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Medically Induced Jargon

Posted on Mon Jan 4th, 2021 by Commander Stephen O'Malley M.D. & Captain Neela Izal & Lieutenant Commander Laras [N. Bostru] & Lieutenant Sadie Potter [Dawson]

Mission: Episode 11 - Summer's End
Location: Morgue, Starfleet Medical Center
Timeline: Day 2 at 1145
1137 words - 2.3 OF Standard Post Measure

Sadie was the first to admit that she was completely stumped as she analyzed the last parts of the autopsy that she'd just conducted. A PADD in her hand as she walked around the body in the containment field before her. She was tapping away at it while looking at the final parts of data that had streamed through.

"Commander Laras," She said addressing the Nurse without looking at the Vulcan woman directly. "I think this about concludes the autopsy," She said in utter defeat.

"Were you expecting something else Doctor?" Laras asked.

Sadie shrugged, "I don't know what I was expecting," She said while looking at the corpse that belonged to the young Ensign. "It seems to be a pretty straight forward cause of death and everything."

Laras sighed, "I don't know if I would call it straight forward to be honest with you Doctor," She admitted while looking at the man's face. She had never met him, "I may not have known him, but nobody deserves this." She stated.

"You're absolutely correct in that assessment Laras," She told the hospital's head nurse.

Stephen was the first through the door and stepped to the side so that the Captain could enter as well. "I don't know what to tell you," He said with an apologetic tone. "I already mentioned that the rash would go away in less than an hour."

"Don't blame me for being a worrier," Neela told him as she came through the door. She immediately realized that both Doctor Potter and Nurse Laras were present and fell silent. "Lauren has a slight rash on the back of her leg. We think it's an allergic reaction."

Stephen was rubbing the bridge of his nose, "You think it is yes," He told her. "Medically speaking I don't agree," He looked at the young Ensign on the table still in containment. "Anyway, let's discuss the real reason we're here please?"

Neela gave him a death glare before turning her attention upon Laras and Sadie, "Yes please." She said.

"Gladly," Sadie said to the Captain and the Director of the Hospital, "We weren't expecting to see either of you. And, I must admit your timing is pretty good because we just finished the examination on young Mister Simon here," She said and pointed at him.

"The cause of death is pretty simple," She said while standing over his head, "He suffered cardiac arrest brought on by an edged weapon being driven through his back and into the center of his heart. I doubt he felt it because the death was almost immediate."

"So we know that the cause of death was the weapon," Stephen said while still rubbing the bridge of his nose. He'd moved his hand up to the front of his forehead before going all the way around to the back of his head. "You seem somewhat disappointed though Doctor Potter?"

Laras eyed the Doctor for a moment, "I think she was expecting to find some sort of disease or something far more medically interesting?" It came out in the form of a question.

Sadie shrugged with the same level of boredom, "Let's just say this is probably one of the least interesting autopsies I've ever performed. Ensign Simon was your typical healthy twenty-two year old human male. He had a skin condition that caused him to flake sometimes.

"Otherwise it's nothing interesting," She said. "I can tell you that the weapon in question was not serrated and had a double edge. Most likely the assailant chose this method because a phased weapon would have set off the sensors."

"That rarely stops people," Neela offered. "I must admit the scientist in me is quite intrigued though." She knew she was going to get some strange looks for that response, "Let me elaborate on my meaning. I think it's intriguing that someone managed to get his body two hundred decks through the station without detection."

Laras had tilted her head slightly, "I am assuming that Security is yet to determine what allowed for that to transpire?" She asked. "Have they managed to figure out anything at all about this thus far?"

Neela shook her head, "They think the turkeys and Klingon opera filled PADDs were meant to throw off the investigation though."

"All I know," Sadie told the two of them, "Is that there will be a lot of blood wherever the Ensign actually died. And, I doubt they cleaned up the mess afterwards."

"Did he completely bleed out?" Stephen asked.

Laras shook her head, "He still had a good amount of blood in his body. At some point his heart would have stopped pumping and he would have died at that point. However, he did not bleed out on the deck where he was attacked."

"I would say that he was either ambushed, or the person who did it was a trusting friend. Ensign Simon most likely never saw it coming," Sadie told them. She looked at him, "Have you told his family?"

Neela shook her head, "I am withholding information for the time being. I don't want to tell them that their son was killed on the station, but not have an explanation as to how. Now I've got that information in the back of my mind and will be making that call."

Laras nodded, "That would probably be for the best." She answered, "In the meantime we'll keep him in stasis until we know what your plan is Captain."

Neela nodded, "Now then," She said looking at Stephen, "Back to our initial conversation. If it's not an allergic reaction than what is it?"

"I can look," Sadie offered the Captain. "If you want a second opinion of course."

"It would be the third," Stephen said with a chuckle. "Doctor Stevens said the same thing as I did. She wants to ask Doctor Fairchild who is Lauren's primary doctor. But, Suzanne has been busy so she's not been able to ask about it."

Neela looked at the two of them, "It's not that I don't trust Doctor Stevens or you," She said. "I just think it's an allergic reaction and we need to find out for sure."

Laras looked at the Captain with her brow raised. She had already begun the process of putting Ensign Simon's body in the containment chamber behind them, "There is a test for that," She offered. "But, she's still little so I don't know if I would do that just yet."

Neela sighed and lowered her shoulders. Her daughter wasn't a year old yet, "All right." She said in defeat, "I'll take your word for it Doctor O'Malley," She said somewhat playfully.

Stephen nodded, "Thank you," He told her. "Now let's go get some lunch please." He said next and led the Captain out of the morgue.


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