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Paying A Visit

Posted on Thu Nov 19th, 2020 by Kayla Holtz [Engstrom] & Arika Washington [J. de Planca] & Leah Reade [Mackenzie]

Mission: Episode 10 - Ashes to Ashes
Location: Holtz Household, Stratham
Timeline: Day 3 at 1329
1325 words - 2.7 OF Standard Post Measure

It had been two weeks since Kayla had left the house, perhaps a bit longer, if she really wanted to think about it. Comfortable pajamas was what she was beginning to know after the move out of the Governor's mansion in Javelin City where it was just her mother and herself.

Her mother had tried her best to make it as comfortable for the two of them as she could and Kayla was thankful for that. She'd barely spoken to any of her friends because she couldn't face facts. Her father was dead now and the funeral had happened not long after they'd found him.

She couldn't accept that someone, anyone really, would want to hurt her father after everything their family had been through. It was a loss that she couldn't accept and couldn't face. Kayla had numerous messages from her best friend Teagan who wanted to talk to her. But, Kayla couldn't bring herself to do that. Not yet anyway.

Kayla knew that Teagan had feelings for her, but had also learned that Teagan may have feelings for Tyler after all. She was bitterly confused because she liked both Teagan and Trevor at the same time. However, the one person who could have made it better wasn't there. And, it seemed that her mother was entirely too busy to be around as well.

Then, there was Pobrin whom she'd spoken to at least once, but he was also quite busy. Her friend Ashley was still suffering from her own memory loss making it feel to Kayla as if her pain wasn't relevant anyway. So there Kayla sat reading a PADD and listening to old recordings of her father from when she was a tween.

Leah looked at Arika, "Is everything ready?" She asked the other girl. "Because it took me forever and ever to convince my Mom to let me leave the house without anyone older than the two of us."

Arika looked over her shoulder, "We won't be gone long and besides Kayla is older than both of us anyway." She had grown somewhat concerned about her friend and about Kayla at the same time. Arika knew something was horribly wrong in both instances, she just couldn't form the questions.

Arika reached up and activated the chime on the door so that the person inside would be aware of their presence. "Hopefully she is home," Arika said as she took a step back after having to stand up on the tips of her toes.

Kayla's ears perked up when she heard the sound of the bell, "Who in the world could that be?" She asked as she stood up and walked over to the door. After she opened it her eyes trailed down until she saw two small children that she immediately recognized.

"Arika, Leah." She stepped to one side, "Come in." She offered them because she could use the company anyway even if she desperately wanted to be left alone. Perhaps having the two young children in the house would make the horrific sensation of that loneliness go away.

Arika smiled and took Leah by the hand before she skipped into the house, "This is nice," She said as she looked around and saw all the decorations through the home. "Very nice," She said with a smile.

Leah nudged the other girl, "Give it to her," She whispered as she looked at the multiple photographs on the walls. She recognized several as Kayla from when she was closer to the age that Leah was now. She grinned, "We wanted to give you something after we heard about what happened to your Dad."

Arika nodded slowly as she pulled out the folded card that she had hand drawn with Leah, Olivia, Thea, and Claire. "Here," She said.

Kayla gently took the paper and opened it before a smile and several small tears formed in her eyes. She wiped them away and hugged both girls after reading the names to herself. Kayla didn't know who Thea and Claire were, but she recognized Olivia's name. "Tell the others thank you," She said quietly as the tears grew.

Kayla had been struggling but at least it was nice to know that someone out there cared deeply for her. She could never try to express to them how it felt to lose a parent and she certainly hoped that they never had to go through that. Kayla had wanted to talk to Adriana about it.

But, how do you approach someone who was as young as Adriana had been when her mother was killed and ask that sort of question. It was difficult enough facing it when the wounds were so fresh, but Adriana seemed to have moved on from it. "I appreciate it." She told them after wiping off more tears.

Arika grinned as she hugged the older girl, "We just wanted to do something because we hoped it would help. Sorry that it took so long to get it to you, but you seemed so busy."

Kayla found herself smiling warmly as she knelt in front of both girls, "It's okay," She said. Kayla then hugged the two girls again and walked over before hanging the picture next to the replicator. "I know my Dad would have appreciated it too," She told them.

Kayla would have to tell her mother about the drawing once her mother actually came home. But, lately the office seemed to be so much more important and perhaps that was how her mother was dealing with the loss in the first place. Kayla wasn't about to ask that question of her mother, at least not for the moment.

She was now one of the children who had lost a parent, but her loss was far more fresh than the others. Kayla wasn't sure how to deal with it and she wasn't sure who to talk to about it either. "Do you two want something to eat or drink?"

Leah thought about it for a moment and wondered how upset her mother would have gotten if she'd stayed. "Perhaps you should talk to Kelsi?" She suggested.

Kayla didn't know who that was, "Someone at school where you guys go?" She asked.

Leah shook her head, "No she's one of the Starfleet officers here on the planet. She's staying with my Mom, my brothers, and me." She said, "I think she said something about her Dad dying a few years ago?" Leah shrugged, "I don't know how old she was when it happened though."

Kayla nodded as she continued to smile warmly, "I'll do that." She said while standing near the replicator.

Arika looked at her friend, "We're going to go though. I know you probably still need alone time to process it..." She said and realized that she'd used a really big word, however, showed no indication of understanding what she'd said.

Leah looked at Arika and wondered if the girl was right or wrong to assume that, but didn't argue. She knew her mother would become worried if they'd stayed too long with the way things had been. "Yeah," She answered finally and hugged Kayla once more. "See you." She said.

Arika also hugged Kayla before turning and leading her friend out of the house without saying anything further about it. She was waving as she went through the door and then started out where she would use the communicator that her mother had given her to transport them away.

Kayla had watched them go with a slight smile on her face. Kelsi was another person she could talk to if she really wanted to. However, Kayla knew that she wasn't quite ready to talk about much of anything and so she locked the door behind her. Kayla walked into the house and took another look at the drawing. The sentiment made her quite happy, but at the same time made her miss her father that much more.


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