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A Consultation

Posted on Thu Nov 12th, 2020 by Lieutenant Commander Kara Stevenson Ph.D. & Commander Stephen O'Malley M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca & Lieutenant Commander Manuel de Planca & Lieutenant Pobrin Izar Ph.D.

Mission: Episode 10 - Ashes to Ashes
Location: Kara Stevenson's Office, Starfleet Medical Center
Timeline: Day 2 at 1644
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Pobrin had wondered how Manuel and Jordyn would take what he was about to tell them as he made his way from his own office to Counselor Stevenson's office. They could react any number of ways and that was where Pobrin wondered which way it would go. This was meant to be a consultation with them and he wanted to include Doctor O'Malley as well.

Pobrin didn't know Ashley's parents as well as he would have wanted to know them. And, he certainly didn't know what other medical professionals would say to his suggestion. Pobrin had kept that largely to himself, but he needed a way to keep the girl comfortable and trusting of his methods.

By the time Pobrin had walked into the office he quickly realized he was the last one to arrive there. "I apologize," He said as he slipped inside the office. He sat down, "I've been trying to figure out the best method to retrieve those memories and help Ashley heal. So far she seems to be struggling with a wide variety of issues."

Jordyn wouldn't deny that her daughter had been struggling with trying to remember what happened to her. "I'm not sure what to make of anything that's been said this far. I think we had initially wanted Kara to conduct the sessions, however, she's been busy."

"I'm sorry about that," Kara said and frowned.

Jordyn smiled, "It's all right," She looked at Stephen who was also in the room uncertain what he was supposed to contribute to this meeting. He was a friend of hers and therefore she wasn't going to question that part. "What is it that you want to recommend?"

Pobrin looked at the girl's parents, "I think it would be best to end the counseling sessions in my office and wanted to continue them in a place where she may feel more comfortable. I don't think continuing in my office is going to get us anywhere."

Manuel looked at his wife and raised his brow as he looked at Pobrin, "Where are you thinking of continuing these?"

Kara found herself wondering the same thing, "The medical center has numerous locations to make her more comfortable. However, I get the sense that you're not talking about here."

Stephen nodded, "There are places in the hospital where you could continue with the sessions. However, she was at the hospital undergoing treatment for a few days so that may be why she's feeling so uncomfortable here."

Jordyn looked at the three medical officers, "Ashley mentioned wanting to go stay on Earth for a while because she felt like this place was the problem. Not the hospital I'm talking about the entirety of the Ivaldian system. We thought about taking both children back to Earth next month before school starts back up."

Pobrin listened to them speak, "I am not thinking here at the hospital. I was thinking that we could continue these sessions at the de Planca household. She's more comfortable there and we may make better long-term progress than where we are at now.

"I don't think she'll ever get through this if we don't find out exactly what's buried in her memories," Pobrin continued to say. "However, I need to know that it's okay with you two before I proceed with that decision."

Jordyn thought about it for a moment and did trust Pobrin's judgement on it despite little knowledge of him as a person. "Well," She started to say as her gaze shifted from Pobrin to Manuel. "She would be more comfortable at our home."

Kara thought it a bit odd as a request, "It would be less intimidating maybe," She was rubbing the bottom of her chin. "However, it may also cause her to associate the bad memories with her home and she wouldn't feel safe anymore."

Stephen nodded, "Plus she's not a huge fan of the planetary system and sees the planet as the problem. I know I have limited knowledge, but if she correlates the two together it could cause issues."

Pobrin had considered that, "I've thought about that. I've got some other options as well. There are places on the station where these sessions could be conducted as well. I was thinking that perhaps if we went that route then it would be best to keep her up on the station for a while during the time of the sessions.

"Maybe have her on the station five or six days a week and then on the other day she'd be back here on the planet," Pobrin said. "The reason I didn't offer that first is obvious."

Manuel had partially anticipated the Counselor giving that suggestion and found himself surprised that it wasn't first offered. "Well," He said and looked at his wife. "What do you think about it?"

Jordyn didn't have an immediate answer because she didn't know if that would be the best course of action. "This is a conversation that we would need to have with Ashley if we went with that route. If we painted it as something to help her heal she'd go along with it.

"However, only on certain conditions," Jordyn said. "If she can still see her friends and isn't confined to where she's at on the station. Also, if Kara is nearby that would also help as well. Those conditions being met would also be cause for me to go along with it."

Stephen scratched the back of his head, "I don't think confining her would be a great idea either. It would certainly be harmful to the process and could cause all sorts of issues. Both with her physical and mental well-being which is something we're trying to fix."

Pobrin nodded, "She wouldn't be confined," He said. "There are a number of smaller sets of quarters and we'd keep her under constant security protection as well to make sure that she was safe. However, I do believe that separating her from the planet would help."

Kara saw where the conversation was going, "I will gladly assist in her care," She said. "However, Counselor Izar will remain as her primary counselor during this time. I don't believe her condition is a result of psychiatric issues and therefore outside of my present job description."

Manuel nodded, "All right," He said. "Let's give it a try and see what happens. If it doesn't work then we'll have to revisit and come up with a different plan of action. I do want to see about taking her and Elizabeth to Earth for a family vacation though."

Pobrin grinned, "That is my other suggestion. I think it's a wonderful idea to do that."

Jordyn leaned back and looked at the others, "All right it would be best to make the move in the morning and start the sessions then rather than trying to do it now. Unless this move should happen immediately?"

Pobrin shook his head, "It can wait until tomorrow," He told them.

Kara placed her hands on her desk and folded both of them inside each other. "Okay, if you need anything further let me know. Let's try this out and if she worsens rather than getting better we'll review other options." She stood up so that the others knew that their little meeting was over. Kara just had a sinking suspicion that something else was happening that she couldn't see.


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