm afraid I'm needed elsewhere."

Geth was chasing another Cadet away from the console while also throwing a tricorder at him. "Unbecoming my arse." He shouted harshly before returning to the task that he was attempting to perform. They had managed to get the check valves recalibrated and the entire system was offline.

Geth knew this was going to be a mess for Starfleet Engineering, who was already dealing with a different mess. He didn't want to imagine how long it would take them to fix six starships. At least the entire group of eight starships didn't meet the same fate.

Gredrol was watching the Tellarite while speaking, "I'd offer my assistance to them, but I think I would just get in the way." He commented as an Ensign nearly bowled him over followed by a Crewman that he didn't recognize. "I also don't think you're going to get that signature like you'd hoped."

"You're right sir," Melody commented. "I think I'll just come back in a few hours when they are not in complete chaos mode anymore. How about some lunch?" She asked.

Gredrol hadn't eaten, "This is pretty entertaining," He said while listening to all the sounds. "However, yes let's go get something to eat." Gredrol then headed through the door.

Jessica watched as the two of them departed before turning her attention back onto the task at hand. They had spent fifteen minutes deactivating the entire system. That caused the mess to grow exponentially when the waste reclamation system backed up causing a rupture on one of the lower decks.

"They are reporting flooding on Deck Three Hundred Forty Six," Jessica heard one of the officers commenting. "We're going to have to take the station into yellow alert." Jessica replied back.

Geth sighed heavily as he gently pushed down on the panel in front of him. "I've already notified the Captain. She's not going to be happy about this..." He said heavily.

Jessica had to agree with that assessment, "No she's not." She said, "Not in the least bit happy about it."


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