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A Messy Tour

Posted on Sun Jan 3rd, 2021 by Lieutenant Commander Kelsi Dawson & Commander Chelsea McDanielson [Moneaux] & Lieutenant Commander Tolam Pizal & Lieutenant R'Toren & Lieutenant JG Amélie Moneaux [J. Bostru] & Lieutenant JG Taven [Hoseki] & Ensign Taya MacDonnell [R. MacIntyre] & Chief Petty Officer Merissa Reade [Gelo]

Mission: Episode 11 - Summer's End
Location: Main Engineering, USS Onnar
Timeline: Day 2 at 1215
1341 words - 2.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Chelsea had every memory of her time aboard the USS Onnar rush her head on almost immediately after she'd stepped aboard. The vessel had been placed in drydock in order to test the new sensor suite that had been installed. It seemed to be having some sort of malfunction and they were trying to figure out what the problem was.

This had led to a grand tour of the place before the ship would be departing in about two weeks. She listened to the new Tellarite Chief Engineering Officer drone on about the upgrades. And, how he couldn't possibly understand what the problem with this new sensor suite could possibly be.

Chelsea knew that, for some of the officers that had joined them, this was their first experience with a quantum slipstream drive. So that had been the interest of the day, or at least for the moment. She was more concerned about the real reason the ship was there. They had already lost the last USS Onnar and she didn't want others to experience that.

Taya found herself with dozens of questions, but really wanted to get their attention back onto the matter at hand. "Sir," The Ensign said finally after having listened to him drone on about how they had gotten back to the Ivaldi System so quickly. "Sir, if you don't mind I think we would like to focus on other matters."

Amélie nodded in agreement, "Yes, we can check out the specifications later." She commented.

Chelsea had to admit that her most junior engineers had a point. "I think we can take it from here Commander," She told him.

The Tellarite scoffed at them before leaving them alone in his engineering room. He would just go find something more engaging to deal with then a bunch of children and vanished.

Tolam watched him go, "Well I don't remember you ever being that way," He quipped in Chelsea's direction.

Chelsea smirked, "I wasn't." She said though she wasn't about to go into details about her youth. Now she was far too old and seasoned to be focused on such minor details. "For most of us we've been on this ship."

"Too right," Taven commented. He hadn't spent much time in the engineering spaces, "Sorry if you wanted to know more though Commander Dawson."

Kelsi shrugged, "Sorry that I was asking so many questions," She told the others with a bit of pink in her cheeks. "So we have the ship for two weeks, but what if it takes longer to get the parts?"

Merissa had been quiet for much of the walk, "I've already seen to it and spoken to logistics about that. The mining teams have also promised that they will have the ore that we need processed by the end of the day tomorrow."

Kelsi grinned, "Thanks Chief." She answered.

Merissa then felt her cheeks turn a slight shade of red and tried to hide it away for the moment. "Anyway," She offered the others. "If you don't mind what do we know about the sensor system thus far?"

Amélie spoke up, "It was found that there is a glitch in the computer matrix for the sensor suite. It has a software problem that needs to be rectified. Lieutenant Grayson was already working on it before she was pulled away for the investigation."

Amélie looked at Taya, "Ensign I believe you took some rudimentary computer courses at the Academy?"

Taya nodded, "I took a few courses, but I didn't major in it like Lieutenant Grayson. I'll try my best ma'am," She answered.

Amélie still wasn't used to being referred to as ma'am, but ignored that. "Sir, I do believe we will have all the answers we seek soon enough."

Kelsi raised her hand, "We think it could also be in relation to one of the components on the overall suite itself. I've isolated three different possibilities and have been tracking down a solution to the problem."

Tolam listened to all of them speak as he looked up at the warp core, "The first step will be to remove the suite."

R'Toren had been silent for much of the time because he was taking in the sights on the ship. It was massive and certainly not something he was used to seeing in his career. "Leave that to my department," He finally said. "I've already assigned a number of people to do that."

He looked at the others, "Once it has been removed we'll utilize a work bee to bring the entire system into Cessna Station for further analysis."

"Let me know if you need help with that," Kelsi told him with a grin.

R'Toren nodded, "Of course," He told her.

Chelsea let her officers confer among themselves and was amazed at how well they were all working together. They'd been working together for months so it wasn't a huge surprise. "We need to determine the exact problem quickly before another ship ends up in drydock due to problems."

"Speaking of which," R'Toren offered, "We've been busy repairing the ship in question. It should be ready to depart by the time we've found the problem with the sensor system. Are we going to be installing the updated version into that ship as well?"

Tolam shook his head, "For the time being I would like it if the older model system is installed. This could be a bigger problem than just a coding issue or a component. That ship is much smaller than the Onnar and the Haeva had problems with it."

"Smaller ships may simply not have the power necessary," Amélie offered. "There haven't been reports of the larger vessels having a problem."

"And, that Chief Engineer did say something about Onnar not having problems," Taya added. "This could simply be a matter of power problems. However, I will look at the code structure and see if I can track down the problem. Just as soon as I've spoken with Lieutenant Grayson and see where she may have left off."

"Very well," Chelsea told them. "Will you all keep me updated?"

Merissa had nothing further to add, "Certainly," She said. "I'll see about getting into contact with the other departments and see if they can lend a hand as well."

"That's not a bad idea," R'Toren said.

Tolam nodded, "No it's not a bad idea at all. Station Operations is more focused on the refueling operations and have taken the lead there. Tagorn and Mia are both focused on the investigation. However, the other departments are free to utilize as needed."

Amélie had been put in charge of the project from what she understood. "I could use all the help I can get." She said.

Kelsi nodded, "We both could." She said to the others. "Now then, can we get back to the tour or do you think we've angered that engineer?"

"We don't really need him," Taya told her. "We've got Taven and these two," She said with a grin on her face.

"I'm afraid I don't know engineering all that well," Taven told her. "I wasn't down here all that often. We do have Commander McDanielson and Commander Pizal though."

"True," Tolam said.

Chelsea didn't see anything wrong with showing them around the rest of the ship, "Just don't tell that engineer because he may really get mad at us and tell Captain Ramirez or something like that."

"My lips are sealed sir," R'Toren said.

Kelsi nodded, "Mine as well." She was trying to not laugh at the comments about the rude Tellarite officer. She had met Senior Chief Magand and he didn't seem nearly as rude.

Merissa knew it was better than being in her house alone. Her children were out and about, and she was in the process of a divorce from Dorian who was living in an apartment somewhere in Javelin City. "I'm in." She said.

Kelsi was glad to hear that, "Good." She answered then indicated that they could return to the tour once more.


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