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Time To Recollect

Posted on Tue Jan 5th, 2021 by Lieutenant Courtney Mackenzie & Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin & Lieutenant Sorben ch'Theseski & Ensign Kendrick Belmont M.D.

Mission: Episode 11 - Summer's End
Location: Ready Room, USS Dunkirk
Timeline: Day 2 at 0955
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The rescue had been successful though S'Toriin wasn't sure what their next step should be. They had even managed to get a message out to one of the Starfleet vessels that had apparently been sent to look for them. He knew that would keep the station away for a little bit longer.

"Options?" S'Toriin asked the other three officers that were occupying his Ready Room.

Kendrick really didn't know of any. He had successfully healed Lieutenant Lejas and that would probably take a few hours or a day to heal fully anyway. In the meantime he'd put the Cardassian officer on limited duty. "We've determined that this is a Breen vessel, but we've not found the crew."

Courtney tried to weigh the options, "The ionic storm that has been raging in the system has done so on and off for years. I would almost bet that this had something to do with that. My best guess would be that this may be why nobody had detected the distress signal."

"What I want to know is what kind of lifeform is that?" Sorben asked.

S'Toriin pointed his finger at the Andorian officer that had just added that last question to the table. "We'll set that aside for now. The question is whether or not we want to tow this ship back to the station or not. If we do then we're stuck in the system until we have a window.

"Any ideas as to how long it'll take for the storm to clear up this go around?" S'Toriin asked.

"Probably thirty-six hours," Courtney commented. "That's my best guess. I get that there is a great deal to learn about Breen technology from this find, however, I think we should return to the ship and deactivate the distress beacon.

"Nobody should have to encounter those crazed things again," She said. "They've gone any unknown amount of time without food."

"That brings up another point," Kendrick said from the bulkhead where he had pressed his back. "How have they survived for so long without any form of food? I doubt they had resorted to eating each other."

"There could be an entire ecosystem on the ship," Sorben said.

Courtney nodded, "We were able to detect faint signatures of life while we were trapped in that room. There's nothing to say that there are other lifeforms on board. Though I don't know how herbivores would exist there."

S'Toriin looked at the others, "Well, if we tow the ship back then there is only one way to find out now isn't there?" He looked at the others, "I think we've got a mystery on our hands here. And, the station knows we are trapped in the storm.

"How many hours do we have if we leave without towing the vessel back?" He asked.

Courtney shrugged for what felt like the millionth time to her, "I'm not sure Commander. I would say probably twenty give or take an hour or two. And, I'm certainly just as curious as you are."

Sorben had to admit that his curiosity had gotten the better of him in this instance, and he was most certain that so had every other officer on board the ship. "One of those creatures took a chunk out of Lieutenant Lejas yesterday lets not forget that part.

"It may be entirely too dangerous to explore the entire ship without additional support. I would say the entire tactical team would have to go over to that ship with anyone wanting to see what's aboard." He said, "My recommendation is that we just blow up the ship."

Kendrick eyed the Lieutenant for a moment before looking at the others, "I think he's right. I am in agreement with Lieutenant ch'Theseski on this matter Commander."

Courtney looked at Kendrick and found herself quite shocked by the response, "I thought it was the mission statement of every Medical Officer to save lives regardless what those lives are?"

Kendrick nodded, "Of course it is. And, we've detected no sentient lifeforms on board the ship over there. My first duty is to the crew as is Commander S'Toriin's," He commented.

Sorben was a bit surprised that the Doctor had taken his side so quickly and easily. "Well," He said, "That's a bit of a change of pace if I may be so bold." He looked at the Commander, "Ultimately it falls upon you Captain."

S'Toriin knew that it had fallen on him to make the decision whether or not he wanted to risk more people. "We know what's over there predatory wise and we know they seem to hunt in packs. What we don't know is what else is lurking over on that ship, nor do we know what else may be there as well."

He leaned back in his seat and crossed his arms over his chest, "Honestly, the only way to make that determination is for us to actually go over to the ship and find out. And, tactically I do think we need to bring that ship back for further analysis."

"Tactically speaking we aren't at war with the Breen sir," Sorben offered.

Courtney nodded, "This is true, but we know so little about them. And, we know so little about what's on board that ship. I don't think any of us would sleep at night if we just left that ship. Or, if we just blew up the ship without investigating."

"I would," Sorben countered.

S'Toriin had risen from his seat while waving his hands in front of the two officers. He appreciated their input, but the decision still rested on his shoulders. "Is there additional things we can do in order to make it safer for further study?"

Sorben knew where the Commander was going with it, but his first duty was to the truth. "Tactical teams armed with phaser rifles. And, if the tricorders are set to detect the hostile creatures then they would have a fighting chance. But, what is it you hope to find over there?"

"Answers," Courtney said.

S'Toriin almost smirked, but managed to maintain his distance from any sign of emotional status. "Have our security and tactical teams geared up and ready to go. I want to send three away teams over to the ship. We should recover the computer core, any schematics, and determine what is allowing these creatures to survive."

Kendrick sighed heavily, "I'll proceed to sickbay and get medical kits ready then."

"Thank you Doctor," S'Toriin said.

Courtney was glad that the Commander had seen things her way, "I'll get to work on the tricorders. It shouldn't take more than two hours to get them ready to go. By then the tactical teams will be ready as well."

Sorben nodded, "It'll be done sir." He stated.

S'Toriin nodded, "Keep me posted. Dismissed."

Courtney got up to her feet and felt a bit of a skip in her step as she made her way out of the Ready Room. They were going to be learning so much about that ship and all it's technical secrets. She was going to go talk to Valencia immediately and tell her the good news...


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