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Klingon Operas & Turkey Dinners

Posted on Fri Dec 18th, 2020 by Lieutenant Commander Novra Bostru & Captain Iazil Naadel [Engstrom] & Lieutenant Gelo Pajes & Lieutenant Commander Avery Preston [Sinjohl] & Lieutenant Sadie Potter [Dawson] & Lieutenant JG Katie Halstead [Stevenson]

Mission: Episode 11 - Summer's End
Location: Cargo Bay 9, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 2 at 0832
1195 words - 2.4 OF Standard Post Measure

Novra had been looking forward to a quiet day in her office knowing that her daughter was off at the beach enjoying the last day of summer. That had been shattered when she was requested to come down to cargo bay nine and immediately saw why.

The cargo bay had a newly established security seal in place and was swarming with Starfleet security personnel, "I don't suppose you're planning a surprise birthday party for me or something?" She asked sarcastically as soon as she came to a stop in front of Avery.

"Don't I wish," Avery said while rubbing the back of his head, "That's not the case at all," He said next. "I've already notified Commander Naadel that her presence is needed down here. He said to the Commander as he led her into the cargo bay behind a stack of self sealing stem bolts.

Novra had seen her share of bodies and that list included her now deceased husband after his death. She wasn't horrified at the sight of the young Operations Ensign laying at an unnatural angle on the deck. "What am I looking at?" She asked.

Pajes had to resist the temptation to be sarcastic, 'A body...' He thought to himself as he watched Sadie examine the body.

"I heard that," Novra quipped.

Pajes winced, "Right," The Bajoran Security Chief said quietly as he looked over his shoulder at the Betazoid woman. He wasn't anticipating her to read his mind so readily, "We are looking at Ensign Raphael Samuel Simon who was recently assigned to the station.

"And, by recently I do mean recently... He was initially assigned to the USS Janitza as an engineer before being transferred here. He's only been out of the Academy a few months and already at two different posts." Pajes shook his head.

Novra nodded, "What's all of this?" She said pointing at the various PADDs that covered the deck around the body and the six frozen turkeys that were also laying there.

Katie was reviewing what was on one of the PADDs, "They are filled with an entire collection of Klingon Opera," She offered. "We don't know why they are here," She looked at the Ensign's body, "We don't know why he's here either." She said.

Iazil walked through the security seal and into the cargo bay before finding the others. "I see what you mean Commander," She said to Avery as she looked down at the still form. "This is probably the strangest thing I've seen in my lifetime and I told everyone about what happened on Trill a couple months ago."

She was referring to the incident regarding the visitation of Tolam Pizal's previous host. That had easily topped her list of bizarre things in her life, but this would pull probably a close second. "All right Doctor anything?"

Sadie was still analyzing the body, "He's been dead for forty-eight hours Commander," She said noting the state of the body and the slight amount of decay. "The witness commented about a strong odor coming from behind this stack of cases." She idly pointed towards the stem bolts.

"He suffered from a single stab wound through his back which pierced his heart. I have reason to believe that the weapon in question was serrated based on the wound. I can't say without conducting a full autopsy on him though."

"Please tell me this is staged?" Novra asked.

Avery nodded, "Very good," He said while tapping the base of his chin, "I'm glad to see that you've not neglected your investigative skills Novra," He was being sarcastic and trying entirely too hard not to laugh at the situation. "The last reported location of Ensign Simon was the access junction on deck two hundred."

Novra was utterly confused, "So someone managed to move a body from deck two hundred to this cargo bay without anyone noticing?" She asked rhetorically and looked at those around her.

Pajes shrugged, "It certainly appears that way. We will need to figure out what the Ensign was doing there and how he escaped sensors. The computer system didn't register him on board the ship at the time of his disappearance."

Iazil looked at her friend first then her gaze was transfixed onto the Lieutenant, "So how is that possible when he's wearing his communicator?" She asked.

"He may not have checked on board," Katie said as she knelt in front of the body and pulled the communicator off his chest. "Also," She said and flipped it over so that they could see the person's name and service number. "This doesn't belong to him."

Avery couldn't hold onto the laughter anymore, "So are we sure that this is Ensign Simon?" He asked between small fits of laughter.

"Absolutely," Sadie said, "I conducted a DNA test on him as soon as I started the preliminary examination of the body. He's Ensign Simon," She said and rotated him slightly so that she could lower his waistband. "Also, he has his name and service number tattooed to his waist."

Pajes laughed under his breath which turned into more of a snort than anything, "So the man dies on a different level and they move his body. The person responsible put these items here too, but I'm not seeing the connection," He admitted.

"Nobody is," Sadie answered him.

Katie was resisting the urge to follow suit and laugh along with everyone else because this was a serious situation. "There are any number of theories relating to this. I guess I'll have to figure out the one that best fits," She said. Then Katie looked at the Commanders, "Assuming that I'm in charge of this one?"

"You are," Avery answered the Lieutenant. He looked at Pajes, "That's assuming that you want her to be Lieutenant?" He asked.

Pajes shrugged, "I was going to take charge of this one," He said to them, "I really want to know how this turns out anyway. As does everyone else I'm assuming," He was shaking his head at that point.

Novra found herself nodding, "So much for a quiet day," She said. "We'll have to analyze the PADDs to see if there's anything else of interest on them." She pointed at the large group of them laying on the deck.

"Seems to only be opera," Katie said. "If you want to know more we'll have to analyze them with better equipment," She commented.

Iazil was scratching the back of her head, "I'll go notify the Captain I'm sure she's going to be really quite thrilled about this." The Exec offered and turned around before leaving the cargo bay.

Avery watched the exec go, "We all think that." He muttered under his breath and followed behind her.

"Keep at it," Novra said to them. "I'll be in my office and yes this is your jurisdiction Lieutenant Gelo." She told the Bajoran officer.

"Of course," Pajes responded as he watched Sadie work.

Novra nodded and crossed her arms over her chest while shaking her head. 'Starfleet Security is going to get a kick out of this,' She found herself thinking as she departed the cargo bay.


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