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Understanding Perfectly... Maybe

Posted on Wed Jan 6th, 2021 by Danielle MacIntyre & Bianca Bancroft [Gelo]

Mission: Episode 11 - Summer's End
Location: Stratham Beach Resort, Stratham
Timeline: Day 2 at 1139
1074 words - 2.1 OF Standard Post Measure

Bianca stared up at the twin suns through the darkened sunglasses as she focused on anything and everything. It was really hard to fathom that she'd been invited to the beach with all the others she'd come to know in the first place. Somewhere was her brother, "Most likely with Adriana," She muttered under her breath with a smirk on her face.

"What?" Danielle asked from where she laid next to the younger girl. She leaned up onto her forearms, "Did you say something?"

Bianca had forgotten she wasn't laying on the towel alone, "Nothing important," She said while turning her head to face the other girl. "I was just thinking about my brother and how he's running across the beach somewhere. Or, something like that."

"He's over there," Danielle said and pointed towards the shoreline where the boy was splashing one of her friends. She laid all the way back and sighed heavily, "At least I'll get one last tan before winter months hit," She muttered.

Bianca smirked, "Right?" She asked rhetorically, "Can you explain something to me though. I'm a bit confused to be honest." She'd barely known Danielle because of the age difference. Bianca also didn't have many friends beyond Ashley, who was also somewhere else.

"It seems like everyone in your age group has paired off before school has even started," Bianca started to say as she watched Danielle, "Everyone except for you. Why is that?"

Dani hadn't expected that sort of question. Her twin sister was now dating one of their friends, and while that wasn't entirely shocking to her the question had been. It had honestly taken her off guard and felt almost out of place in her opinion. "I don't know," She admitted while looking up into the sky as a flock of winged reptiles flew overhead.

Danielle didn't recognize them as anything that could have potentially lived on the planet Earth. She knew them to be native to the Ivaldi System and was trying to remember if her father had said anything about them living on the moon that orbited the fourth planet in the system.

It was an ideal distraction from the question anyway, "I guess I just haven't found the right person to date yet," She remarked with a soft shrug of her shoulders.

Bianca didn't buy into it, "I don't think that's it," She said. "I think you have a crush on someone who's probably already paired off. I just don't know who that may be. My guess would be Jami, but I don't know the two of you well enough to make that determination."

'Big words for a twelve-year-old,' Danielle thought to herself. "Nah," She answered while shaking her head quickly. "I don't have any sort of feelings for anyone like that."

"Why is that?" Bianca asked.

"I don't know," Danielle said somewhat harshly and quickly had to soften her tone otherwise she may frighten the younger girl. She didn't have the answers to either questions. And, the worst part was she didn't understand why she didn't have the answers to the questions.

She wished she did have the answers to the questions, but she did not and certainly could not answer them. "I guess I don't look at other people the same way I don't know. I've never had a boyfriend," She admitted. "I've never really wanted a boyfriend either."

Bianca rolled over onto her side and rested her head on her fist, "I wouldn't exactly call Jami and Riley boyfriend and girlfriend. That's mostly because neither is a boy," Her tone seemed to change slightly to something a bit darker.

"Maybe you like girls?" She asked rhetorically.

"That's not it either," Danielle told the younger girl. 'That's not it at all, but I don't have the answers to the questions. Perhaps something is really just wrong with me?' She questioned internally. And, it was certainly plausible that something may just be wrong with her.

She was happy for every one of her friends and not the least bit jealous of any of them. Then Danielle mentally shook her head because she had a hint of jealousy regarding her sister's relationship with Jami. However, it wasn't because Dani had feelings for Jami.

Bianca shrugged, and rolled back over onto her back. "I'm a bit jealous of Ashley and Chialek," She said. "I know they've been friends for a very long time and met on board that starship where they were both at. But, sometimes I feel like a third wheel with the two of them."

Danielle really considered what the girl had just said about feeling like a third wheel. She felt like that around all their friends and that was especially true with her sister. When they were little the two of them swore nothing would ever get between them.

It wasn't boys that had gotten in the way of their sister to sister relationship, but girls. It was a bit unexpected that Riley would end up dating another girl and she was happy for her sister. But, how could she explain to anyone at all her intense jealousy of the relationship that was still fresh and new.

"I don't know," Bianca continued, unaware of the warfare playing out in Danielle's own head. "I guess I'm happy for them at the same time. Maybe I just don't know what I'm looking for in others. Even Teagan seems to have started dating someone.

"From what I understand she has a hard time forming relationships with others," Bianca admitted. She didn't really know the older girls and felt like she was still getting to know Ashley. "I guess that's fair because everyone should be happy."

Danielle nodded idly as she listened to what the other girl was saying about Teagan. "They've been here longer than I have," She told the younger girl. In fact she knew that Bianca had been there longer than Danielle and her sister had been. "At least they are all happy," She said finally.

Danielle knew that was the important thing, that her sister was happy with who she was. But, Danielle wanted to be happy too and deep down she thought she wasn't really that happy. Something about the place where they lived prevented all of that. But, Danielle couldn't quite put her finger on just what that was nor could she figure out what that meant.


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