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A Step In Time

Posted on Sat Jan 2nd, 2021 by Lieutenant Commander Gredrol Son of Osham & Commander Yvanka Dravex [Hayashi] & Lieutenant Commander Reid Hoseki & Lieutenant JG Grokan [O'Malley] & Lieutenant JG Thalen ch'Shraalik [Kingsley] & Senior Chief Petty Officer Geth Magand [G. MacIntyre]

Mission: Episode 11 - Summer's End
Location: Main Operations, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 2 at 0859
1113 words - 2.2 OF Standard Post Measure

Thalen knew that it could always be worse than what it already was for the people on the station. It had been over twenty-four hours and they hadn't heard anything from the Dunkirk so his anxiety about that was through the roof. Not only did he have friends on board, but Valencia was aboard too.

He tried to focus on security matters because it wasn't like they didn't have enough to worry about on the station. The death of the Starfleet Ensign was one of those things that required his focus. But, the Lieutenant couldn't concentrate on that either. Then there was the matter of multiple starships being in the system as well.

Transiting through the system had been suspended for the time being and it wasn't like the ships were going anywhere anyway. They were there for refueling operations that had been delayed. He was still going through security footage in the cargo bay and getting nowhere anyway. "I need something to drink."

Yvanka was in command for the morning while the Executive Officer was off busy dealing with the recent death. And, the Captain was probably in her office just around the corner. She looked at the security officer, "Is everything all right?"

Thalen shrugged, "Sure," He said as he ordered a mug of Andorian coffee from the replicator. "I just can't seem to focus on anything right now."

Gredrol immediately knew what the problem was when he heard the answer from the Andorian. "You're worried about the Dunkirk aren't you?" He asked after a time. "We have a starship searching the area around the Pegasi Fifty-one system as we speak."

"And, yet there's no news," Thalen said.

Reid nodded his head solemnly, "There is some sort of ionic interference affecting sensors. The ship searching the area is also unable to enter the system due to other problems. As soon as we hear back I'm sure you'll be one of the first to know."

Geth looked up from the operations panel where he was vigorously working, "Besides we've got more than enough things on our plates right now."

Thalen grunted when he heard the Tellarite Chief Petty Officer's response. To him it sounded so insincere that he didn't know how to reply to it. At least not at first, however, he took a moment to think it over. "You're right," He said after a time.

Grokan frowned, "Freighter Daniels is requesting an explanation as to why they've not been granted clearance to depart from the system."

Thalen rotated the chair, "Because there's an active investigation," He answered the Rigellian officer. "This is the typical response to any sort of investigation and until we know more they cannot leave." The words tasted harsh as they left his mouth.

Grokan nodded slowly, "I've responded with that a number of times already they don't seem interested in that response. However, the ship's Captain is standing down the request for the time being."

Yvanka looked at the young officer, "If they ask again please notify me and I'll handle it." She said to him. "Chief where are we at with the preparations for refueling operations?"

Geth looked at her, "Lieutenant Kingsley reports that the Operations department will be ready to begin in less than fifteen minutes to begin the process of fueling the ships in the system. We have a total of six starships waiting for this process."

"Thanks," Yvanka said.

"Are you always so matter-of-fact?" Thalen asked the Tellarite Chief while looking at his console. The footage was starting to drive him crazy once more and so he was looking to distract himself.

Geth eyed the Lieutenant, "Yes," He said. Geth then returned to his own work and wondered why Thalen was being such a pain in his ass this early in the morning. He understood that the officer was unnerved because of the situation, but that was no reason to behave this way.

Gredrol shook his head, "Can you two please get along?" He asked the two of them. But, before either had a chance to answer his question he began to speak again, "The USS Onnar will be in the system in less than ten minutes Commander."

"Thanks," Yvanka answered. "Please notify engineering personnel that the starship Onnar is entering the system soon."

Gredrol nodded, "Aye sir."

Geth looked at the Commander, "I'm trying to be civil with the Lieutenant," He admitted then looked at Thalen, "I apologize sir."

Thalen breathed loosely through his partially closed lips before registering a response. "It's me that should be apologizing Chief," He said. Thalen lowered his shoulders, "I'm just on edge."

"I wouldn't be on edge for much longer," Reid said. "We are receiving a long range subspace message from the USS Essex Commander," He said, "It's audio only most likely from the interference."

"Play it," Yvanka said with a shrug.

=/="USS Essex to Starbase Eight Twelve we have successfully made contact with the USS Dunkirk through the interference. They are presently investigating a derelict starship that was recovered from the lone planet in the system. No other details at this time because their communications are badly garbled and lack any long range communications. Essex out."=/=

Thalen took a deep breath and let it out, "I guess that's better than nothing." He answered.

"See," Yvanka told him with a warm smile on her face, "Now can you please focus on your job. We need to know what happened in that cargo bay this morning. Otherwise traffic continues to be halted out of the system."

Gredrol grinned warmly as well, "And we have refueling operations that we need to focus on as well. How's that coming along Chief?"

"The operations have started Commander," Geth responded.

Grokan nodded, "And, that freighter is asking for an updated estimated time that they can depart. I've told them that we don't have an answer to their inquiry and to stand by." He looked away from his console and towards the Commander, "They most likely want to dock with the station or are concerned about goods in their hold."

Reid had pulled up the cargo manifest, "They don't have any perishable goods in their hold. I would tell them to begin a standard orbit of the planet or dock on the station we do have some space."

"Very well," Grokan answered.

Yvanka had noticed just how well operations ran when everyone was actually focusing on their jobs. She could sense the worry from Thalen starting to ebb as well. "I should go update the Captain. Is there anything else to report?"

Gredrol shook his head, "Not for now Commander." He answered her then returned to focusing on his tasks.


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