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The Only Graceful Thing To Do

Posted on Fri Nov 27th, 2020 by Lieutenant Commander Reid Hoseki & Commander Chelsea McDanielson [Moneaux] & Commander Yvanka Dravex [Hayashi] & Lieutenant Commander Gredrol Son of Osham & Lieutenant Gavin MacIntyre & Lieutenant JG Korti Jaiba [Fairchild]

Mission: Episode 11 - Summer's End
Location: Cockpit, Runabout London
Timeline: Day 1 at 1019
1258 words - 2.5 OF Standard Post Measure

All Gredrol could think about as he kicked back on the seat was how excited he was to be returning to his own bed. "As far as conferences go, that one was a bit on the long side," He said as he crossed his arms over his large chest. "I don't even understand why it was necessary for me to go."

"Knowledge," Chelsea quipped with a slight laugh locked away in her response. "It was a conference relating to the Six Shards of the Ortani," She stated with a shrug. "On Terra Nova too," She said. "I think having the perspective of Starfleet Intelligence would have been good.

"Besides, it was fascinating listening to all the scientific explanations for their purpose," She said.

Jaiba eyed the Commander for a moment and was debating whether or not she wanted to answer or just roll her eyes. "Coffee, hot," She said while standing next to the replicator. "I don't know if I would go so far as to claim that it was enlightening. And, wasn't his part of the conference simply debating what may or may not have happened to Doctor Travis Cunningham?"

Gredrol grinned, "It was," He sighed after saying it. "Starfleet Intelligence believes that the good Doctor probably defected and is on a planet in Romulan controlled space. That is just one of many theories out there," He said and pulled himself up.

Reid was too busy piloting the runabout, "Well, I for one, am glad that I'll be sleeping next to my wife tonight. Being gone for three days was more than enough for me." He said. "The station is only about two hours away from us at our current speed."

Yvanka looked at Reid, "I found it enlightening," She said with a shrug.

"With respect sir," Gavin said from behind everyone else, "You would have found it enlightening. I personally want to know more about the Ortani biology," He said. "Call it professional interest." He eventually returned to where he'd been seated.

"There are many in the life sciences division that believe the Ortani are some sort of organic machine race or some nonsense," Gavin said. "But, since we've only found a limited amount of information relating to them it's impossible to say."

Jaiba eyed the Lieutenant for a moment, "Weren't there some sort of biological information bits in one of the spires?"

"If there were Lieutenant," Gavin said to the Bajoran woman, "I would have seen it by now. Besides most of this was simply theory and speculation. Starfleet Science wants to know more about it and holding the conference on the planet where the first shard was found..." He allowed his voice to trail away without further speculation.

Gredrol didn't like where the conversation was going, "Well, I don't have the ability to put any scientific emphasis on these shards. But, from a tactical standpoint I'm concerned."

"Why's that?" Reid asked the Klingon officer.

Gredrol looked at the pilot, "Because these things have suddenly started to appear after one hundred and fifty thousand years," He said. "And, don't forget all the evidence that seems to indicate that the Ortani may have been a major threat in their time."

"We're all from conqueror races," Reid answered him.

Jaiba cleared her throat, "When did the Bajorans ever conquer anything?" She asked.

Yvanka nodded, "There was never a Betazoid attack force," She said. "We've always been a peaceful race." She told them with a shrug, "I think you're allowing your tactical experience to cloud your judgement."

Reid corrected himself, "All right," He said while throwing up his hands and spinning around in the chair. "Some of us are from races that once conquered others." He knew many humans tried to ignore their past, but Reid could not do so.

Chelsea found the debate quite interesting, "From an engineering perspective I'm afraid that I must agree with Gredrol and his concerns." She knew she was going to get some interesting looks for that one. "Let me divulge a little further before you all start defending the Ortani as some sort of peaceful race.

"The spires all describe a civil war that took place which resulted in the extinction of the Ortani," She said. "They talk of an emperor that was power hungry and dangerous."

"True," Gavin said.

Jaiba nodded as she rubbed the bottom of her chin, "But, weren't you all saying that the Iconians may not have been the conquerors that history had pre-judged them to be?" She asked rhetorically, "And, sure the Cardassians have been bloodthirsty in the past.

"But, look at their current relationship with the Federation and Klingon Empire," She said. "I think even if the Ortani were bloodthirsty there's nothing to say that they still would be one hundred and fifty thousand years later."

Gredrol smirked, "Klingons are warriors by nature," He said. "And, the Cardassians have often been formidable opponents even if many Klingons wouldn't want to admit that."

Chelsea shrugged, "You didn't live your entire life in the empire though," She said. "That gives you an entirely different perspective than most."

"True," Gredrol said. "However, that doesn't take away the threat to the Federation that the Ortani may possess."

Gavin looked at them for a moment, "Well, thankfully most of the conference was relating to Ortani technological achievements and the scientific intrigue surrounding them. Even if parts were related more to a tactical side of things," He admitted.

"We thought the Dominion was a bit of a threat at one point too," Gavin continued, "I think any race that is more technologically threatening than the Federation holds some sort of merit in that domain. Sure, the Federation has been given it's cookies more than once." He concluded.

Jaiba shrugged, "I wouldn't worry too much about the threat that the Ortani could possess if it weren't for the fact that the Federation has been outgunned multiple times. I think Commander Gredrol's viewpoints hold water."

Gredrol grinned again, "Thank you Lieutenant."

Chelsea had crossed her arms over her chest, "Well regardless we have to look at all points of view in the argument. For all we know the Ortani were actually peaceful," She stated.

"History has lied before," Yvanka concluded, "Many times."

Reid nodded, "True, but then history has also been a little more honest than most people would want to admit. Not every culture is going to be dangerous just like not every culture isn't dangerous. I think we need to just be ready in case they really are."

"So you would suggest a guns blazing approach?" Gavin asked him.

Reid shook his head, "Not necessarily. However, I do not believe that holding out a hand of friendship without knowing who the Ortani were is such a great idea either. Besides they existed over one hundred fifty thousand years ago and by all accounts are extinct."

Gredrol sighed, "But, what if we're wrong about that?"

Jaiba pointed at the Klingon, "We've not found a trace of evidence that seems to indicate whether we are right or wrong to assume that they've gone extinct. And, we've got these shards that seem to be scattered across half the quadrant to boot."

Reid looked at the readouts that indicated that any minute now they would be dropping out of warp, "I suppose we'll find out once all six shards are found. At this rate it'll be in our possession by the end of the year." He said and knew that nobody could really dispute his assumption... At least not for the moment anyway.


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